Cadog the Clever
Cadog is slight for a warlord, a small and relative young leader of 27. His most notabel feature are his clear and piercing eyes, and nimble elegant hands that are always in motion. Born to an old family of good name, his immediate family and childhood displayed no special flair for feats of arms, or the lore of his people, or the dedication required to master a trade.  As a young man, Cadog delighted in harmless deceptions and quick little tales to delight the girls and avoid hard work.

Nothing lasts forever, and when he was fifteen the old clan chief died without clear successor and the knives came out.  Cadog was no claimant, but he stood in the way of a dangerous relative, and to save his own life he took sail with a Cornish tin trader.  Cadog made it all the way to the distant city of Rome, and walked back through Gaul, making his way as a mercenary of some repute, and allegedly a thief.

Cadog didn't come home alone. He brought back Dianthe, a strange and dark woman from Greece with eldritch powers. In a matter of weeks, the weak leader of the clan was dead, an ambush by bandits. A trio of old men united and selected a child as a figurehead king. He cried of bad dreams, and one by one the old men died: in a storm, in a hunting accident, and by a sudden illness. The child stepped aside, and Cadog stepped into place.

The dissipated young man had become a king, quiet and focused, mediating disputes in a way that impressed the clan with his clarity of reasoning and his sense for justice. Even as rumors swirl that Cadog is no true Celt, that he is under the sway of his foreign sorceress.  But his enemies within the clan are fewer and fewer every day, and Cadog is beginning to cast his clever eyes outwards...