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Wed 5 Feb 2020
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Action 104 News - Update!
- ACTION 104 News: San Fran and Oakland BayPlex’s most trusted News and Edutainment -

Action 104 News your home news team.

(disclaimer: Action 104 News is a subsidiary of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, Kyoto Japan)
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
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Action 104 News - Update!
Your source for corporate controlled propaganda.  Mods keep a pretty close eye on comments and smartframes are set to auto-delete anything that criticizes the Imperial Peacekeeping Force or the CalFree Government... and they like to trace commentators too...
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
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Action 104 News - Update!
Recurring story during the 24/7 News Cycle... week of 3 November 2059

“Today’s business news comes from the Capital Building in Sacramento where the Republic has just ratified a new budget into law - the third in as many months.  With the clock ticking on the Publican bid to hold the House and under the guiding hand of Imperial Japan‘s strategic governance mentors, the Republic of California recently ratified what has been heralded as their first ‘independent’ budget.  Chief among the spending outlined by the government of the day is significant business security subsidies that seek to entice investors to CalFree.  Only time will tell if these new measures will improve the slumping economy of the fledgling Republic.”

“Several highlights from the business security expansion program include renewal of the Knight Errant contract giving them exclusive rights for policing the BayPlex. Exclusive corporate access that is, in the short term there is no expectation that either the Diet’s peacekeeping force based on 14th Brigade Imperial Japanese Army or the Californian Republican Guard battalion based in the San Francisco area will be demobilized any time soon.”

The broadcast cuts to a tall, starkly blonde and perfectly coiffed KE spokeswoman giving a carefully constructed press statement: “Service level will depend, as usual, on priorities established within the contract.  Under the current agreement, service delivery is typically, though not exclusively, dependent on access to commerce in the area.  Delivering cost effective public safety remains the Knight Errant commitment to employers.  Costs are kept down through use of drones for surveillance and our response time continues to meet or exceed industry standards anywhere in contractually defined area of the BayPlex. Much of the public safety effort consists of containing undesirable activity to outlying communities who are not covered under terms of the contract.  As is common within most megaplex contractual security agreements, several communities have opted to buy-in to expanded security services providing a higher standard of first response within their municipal boundaries.  This serves both the public interest and the shareholders of Knight Errant.”  She breaks for a brief moment flashing a wide, perfect smile.  “Investigative effort focuses toward providing evidence leading to conviction in major crime cases, as that is one of the contract metrics.  Subject to contractual limitations, allegations of corporate crime do not receive rigorous review and these investigations are conducted within the jurisdiction of the Corporate Court.  Knight Errant continues to offer competitive service plans in both site security and private investigation where private clients, corporate interests, victims or their families feel that the standard municipality contract coverage is insufficient.”

Back to the newsroom where the latino anchor picks up the coverage: “Weapon permits remain relatively easy to obtain for home defense, for firearms up to assault rifle size.  Under the current peacekeeping mission carry-permits are far more difficult to obtain, but then again, in the Human Cultural Zone there is zero crime and no requirement to bear arms....

...Now, let‘s see how your San Fran Knights did against the LA Sabres in tonight‘s WCC wrap up.  That‘s coming up next.”

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Sat 15 Feb 2020
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Action 104 News - Update!
Action 104 – Breakfast Update!
Thursday, 4 December 2059

Upbeat music, vaguely jazzy, but not in the noodling meandering jazz club style, fades away as the comfortably appointed studio comes into focus.  Sat on a comfortable looking easy chair, a casually dressed Japanese man of about 40 sips his coffee.  Across from him sits, his innocuously Caucasian, perpetually 20-something, strawberry blonde co-hostess.  Crossing her legs demurely, she smiles at the camera syaing: “Well, Takashi, I hope you're getting ready for the BayPlex Urban Christmas Carnival”

“I sure am, Kathy-Lee.  You know, I really love that the annual Urban Carnival Christmas themed party provides a platform to support youth civic engagement in public issues and spread understanding about the issues our city faces.”

“Hmmm, that is so interesting, she replies convincingly.  “We're ready to go to our live interface link to speak with one of the carnival organizers.  Do we have the uplink?

The picture splits moving a narrow view of the studio cafe off to the left side of the trid screen while a well dressed orc woman appears on the right.  Clearly caught off guard, Takashi looks to Kathy-Lee who gives a barely perceptible shrug before he begins,  “Ah, a great pleasure to have you on the show today... Marissa?  Welcome.”

Nonplussed, the orc woman begins to speak: “Thanks for the chance to join you both,” she stammers but begins to gain confidence, “We're really very excited about the Carnival this year.  After all the troubles we've had though 2059, we could all go for some Christmas spirit, live music and spoken word performances, ethnic and meta human food stands. We'll have interactive stations that explore urban issues like transportation, city budgets and the public realm.  Best of all, its free entry for everyone!

“Ah,” Takashi nods.  “We are all familiar with the trouble in the outlying areas.  Are you concerned about security in ... those neighborhoods?”

Clearly offended, the woman replies sternly, “By troubles, I meant a dysfunctional government, and aggressive neighbors who have invaded our nation, both covertly and overtly.  But if you want to talk security, maybe we could discuss the recent revelations regarding the CalFree contract with Knight Errant and the lack of security presence in metahuman neighborhoods...

“We sure would like to hear more,” Kathy-Lee cuts in abruptly, “But, ummm, let's hear about Mitsuhama's new PocSec X first...

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Thu 27 Feb 2020
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Action 104 News - Update!
First aired 9 December 2059...

...disappeared from Action 104 News archive 10 December 2059

“Now to Obin Tanakawa for live streaming coverage of the latest development in BayPlex security.”

The sterile newsroom dissolves and the scene cuts to somewhere downtown.  Despite the narrow angle of the shot and the growing darkness, those familiar with the city will recognize the ancient Transamerica Pyramid that used to dominate the Financial District.  Over images of a checkpoint manned by Imperial soldiers alongside CalFree Republican Guard comes a steady, unaccented voice over, “With confidence in Ares Marcotech waning following the leak of an embarrassing internal communication, the technology giant Shiawase Biotech has stunned investors today announcing a massive multi-billion nuyen partnership with Imperial Japan.  While CalFree is widely considered home turf for Ares’ Silicon Valley based research and development hotbed, Shiawase has secured contracts for communications and matrix technology with the Diet that will extend all the way across the Pacific to include peacekeeping forces and military contracts with affiliated units of the CalFree Guards.” While Tanakawa speaks, the downtown checkpoint in the background of the camera shot erupts in violence as Guards drag a pair of young men out of their stopped Toyota.  As the Guardsmen crack down on unarmed citizens, Imperial troops move towards the camera.  More soldiers can be seen shoving an unwelcome Knight Errant patrol officer away from the altercation.  Imperial military drones move in to provide a cordon to keep onlookers back.

There is a millisecond of black as the transmission stops, then the newsroom returns with the smiling face of the newscaster.  “In other news, the BayPlex’s rich and famous were out for the star-studded gala premiere of the simsense action smash hit Scorcher
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Sat 8 Jan 2022
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Action 104 News - Update!
10 December 2059, 5:35pm


The local news trid focuses in on a clean cut man, mid-forties or early-fifties, standing in front of a slick digital map of the Bay ‘Plex where a snarling orcish face hovering over East Bay declares TERRORIST ATTACK

”Earlier tonight a group of heavily armed metahuman terrorists stormed the East Bay wastewater facility and took a number of hostages. The facility was recently acquired by Shiawase Envirotech and we are joined by spokeswoman Anastasia Sinclair. Ms. Sinclair, does Shiawase intend to negotiate with these terrorists?”

”Shiawase corporate counter terrorist response is in full swing.” she says with calm and poise. ”Our board of directors is committed to ensuring the safety of this nascent Shiawase investment. We wish to ease shareholder concerns while the company actively manages this matter.”

The feed cuts over to the grainy PocSec camera image of an MPA member. A heavyset ork wearing an Andrew McAlister mask growls, “The Metahuman People’s Army demands that East Bay wastewater immediately close effluent pipes that are contaminating clean water intakes for Orkland. This callous and inhuman policy is poisoning our communities and killing our people.”

The feed cuts away abruptly, showing the newscaster: listening to his earpiece.  Haltingly he adds ”The... ummm... clear fanatical ramblings of an irrational political extremist....”

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