Kegan is slightly shorter than the average for a Celt male at only 5' 8" tall. His build is athletic and his face pleasing. His hair is a fiery red and his eyes are green like the forest. He's young and energetic though his face shows signs of weathering for someone who has spent years outdoors.

During the war season he is dressed in a suit of magnificent armor including iron-plate gauntlets that are polished to a mirror sheen, and seem never to tarnish or get dirty. The top plates and attached wrist guards are infixed with a dazzling array of tiny diamonds, set alongside lines of large, glittering rubies of a dark, blood-red colour. The breastplate itself, along with the helm, is of sturdy and solid iron, and both are masterfully painted with the Tengani blazon, a traditional double-triangle arrangement of black circles large and small (which appear across both the forehead and the back of the helm) on a crimson field. The whole suit is extremely distinctive and impressive to the eye.

Besides his armor he carries a heavy wooden shield. On his belt are a longsword and shortsword, both of exceptional quality. On his back are three exceptional javelins. A masterwork dagger is in his right boot. Also around his belt is a sling tucked in and a pouch of obviously sling bullets. Outside of the war season he is dressed similarly but usually does not carry the javelins and shield with him during these times replacing them with a backpack and tools as necessary for the running of the kingdom.