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Read me first!
Your world is a world of mud and water. Ever since you were a baby, all you've known are the simple baked-mud houses of your village and the vast watery expanses of rice paddies, interspersed here and there by pastures. Although you have not yet entered your fourteenth summer, you are used to working in the fields. You are lucky to have been born strong and hardy - at the end of a day spent planting tender shoots in the mud you still have some energy left for play and for practice. You fancy yourself a mighty warrior, like those who occasionally ride by, so you have carved sharp stick for your sword and swing it in circles above your head. At first the other children laughed at you but, after you killed a giant Mudworm, they learned new respect tor vou.

The events of the outsideworld rarely concern you. Even when you hear that there is civil war in the land, your only concemis that the soldiers won't harm your rice crops. Rice is a luxury: a good rice crop means wealth... and most goes in taxes to the tribunal. No, you care little for the great events of the kingdom. After all, one king is much like another Poo Ta has never done you any favours, so what do you care if he is replaced by some other 'divine' ruler?

Then one day the foreign mercenaries arrive in your village The gleam of lheir black lacquered armours makes them look like horribly distended beetles. Their gimlet eyes shine with evil intensity. The villagers who stand in their way are ruthlessly hacked down. They collect all the rice and round up all the women, including your mother. Your father protests and, as you watch, the leader of the mercenaries cuts him down with his narrow, slashing, curved blade. "The new king seeks slaves" says the coarse-tongued barbarian "and you scum aren't going to get in my way!"

You stare at the man, fixing his appearance in your mind. His armour is composed of scales, laced together, with occasional plates and spikes covering vulnerable areas. His helmet is wide and his face is covered by a fierce, bestial aml mask. It is a scowling parody of a man, with bulging brows and wickedly curved horns. Through large holes the evil brown eyes of your father's attacker return your stare wilh what could almost be amusement.

Then, with a yell, the mercenaries mount their horses and leave, driving thet captives before them with whips. The horses make slow progress through the flooded fields, and it seems to take an etemity before the killers disappear from sight.

Your father dies in your arms. His last words are: "Go to the Baochou Monastery. Avenge me and save your mother..."

You stand up and realise that your youth and your stable life is over today. You know that it will be very difficult to avenge your father and save your mother. Maybe your destiny will be that, maybe your destiny will be very different... you will find your way, one way or the other.

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The ruleset
The solo adventure will follow taylor made Advanced Fighting Fantasy rules, that will adapt better to a 13-years old kid that will (hopefully!) grow older during the adventure.
For a quick (and free) introduction to the "standard" Advanced Fighting Fantasy ruleset you can go here: however, below there is a summary, with various house rules (simplifications) suited for the specific setting of this adventure.

Your character will be defined first of all by its age, that at the beginning is thirteen but will increase during the adventure, and by four main characteristics:

  • SKILL: your skill score reflects your physical abilities, your swordsmanship and general fighting expertise. Your SKILL will progressively increase until you become eighteen.
  • STAMINA: your stamina score reflects your general constitution, your will to survive, your determination and overall fitness - when your STAMINA drops below zero, you are dead. Your STAMINA will progressively increase until you become eighteen.
  • LUCK: your luck score indicates how naturally lucky a person you are. Your Initial LUCK will not change in time, as you will be as lucky at thirteen as at any other age. Each time you test your LUCK, whether successful or not, you have to deduct one point from your current LUCK.
  • FEROCITY: Your ferocity is a measure of your thirst for vengeance. Being ferocious keeps you motivated to avenge your father and is useful in battle, but you are less able to control yourself. Every time you are told to increase your age, your Ferocity decreases by 2 points as well. If your ferocity score drops [o zero or less, flag this fact immediately to the Director.

When you want to overcome some obstacle that is not a willing obstacle (for example, you want to climb a cliff, jump across a chasm, or swim across a raging river), roll 2d6 and check if that figure is lower than your current SKILL (plus or minus potential modifiers provided by the Director). If your roll is below that target, you passed the test.
For this reason, you can say that, for unopposed tests, you have to roll under.
If you roll a 2 you always pass and if you roll a 12 you always fail.

The most typical opposed test is when you fight an opponent. In this case you roll 2d6 and add that figure to your SKILL (this is the attack roll). Then your opponent will do the same. The highest attack roll wins the round (next roll will be to determine the damage caused).
For this reason, you can say that, for opposed tests, you have to roll over.
Rolling a 2 is a fumble and a 12 is a critical hit (the Director will let you know more detail about their effect when you roll them). If the attack rolls have a difference between them of 6 points or more, it is as well a critical hit even if nobody rolled a 12.

When you hit in combat, you have to roll 1d6 to determine how much STAMINA you deduct from your opponent. Your wooden sword may not be a weapon fit for a war, but it's not a toy either and it would be fit for training a warrior: the damage that you deal with it is this:
Dice roll :1234567+
Wooden Sword1122234
other weapons will deal different damages.

If and when you will have an armour, you will similarly roll to reduce the damage that you receive in combat.
Your opponent will make similar rolls, depending on who deals the damage and who receives the damage, and on their weapons and armour.

When fighting, the following special rules may apply:
Surprise: a surprise attack will depend on the circumstances and ensuring that a surprise attack goes unseen will be determined by a test of SKILL. If there is actually a surprise attack, the attacker has a +6 on the attack roll and +2 to the damage roll.
Unarmed: if you have no proper weapon, you can use your fists, your kicks or improvised weapons, that are usually less effective than a proper weapon, but will nevertheless deal some damage. However, if an unarmed fighter is facing an opponent with a weapon larger than a dagger, the brawler suffers a -4 penalty to his combat score.
All out attack: it is an unbalances and unstylish attack, but may be successful in dealing more damage. For every -2 taken,the damage inflicted is increased by +1 STAMINA.
Defensive: focusing purely on defence, you can have a +2 bonus in your combat, but if you win you don't deal damage. This fighting style can be useful to gain time and study your opponent.
Feint: it is attempt to fool an oponent into lowering his guard, to thus inflict more damage. If the opponent doesn’t fall for the ploy, you will leave a gap in your defence. The winner of that round will gain +1 on the damage roll, whoever wins the round.
Push back: if this option is used against an opponent who is less than double the weight of the attacker, and the attack wins, the damage roll will automatically be a 1 (no need to roll) but the opponent will also be pushed back 2 metres. This can be particularly effective on bridges, the edge of cliffs etc.
Escaping: sometimes escaping may be a good way to save your life, but on the round you attempt to escape, your opponent will be able to strike you without fear of being hit by you, if they fail their opposed roll against you.
Sight Duel: the two opponents look straight in each other's eyes and live the future fight in their minds. This happens by taking an opposed test of FEROCITY (as if it was a combat, but adding 2d6 to FEROCITY instead of SKILL). The loser of the sight duel deducts two points of SKILL only for that specific duel.

In your situation being lucky will be important. To test your LUCK, just try rolling 2d6 under your current LUCK (as if it was an unopposed test): if you succeed, you will be helped by your Luck, otherwise you will suffer the consequences of having bad Luck. Each time you test your LUCK, whether successful or not, then you have to deduct one point from your current LUCK.
During the adventure, the Director may ask you, on some occasion, to test your LUCK and you may do it (hoping you will be lucky, but anyway you will lose one point of LUCK) or you may decide that actually you don't want to test your LUCK: you will suffer the consequences of being unlucky, but you will preserve your point of LUCK.
Moreover, you can, anytime, declare that you want to take a test of LUCK instead of any other roll. If you succeed, you will will be lucky and the outcome of your actions will be successful, for that specific roll.

As you are affected by the events of your adventure, so your FEROCITY may increase or decrease. Your FEROCITY may be tested as well, by trying to roll 2d6 under, like when you test your LUCK.
As explained above as part of the sight duels, you may also take opposed tests of FEROCITY before starting a fight.

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Character creation
You will start the adventure with the following basic values in your Characteristics:

increase above above values by adding as you like a pool of 8 characteristics points, with the following caveats:
SKILL: maximum 3 points can be added
STAMINA: maximum 3 points can be added and each point added increases STAMINA by 2
LUCK: maximum 3 points can be added
FEROCITY: maximum 6 points can be added

The characteristics scores after above mentioned modification are your initial characteristics at the age of thirteen and the situations and encounters of the adventure may change them (take note of the updated values as current characteristics).
During the adventure, if and when you will grow older (up to the age of eighteen), the Director may occasionally tell you how to update not only your current characteristics, but also your initial characteristics.

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