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Help on Main Menu Links

There are several links on the Main Menu.  Their purpose and some tips for usage are below.  Note that some of these links may not be available if you are not logged into RPoL with a verified account.

+ Links

The Links area provides several links to other role-playing sites.  Content on these sites may vary, so be warned that RPoL has no control over what they host.

+ News

The News link provides access to information on recent RPoL happenings.

+ rPoll

The rPoll area is a place we occasionally ask for our users' opinions on various RPoL matters.  When a new rPoll is available, each user will be able to vote in it once.

+ Jump

The Jump link is a fast way to move between forums.  It will "pop up" the user's Sticky List, and any game or forum listed there can be clicked to hop directly to that forum.  By default, this pop-up list will close however it can be retained by un-checking the box for "close on select".  This pop-up Sticky List can also be set to refresh automatically, and to play an audible alert when new posts are available.

+ Chat

The Chat link leads to a java-based chat application that will connect to RPoL's chatroom.  The chatroom can be a friendly place for users to meet one another.

The chatroom is a simple IRC chatroom, and users can connect with a stand-alone IRC client, or with other bundled clients, using its address: irc://irc.ircstorm.net:6667/RolePlay.

RPoL does not maintain the code for the java client, nor do we maintain the IRC server on which the channel is hosted, and we cannot assist with technical problems with such.

+ rMail

The rMail link leads to the rMail menu.  From there, it's possible to read your rMail or send new rMail.  When new rMail is available, the link on the Main Menu will turn blue.

+ FAQs

The FAQs link leads, appropriately enough, to RPoL's list of FAQ documents.  This is a great resource for learning the ropes at RPoL.

+ Help

The Help link leads to RPoL's Help files.  Note that RPoL's help files are context-sensitive, which means that opening Help from the Main Menu gives general RPoL help, but opening Help from a Game Menu will present different default help files.

+ Login to Participate

This link will be visible if a user is not logged in or does not have an RPoL account.  Click this link to log in, or, for a new user, to create a new account.

+ Relog and Logout

These links are very useful for those who either share a computer with others in their household, or who use a public computer.  The "Relog" link will allow a different RPoL user to log in from the next screen, while the "Logout" link will do just that -- log the user off RPoL.

Note the "Remember me" checkbox beneath the log-in page.  This box tells RPoL to store information about your account on your computer so that the next time you return, you will not have to log in again.  Never use this setting if you share a computer with others or if you use a public computer because it would allow others to use your account.  (You, alone, are responsible for what is done with your account.)

+ User Preferences

The User Preferences link leads to an area where verified users can change some account settings.  The following settings are available:

+ Start your own game

Clicking this link will take you to the "Game Creator" menu.  For more information on creating a game, see that FAQ.

+ Search for a game

The "Search for a game" link takes you to the Search dialogue.  Here, choose whether you're searching by Game Name or GM Name, then enter that name (or a portion of it) in the text box to the right.  Below, check the appropriate boxes. (Use "Active" for active games, "Inactive" to include games which have not had posts in quite a while, and "Deleted" to include games which have been deleted by the GM.  The box for "Only games requesting players" will restrict the search to only those games which have their "Requesting Players" flag turned on.)  Next, choose which Category you wish to search in and how the results should be sorted, then click "Search".

The result will be a list of games which fit the submitted criteria.  If the game is Active or Inactive, a link to the game will be provided.  If the game is Deleted, and the user searching is also the game's GM, a "resurrect" link will be provided to bring the game back to life.

+ PopUp your Sticky List

This link will cause your Sticky List (the list of games you monitor) to "pop up" in a new window.  Clicking a link in this new window will take you to that game or forum in your original window.  By default, this pop-up list will close once a link is clicked, however it can be retained by un-checking the box for "close on select".  This pop-up Sticky List can also be set to refresh automatically, and to play an audible alert when new posts are available.

+ Mail the Admin/WebMaster

If all else fails, and there is no other recourse, this link will take you to a page from which you can email jase, the site Admin.  rMail is the preferred contact mechanism.

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