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Maps of London
Map 1, Hollar 1688
This map is large enough to read street names. It covers a period somewhat later than our game, after the devastation of the Great Fire was rebuilt, but who knows, the PCs may live that long...
The map is located at Wikipedia Commons and is in the public domain (copyright free). Unfortunately it's too big to fit in the Game Map window, so you'll need to download it and keep a copy handy, or read it from its website. I may zoom sections for the Game Map from time to time.
Unfortunately, although it doen't cover an ideal time period, it's the only map that is in the public domain and that we can take copies from, annotate, etc. It is therefore a useful player guide.

Map 2, Newcourt 1658
This map is right in our time slot, being published in 1658, but you can't download it, you can only view it online and it has copyright limitations. It may, however, be the map I use most often for GM planning. It is the only one showing London before The Fire.
There is a lower res copy of this map but in the public domain here:
Thanks to one of our lurkers for this.

Map 3, Ogilby & Morton 1676
This map is closer to our time period than the downloadable Hollar map, being published in 1677, but you can't download it, you can only view it online, and again it has copyright limitations. If our game extends beyond The Fire, I will use this in place of the Newcourt map for GM planning.

Map 4, Line Map of Shakespeare's London.
This map is somewhat before our time but has a Gutenberg, do what you like with it, licence, so it might be useful for scribbling on.
Thanks to one of our lurkers for this.

Map of Europe
The Map of Europe intermittently posted in the Game Map window shows Europe around 1660. The main changes from today are that Spain has three holdings in central europe, some mediterranian islands and southern Italy. Denmark controls southern Norway, the Holy Roman Empire controls part of Italy and most of Germany, and the Ottoman Empire controls the balkans, southern Russia and most of North Africa.
If some of the countries are not familiar to you don't worry, just google them or ask me. Roughly from left to right:
Ottoman Empire-brown, Portugal-green, Spain-yellow, England-red, France-blue, Dutch Republic-maroon, Savoy-lt green, Genoa-turquoise, Holy Roman Empire-grey, Switzerland-lt grey, Denmark-dk green, Venice-sea green, Bavaria-lt purple, Sweden-dk purple, Brandenburg-dk blue, Saxony-olive, Habsburg Austria-orange, Poland-lt blue, Russia-pink. This map has been prepared by your GM from a copyright-free blank outline.

Map of the British Isles
The Map of the British Isles intermittently posted in the Game Map window shows the main towns of England in 1660. It shows the 27 towns with above about 5000 people and shows the King's Highways - the only roads that are reliably maintained. Even these are not paved. The only paved roads are within the towns marked. Roads link the other major towns, but they may become impassible after a period of rain. Towns and villages not marked have dirt roads with variable degrees of access. Travel speed is typically around 12 miles a day - the length of the Isle of Wight. London to Plymouth often took about a week. A courier could manage twice this speed, and a hard ride your life depends on might triple it if you're lucky. Ordinarily you would take two or three days to ride from London to Canterbury, but it is just possible to reach Dover in a long day with the hounds of hell at your heels!
This map has been prepared by your GM from a copyright-free blank outline.

Map of Bristol 1673
This map of Bristol shows some additional suburbs to the north, but should be broadly similar to Bristol of 1661.

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