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Story and Joining the RP
Little is known of the greater world. Within a tropical biome, the solely confirmed land to exist is the Exayne archipelago.

One significant civilization guards this place, the Amazons of Lorca; whose namesake comes from one of larger more fertile islands in the archipelago. Although society is organized in traditional hierarchies, sophisticated technology is produced throughout the isles. Amazons however take great care to remain in a state balance with the natural land, their industries planned carefully to minimize ecosystem disruption.

Amazonian origins are a mystery to all but a select few. Society grew beneath a central pyramid, a half-ancient half-technological structure serving as a central hub and power node. It's from there most members of the warrior class are brought out from as infants, but none save the Elders or bodies of the dead are permitted to enter again. What exactly goes in the pyramid is restricted knowledge. As for what the greater world is like, no one seems to have a definitive theory, although fragments of lost societies, sometimes exotic and impressive in nature oftentimes wash up on shore or exhumed from the earth.

Outside Lorca, the islands of Exayne are a harsh environment with each day a battle to maintain control. The foremost enemy of the Amazon are mutated humanoids dubbed 'The Despoilers'. In appearance they are tattered twisted beings of unknown origins that seem inhabit a sprawling installation known as the 'Gigafloat', a well fortified location that some aren't certain could ever be attacked succesfully. Many mutants are of minimal intelligence, some bordering or surpassing zombie-like states but the elite and leaders among them command impressive intellect and capability. Unlike the Amazons, mutants voraciously industrialize land, and the few islands fallen under their control end up reduced to toxic wastelands in a few months time.

The second foremost foe of the Amazons are rogue Amazonian syndicates that have either been exiled or factions that split of their own accord. Some of these disagreed with Lorcan society being too eco-centric, and others simply desired freedom to do as they pleased without approval from the Elder Council. By now all of these syndicates figured out the technology to reproduce in some fashion, making them an ever growing potential threat. Many fear open war with the syndicates and the Elders prefer a distant relationship with the mutants being a far greater concern.

In this RP, your character is sent out to serve the interests of a quiet Southwestern region in Lorca. You become part of a unit housed at a comfortable estate, but the luxurious conditions are balanced by a steadily growing list of dangerous tasks. Accumulating wealth, exploration to make new discoveries, patrolling the jungle for fierce wildlife and predatory flora, and of course watch for raids from mutants and syndicates are chief among concerns. Expeditions to much more dangerous parts of the archipelago will be inevitable.

The highest common tech level of the setting is 'modern'. Society is well-versed in simple technology such as bows and riding tamed beasts among other antiquated tools, but no stranger to modern technologies such as firearms, boats and ground vehicles. Rare futuristic objects may appear in the story from time to time.


At time of writing, joining the RP is quite simple: message me a few paragraphs about who your Amazon is, her interests, and how she looks like. Submitting a sheet with character stat information can come later.

The most important rule of the RP is to not be a lazy writer, be atleast moderately detailed. OOC rules are simply common sense, don't drag a big ego into things and treat others the way you want to be treated, etc etc grown-up logic.

You do not have to wait for someone to reply to a post before posting. If writing a character's journey is your thing without waiting for others all the time, go for it!

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Story and Joining the RP

Will be updated as more questions are asked.

Do the Amazons know about men?:
They are not taught the concept of gender in their own race, far as they know it does not exist. They are familiar of men in the mutant race, twisted humanoids that are fought periodically.

How do they reproduce?:
Most of the huntress level of society (player characters being part of this group) are taken from the central pyramid in Lorca as infants. The nature of their birth is a mystery that is kept a secret. The are raised by teachers in groups throughout each stage of development.
The working and commoner class of Amazon has traditional parents. The Elders may provide drugs to any bonded Amazon pair that may induce pregnancy during sexual experiences. Children born this way very rarely end up in the huntress class and are raised by their parents, often learning and taking up their trade.

Do Amazons age?:
They have a limited life span, but age subtly. Even an Elder can appear relatively youthful and exuberant. Many Amazons can live up to 150, and some rare genetic variants beyond that. An Amazon can sense the nearing of life's end, in such cases being allowed to re-enter the central pyramid. It's been known that legendary Amazons doing this often result in an infant that grows to look almost identical to the recently (or sometimes very long ago) deceased. Some believe this a form of reincarnation.

What are the pyramids like?:
The biggest pyramid is in the very centre of Lorca and is a rather massive structure. It's the most important and well protected location on the island, and appears to be a power source for numerous industrial and manufacturing areas operating nearby. Visually it's of a glossy and smooth looking stone, akin to marble, and every seam is geometrically perfect and precise. Lines of faintly glowing blue or green energy run to the top. The very top is a transparent capstone that gets glows brightly under the sun. There are other much smaller pyramids in Lorca throughout the coastlines, commonly partially submerged or completely underwater. These are not guarded too much, or at all, and some appear very weathered by time. It's unknown the purpose these service.

Is there magic?:
Although conjuring magic in the form of striking with the elements is rare, it's existence is accepted as reality. The most common practice of 'magic' comes from special plants and reagents alchemized to exhibit numerous effects akin to sorcery. Item enchantment is also a part of the world. The practitioners of these arts follow a discipline called Mysticism, the chief craft of priestesses who practice it according to guidelines and traditions, and witches who use Mysticism outside any formal guidelines.

Who's in charge of Lorca?
An Amazoness Queen and council of Elders form the ruling body. The position of Amazoness Queen however is more military leader than absolute ruler. She is in charge of and represents anything related to to the army and defense of the land. On a societal level the Elder Council has more power and control over how things are done. They also guard the deeper secrets of the land, things even the Queen hasn't access to.

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