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Game setting and ruleset
You are Lite Coldlancer and when you were just a few years old, the Jedi Council of Coruscant considered training you in the use of the Force, but  eventually judged you unsuitable. Anyway, the Force flows in your family, even if you are all from a merchant background: your uncle Shin Coldlancer, brother of your father, is a Jedi Master.
The struggle between Separatists and Loyalists is dividing the Galaxy: your native planet, Tardos, is considering abandoning the old Republic, a democratic federation comprising most systems of the galaxy, to pursue projects of independence in alliance with the powerful Count Dooku.
Given the growing corruption of the Republic, and the serious scandal of Naboo dating back a few years ago, the people of Tardos (especially the local merchants and Hutt) don't believe anymore in the words of freedom and good intentions of the Republic.
Even your Uncle Shin has turned away from the Jedi Order, after noticing their coldness and indifference, to safeguard the health of his people and his family on Tardos.
You are now a young teenager, and your uncle has decided to teach you the ways of the Force, giving you a lightsaber, the characteristic weapon of the Jedi. Shin Coldlancer was also elected Spokesperson of the separatist movement of the planet: only a Jedi Master has the wisdom and strength required to bring together the various parties, corresponding to the major merchant families, and he is now on a diplomatic meeting with Count Dooku.
Officially, Shin went to offer Tardos participation in the secession from the Republic and his full support for the fight... but in reality he told you he wanted to talk to Dooku face to face to better understand his real intentions. He does not trust anyone because he has perceived the Dark Side of the Force at work in these political upheavals, even if he has not yet clearly understood how.
You look forward to your teacher's return as more and more disturbing news are coming from Geonosis, the planet that Dooku has chosen for his headquarters.

* * *


You have three characteristics: Endurance, Force and Combat Skill.

Your Endurance points represent the amount of damage you can sustain before you die. If your Endurance drops to zero points, you're dead and your adventure is over.
Your initial Endurance score is 30 and you can never go above your initial score, unless you progress in the way of the Force from Initiate to Palawan, Knight and eventually Master: at every new rank you will gain two more permanent Endurance points.

At the beginning of this adventure, you are learning the ways of the Force, and you are already able to use some Jedi Powers, to a certain extent. To use the Jedi Powers (which you will find listed and described below) you have to use some Force points. If you do not have enough Force points, you can not use that particular Power.
The number of Force Powers that you can use and your Force Points depend on your Rank (see below). When you use Force points, you can gradually recover them: you can recover 1 Force point for each period of time that you pass without being involved in a fight and without using Force points (in general, every post that does not involve the use a Force power and that "moves the story forward", i.e. it is not about a fight, a chase, an action requiring a Force power, a clarification, a closer observation of the scene, an ongoing dialogue... allows recovering one Force Point). The recovery of Force points can be therefore notified by / double checked with the GM from time to time, but you can't exceed your initial score unless you improve your rank.

Your Combat Skill score of course will help you during fights: a high score means having more chances of winning, and the possibility of losing less Endurance points in battle.
Your basic Combat Skill is 10, plus the Weapon Score provided by your weapon, which is normally a Lightsaber and adds 10 Combat points. If you fight unarmed there are no more points to add and if you use other weapons the GM will tell you what is the related Weapon Score.

The maximum number of items you can take with you is 8: you can put them in some pockets on your belt, but you do not have much space.
At the beginning of the adventure you have your Lightsaber and you can also choose up to three objects from the following list:
  • 3 meals (during the adventure you may feel hungry: if you do not have a meal, you lose 3 Endurance points)
  • 3 Bacta Patch (each of these Patches makes you recover 4 Endurance points: you can use them any time you want, but not during a fight)
  • 2 Thermal Detonators (these are weapons that can be thrown, exploding and striking a fairly extensive area)
  • 1 Rope (a rope made of synthetic material, thin and very resistant: equipped at its end with a grappling tool for protrusions or rough surfaces)
  • 1 Waynee grass (herb with healing properties, effective against many poisons)

Each of the above objects occupy one place in your equipment, but you don't need to bring necessarily them all with you: if you select the 3 meals they will occupy three places, but you may also bring 2 with you and discard the third meal.
Anyway, you know that your success doesn't depend so much from owning objects and money, but rather by your ability with the Force.

The Force is an energy that surrounds all living creatures, nature, things: the Jedi are known to be sensitive to it and know how to use it, but they may be not the only ones. The training to master the use of the Force is long and difficult, but once you have perfected your skills, you can use them for multiple purposes: you can move objects with your mind, hear things that others do not hear, move with extraordinary agility, see things even before they happen, perceive the presences of other living beings, their sensitivity to the Force, their intentions; it can even change the perceptions that other beings have, condition the weak minds, heal.
However, the Force has two sides: the Light Side of the Force focusses on achieving harmony between the Jedi and the world around, in line with noble ideals of peace, justice and equality. There is also the Dark Side: evil, aggressive, it is the path of hatred and destruction of the enemies, the thirst for power and the pursuit of the most unbridled ambitions. Easier, more seductive, but not for this necessarily stronger.
There are 8 Force Powers: 4 are basic powers, common to both sides, while there are 2 specific powers dedicated to each of the two sides of the Force and the other side can't use them.

Before the start of your adventure, you must choose your alignment (Light side or Dark side of the Force). It will affect both the powers you can choose, and your alignment during the adventure can be advantageous in some situations and disadvantageous in some other situations.
If you choose the Light Side, you will not be able to learn any power from the Dark Side: your behaviour is supposed to be peaceful and selfless. You will not seek direct confrontation, you will always choose the less aggressive and more diplomatic solution: you do not exploit your neighbour, offer your help, do not attack the innocent and defenseless, do not commit heinous crimes. Your attitude will generally be beneficial and fair. It's a conduct that may seem hard to follow, and sometimes limits you, but being a true Jedi means having discipline, calmness, self-control, inner peace, domination of passions and irrational attitudes.
If you choose the Dark Side, you will not be able to learn any power from the Light Side: your behaviour is supposed to be selfish and you will pursue the death and destruction of whoever opposes you you. You will be mainly driven by your personal interests: you are not a mindless, evil person and you still have values in your life, like your family for example. What changes is that you have no moral restraints: if you kill innocents and commit crimes to protect your family or your interests, it's OK. Pursue your goals without hesitation, you have no remorse. Obviously this does not mean that you have to behave continuously in a negative and evil way, but in combat you are guided solely by anger and desire to kill and destroy your enemy.

There are 8 Force Powers in total.
  • The basic Jedi Powers are 4 and can be choosen both by the adepts of the Light Side and of the Dark Side: Telekinesis, Agility, Sixth Sense and Perception. These are the basic powers any Force adept, even if not specifically trained in them, has minimal basic abilities associated to them.
  • The Jedi Powers of the Light Side are 2: Jedi Mind Trick and Jedi Healing.
  • The Jedi Powers of the Dark Side are 2: Sith Lightning and Sith Choking.

Normally the use of powers requires Force points, but in some simple cases they may not be necessary. The GM will give you indications case by case.

It is the ability to move objects through the Force. As your rank and experience grows, the distance within which you can use this power will increase considerably, as well as the size and weight of the objects you can move. From small, not very heavy objects, you will be able to easily move heavy bodies of large dimensions. You are also able to violently push objects and even living beings, in order to harm them.

This power gives you an incredible agility. It allows you not only to move with speed and dexterity, but also to produce "bursts" of speed, for example to make huge leaps. Your agility can help you get out of trouble in extremely difficult situations, and as your rank increases you will increase your agility and the size of your leaps.

Sixth Sense
This power allows you to see things before they happen. In addition to alerting you a few seconds in advance of an immediate danger, allows you, as your rank increases, to perceive more and more images, scenes, until real visions of events that happen more and more distant in space and time.

The perceptions of the Force adepts are much sharper and deeper than normal: this covers both body and mind perceptions. You can move in dark environments, your senses are refined, your vision is more defined. As your rank will increase, you will perceive with ever greater clarity the intentions, the thoughts, the attitudes of every living being, including in particular the ones that are Force sensitive. Moreover, you perceive the presence of living beings around you, sometimes even at a great distance, and you understand better and better how strongly the Force is present in a person.

Jedi Mind Trick
Exclusive Jedi power of the Light Side of the Force. A Jedi can influence weak minds: it can alter their perceptions, making them believe they have not heard something they have heard, or hear noises that do not exist. You can induce weak minds to follow your sentences, to answer your questions. As your powers grow with the rank, you will be able to become effectively invisible to all people with weak minds, if you want.

Jedi Healing
Exclusive Jedi power of the Light Side of the Force. A Jedi can recover Endurance points and exercise healing powers on others. A Jedi can remove or anyway slow down the effect of poisons and toxic substances. Use of this power depends on the Force points you choose to use (see next section). However, you can not exceed a maximum of 7 Force points at a time.

Sith Lightning
Exclusive Sith power of the Dark Side of the Force. It consists in lightning emanating from your hands, hitting any target within reach. It is effective at short and medium distance and causes physical damage. As your rank increases you can also cause immediate death to an enemy. It is destructive against any target and can be used during combat. The use of this power depends on the Force points you choose to use (minimum 3 Force points, maximum 7 Force points) in combat.

Sith Choking
Sith Power of the Dark Side of the Force. It consists in strangling and killing living beings at a distance. It always causes immediate death, has a much greater range of action, but is not effective against inanimate beings or Jedi knights and can not be used during a fight, because it requires concentration. As your rank increases, the range of action increases.

This table shows your Force adept rank, the associated number of powers, and the corresponding Force points representing your maximum Force rating.

Rank Number of Force Powers Force Points

Obviously at the beginning of the adventure you are a simple Initiate, but with time and experience you can become a Master!

During your adventure, you will face enemies in combat, sometimes on a one-to-one basis, some other times you will have to defeat groups of enemies fighting as a single opponent. They too will have a Combat Skill and Endurance score, like you. The aim of the fight is to bring their Endurance points to zero, trying at the same time to avoid losing your Endurance.
1. First, the GM takes note of the Combat Ratio between you and your enemy. This ratio is nothing but the difference between your Combat Skill and your enemy's Combat Ratio: it can be a positive number if you have higher Combat Skill, zero if you have the same Combat Skill, or even a negative number if you have less Combat Skill than your enemy.
2. Once the Combat Ratio is determined, the combat begins, which is divided into several rounds. At each round, you must roll a 10-sided die using RPoL Dice Roller utility.
3. Once you have the rolled number, the GM will refer to the "Combat Results" table (see below). At each round, the GM will tell you how many Endurance points you have lost and how many were lost by your enemy in this round. In extreme situations, one of the opponents may even die with a single hit!
4. Resume from number 2. Continuing in this way, round after round, one of the two opponent will reach zero Endurance points. If you get to zero, you're dead and your adventure is over; if it's your enemy, it means you've won the fight and your adventure continues!

Here is a practical example that illustrates the procedure.
Suppose that Lite Coldlancer faces a group of Tusken Raiders. Lite Coldlancer has Combat Skill at 20 and Endurance at 30, while the Tusken Raiders have Combat Skill 18 and Endurance 33.
1. The Combat Ratio between Lite Coldlancer and the Tusken Raiders is +2. In fact, the Combat Skill of Lite Coldlancer is 20 and that of the Tusken is 18, and 20-18 = 2
2. Once calculated the Combat Ratio, you can start with the first round. Roll a 10-sided die and let's suppose that the roll is 5
3. Check the "Combat Results" table and see that, at the intersection of the combat ratio +2 and the rolled number 5, the enemy loses 8 Endurance points and you lose 2. Then the Tusken Raiders decrease their Endurance to 33 - 8 = 25 Endurance points and you go down to 30 - 2 = 28 Endurance points.
4. A new round starts: roll a 10-sided die, check out the Combat Results table, see how many Endurance points you have lost and how many your enemy, subtract them. Then roll for the third round, then the fourth, the fifth, and so on, until you win the fight or you are killed. Of course you can always try to escape, but obviously it is not something you can do systematically, if you want to complete the adventure successfully.

* * *

This ruleset and the adventures of Lite Coldlancer are adapted from Raffaele Aquilone's writings, and in turn he was obviously inspired by the setting of Star Wars saga of George Lucas and the rules of Lone Wolf saga by Joe Dever.
Praise to them all!

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Combat Ratio-11 or less-10/-9-8/-7-6/-5-4/-3-2/-1--0--+1/+2+3/+4+5/+6+7/+8+9/+10+11 or more
Dice roll = 1E -0 / LC DE -0 / LC DE -0 / LC -8E -0 / LC -6E -1 / LC -6E -2 / LC -5E -3 / LC -5E -4 / LC -5E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -4E -7 / LC -4E -8 / LC -3E -9 / LC -3
Dice roll = 2E -0 / LC DE -0 / LC -8E -0 / LC -7E -1 / LC -6E -2 / LC -5E -3 / LC -5E -4 / LC -4E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -3E -8 / LC -3E -9 / LC -3E -10 / LC -2
Dice roll = 3E -0 / LC -8E -0 / LC -7E -1 / LC -6E -2 / LC -5E -3 / LC -5E -4 / LC -4E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -3E -8 / LC -3E -9 / LC -2E -10 / LC -2E -11 / LC -2
Dice roll = 4E -0 / LC -8E -1 / LC -7E -2 / LC -6E -3 / LC -5E -4 / LC -4E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -3E -8 / LC -2E -9 / LC -2E -10 / LC -2E -11 / LC -2E -12 / LC -2
Dice roll = 5E -1 / LC -7E -2 / LC -6E -3 / LC -5E -4 / LC -4E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -2E -8 / LC -2E -9 / LC -2E -10 / LC -2E -11 / LC -2E -12 / LC -2E -14 / LC -1
Dice roll = 6E -2 / LC -6E -3 / LC -6E -4 / LC -4E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -2E -8 / LC -2E -9 / LC -2E -10 / LC -2E -11 / LC -1E -12 / LC -1E -14 / LC -1E -16 / LC -1
Dice roll = 7E -3 / LC -5E -4 / LC -5E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -2E -8 / LC -2E -9 / LC -1E -10 / LC -1E -11 / LC -1E -12 / LC -0E -14 / LC -0E -16 / LC -0E -18 / LC -0
Dice roll = 8E -4 / LC -4E -5 / LC -4E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -2E -8 / LC -1E -9 / LC -1E -10 / LC -0E -11 / LC -0E -12 / LC -0E -14 / LC -0E -16 / LC -0E -18 / LC -0E D / LC -0
Dice roll = 9E -5 / LC -3E -6 / LC -3E -7 / LC -2E -8 / LC -0E -9 / LC -0E -10 / LC -0E -11 / LC -0E -12 / LC -0E -14 / LC -0E -16 / LC -0E -18 / LC -0E D / LC -0E D / LC -0
Dice roll = 0E -6 / LC -0E -7 / LC -0E -8 / LC -0E -9 / LC -0E -10 / LC -0E -11 / LC -0E -12 / LC -0E -14 / LC -0E -16 / LC -0E -18 / LC -0E D / LC -0E D / LC -0E D / LC -0

Key: E=Enemy, LC=Lite Coldlancer, D=Dead

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Initiate Powers
Your Force Powers evolve with increasing experience and, consequently, rank.
At the beginning of this adventure you are a simple Initiate. An Initiate has just begun to walk the path of the Force. In your first adventure, you won't understand clearly the differences between the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force, as you still have much to learn and your personality is still developing, but you can freely choose one of the two sides, knowing that you may or may not change your mind in future.

You have only three Powers and you can learn maximum one power from the Light Side or the Dark Side. This means that you have to choose at least two basic Powers and your third Power may be another basic one or it may be one from the specific side of the Force (Light or Dark) that corresponds to your alignment.

It allows you to move objects of medium size and weight, and increases your range of action compared to that, very limited, that you would have without.

You are much more agile than normal; you can also produce short bursts, you are very fast in the race. But above all your jumps are phenomenal, very large, quite a lot bigger than any human being can do.

Sixth Sense
Feel the danger a few seconds in advance. You have no problem deflecting with your Lightsaber shots directed at you, even if coming from several opponents and at close range.

You can see in the dark, your senses are much sharper than those of a normal human being. You immediately notice the presence of Force-sensitive beings near you, but you sometimes can hear them even if they are far away.
In a desert environment, you can perceive living presences even hundreds of meters away from you.

Jedi Mind Trick
You can condition perceptions of weak minds to a certain extent. You can make them believe they hear for a moment a noise that is not there, or have seen for a moment something that does not exist, but you can not yet do the opposite operation: concealing noises or visions requires higher skills. You are able to induce weak minds to believe what you say to them and to comply with your will, expressed in your speech.

Jedi Healing
At any time, even during a fight, you can decide to use a certain number of Force points and convert them to Endurance points, healing you. The maximum of points you can use this way is still 3 at a time, no more. There is also an important limitation: the Endurance points that you can recover in this way can not exceed the total of 12 per adventure.

Sith Lightning
The lightning from your hands has a range of about ten meters. This power can be used against both living beings and inanimate targets, and never fails to hit the target, causing a damage that will increase as your rank increases. Declare a number of Force points you wish to use, double them and this will be the total Endurance points to be deducted from your enemy's. You can do this at every round of a fight. The maximum number of Force points you can use this way depends on the number of powers you have: being an Initiate, you can use up to a maximum of 3 Force points at a time (ie in a single round), corresponding to a maximum damage of 6 points. You can use it in more rounds of the same fight.

Sith Choking
Another way to attack your enemies, in addition to the Sith Lightning. The range of action is much greater, over a hundred meters, but the only targets you can hit are living beings. However, this power causes immediate death. It never misses the target, but powerful beings in the use of the Force as Jedi or Sith knights can defend themselves from this attack, unlike the Sith Fulmination which is effective against them as well. You can never use this power during a fight, because it requires deep concentration, incompatible with physical activities.

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Padawan Objects
During your adventure as a Padawan you will wear a Lightfield.
  • 1 Lightfield (it is a wearable harness with several, powerful sources of light that can project a strong light all around you for a limited time - this object doesn't occupy any space as you can wear it, but every use requires a special charger)
  • 1 Lightfield Charger (it is necessary to activate the Lightfield; it is very efficacious, but only for a short time, then it can be discarded or recharged, if you find a suitable facility)

When you start your adventure as Padawan, you can add three more objects to your equipment: you can choose between the same equipment list that you used when you were an Initiate, but you can also pick a Lightfield Charger as mentioned above.

During this adventure you will also handle money: during the first adventure you didn't need money, but this time you do, as you will visit on your own civilized places, where it is normal spending money.
They are Republican Credits, accepted in most systems of the Galaxy, except form the most external. Your credit chip can store from 0 to 100 credits: please add this information on your character sheet.
To know with how many credits you start your Padawan adventure, roll 1d10 and multiply that result by 10.

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Padawan Powers
A Padawan is a pupil following a Master on the way of the Force. You do not really have a Master anymore, as Shin has been captured by the Republic and you aren't in touch with him anymore, however you manage to advance on the use of the Force remembering his lessons and putting to the test your abilities, as you did during your adventure as an Initiate and as you do every day, passing many hours refining your control on the Force.

As a consequence of your improvement in the Way of the Force, increase your Combat Skill by 1 point (so now it should be 21, 11 points from your body and 10 from your lightsaber) and your Endurance by 2 points (so it now should be 32).

As your experience and knowledge of the Force progresses, you are allowed to change your mind and switch Sides from the Light Side to the Dark Side of the Force or vice versa. If you do this switch, please make sure you note it down clearly in you Character Sheet.
As you progress from Initiate to Padawan you should keep your previous Force Powers and add one more, unless in the meanwhile you chose to switch Sides. In this case, of course, you have to remove the Force Powers coming from the Side that you abandoned and you can choose more Powers either from the Side that you are joining or from the generic Powers available to both Sides of the Force.

You can not only move objects, but also push them with the Force. You can use this power to attack living beings, move suddenly heavy objects, crumble things that your physical strength would never allow you to break. Now you can use this power also in combat!

Your agility improved, but above all now you can jump much higher than before.

Sixth Sense
You have visions of present or next future events related to yoruself. That visions are not perfectly clear, but are anyway true, as they are close to you in time. In one of these visions you may recognize a place, and object or some other meaningful detail.

You can understand clearly how a specific sentient being is able to use the Force. You can understand their alignment and the mastery that they have of Force powers.

Jedi Mind Trick
Your mental abilities can cause brief episodes of total confusion on weak minds. During these times, the perceptions of that minds are practically nil: they can't see, they can't hear, they perceive nothing, but just for a few seconds.

Jedi Healing

The maximum number of Force points that you can use to heal during a fight or whenever you want is now 4 instead of 3. During an adventure you can't recover more than 12 points using this power. On top of this, you can now intuitively recognize and use healing objects that you may encounter for the first time.

Sith Lightning
The number of Force points that you can use during each combat round is now 4 instead of 3. This way you can deal maximum 8 damages in a round using the Force.

Sith Choking
This power increases its maximum distance: it can be used against opponents that are less powerful and expert than the Sith trying to strangle them.

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Knight Powers
A Knight has a mature knowledge of the Way of the Force. Your powers fully developed after you were tested on Kemboo II and again, while you were rescuing your sister Karen on Tardos and on Zaloriis. Then again your knowledge grew during the extremely harsh trainings you endured more recently on Krant, even if you did not have a master and a teacher supervising them.
You felt you were no more a Padawan, but already a Knight, when you learnt to build a new lightsabre. A deeply symbolic act that requires deep knowledge of the Force.

As a consequence of your improvement in the Way of the Force, increase your Combat Skill by 1 point (so now your body should give you 12 points, plus the points associated to your lightsaber) and your Endurance by 2 points (so it now should be 34).

Your better knowledge of this art allows you to move heavier and heavier objects, with a wider range of action.

The time you can maintain your peak speed increased and the length of your jumps indreased again, dramatically. In general, your agility increased significantly.

Sixth Sense
Your abilities increased and you can now see not only events of the present and next future, but also scenes from the past, if you are in a place where the Force is particularly strong and willing to provide you such visions. In general, you can see events from broader times.

Your perception of how a creature is linked to the Force is now much clearer. You can have clearer insights even in extreme situations.

Jedi Mind Trick
You can now persuade weak minds that they never saw you and heard you: in practice you can become perfectly invisible and silent for somebody, if you manage to reach out to their minds. There are however some limits in utilizing this power: you ca't manipulate too many minds at the same time and they have to be sufficiently weak.

Jedi Healing
The maximum number of Force points that you can use to heal during a fight or whenever you want is now 5. During an adventure, however, you can't recover more than 15 points using this power. On top of this, you can now control your breath and resist to fumes and lethal gas. Your ability in this is not yet complete, so there may be some extremely toxic substances that they may still damage or kill you.

Sith Lightning
The number of Force points that you can use during each combat round is now 5. This way you can deal maximum 10 damages in a round using the Force.
You can also hit several enemies at the same time, with a majestic display of the Force: all your lightnings hit their targets! This attack, however, may require many Force Points.

Sith Choking
You can now use this deadly power more efficiently and against several enemies at the same time. Moreover, as you are now a Knight, you can be more effective also against Force users that previously would have been immune from your powers.

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Master Powers
A Master has a full understanding of the Force, and an excellent command of the Force powers. A Master can fully use all the powers, reaching the peak of his abilities. Traditionally, each Master has a disciple, but this is not your case yet.
As a Master, you can construct, an improve, if you have the right components, your lightsaber

As a consequence of your mastership in the Way of the Force, increase your Combat Skill by 1 point (so now your body should give you 13 points, plus the points associated to your lightsaber) and your Endurance by 2 points (so it now should be 36).

A Master can lift very heavy objects, such as a Starfighter, a huge boulder, or to support the ceiling of a big building about to collapse. A Master can also keep in mid-air very heavy objects even for a long time, although this may require a big effort.

Not only the length of your jumps is impressive, but also their speed and how easily and naturally you can do them. You can also run at superhuman speeds, if necessary, but only for a short time. In general, all your athletic prowess is augmented by the Force to the peak.

Sixth Sense
Your vision of the Force can go from the present, to the future and also to the past. With adequate focus, you can see clearly events that happened or may happen even at times very distant. In particular, your ability to see the future improves greatly, although you know that the future is constantly changing and the Force doesn't want to fix the future, but likes to keep it in movement.

Your perception of the thought and feelings of the living beings around you is now very developed. You can tell evil and hostile beings from good and pacific ones, you can feel the alignment of most Force users and you can expand your perceptions to feel the presence of living beings also at very long range.

Jedi Mind Trick
Now you can very easily manipulate the perceptions of several beings, that will hear or see what you desire, by projecting images or sounds in their minds. This way you can make yourself invisible and noiseless even in front of several beings with weak minds. You can also command them, controlling their will. Despite your great power, however, you may always meet creatures that, due to their nature or to their training, can resist your powers.

Jedi Healing
Your healing powers are further improved. Your ability to control your breath, that allows you to resist poison gases, is improved as well.
The maximum number of Force points that you can use to heal during a fight or whenever you want is now 7. During an adventure, however, you can't recover more than 16 points using this power.

Sith Lightning
The power of your lightnings reaches its peak: during each combat round you can use up to 7 Force points, that will deal immediately 14 damages to your enemy.
You can also hit several enemies at the same time, with a majestic display of the Force: all your lightnings hit their targets! This attack, however, will require extra Force Points.

Sith Choking
You can now use this deadly power on more enemies at the same time, but, above all, the range of this attack increases: if you know exactly the location of a specific being that you want to hit with this power (you need to perceive the being clearly with the Force) you can use the chocking even if the being is way beyond your vision. The attack range is therefore very long.

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