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Plot advice needed: Building stakes for 'chosing sides'.   [last]CrazyIvan777506:53, Fri 24 July by BFink
Exalted 2.5 e Game   [last]partyfullofspellcasters906:38, Wed 22 July by dlantoub
The Damsel Not Quite In Distress   [last]Hunter513:44, Mon 20 July by MalaeDezeld
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IC: Hollowsverse, Rachel Morgan series game.   [last]UnseelieLord200:45, Fri 17 July by UnseelieLord
Multi-party, multi-city game?   [last]LordDaleus212:47, Wed 15 July by cithindril
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Crime and Chaos in an alternate Saints Row 4+   [last]steelsmiter505:43, Fri 10 July by steelsmiter
Interest in an Old School Revival (OSR) Dungeon Crawl?   [last]cithindril314:40, Wed 08 July by zagygthemad
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