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General RPoL FAQ

Your Site...
+ Why are some of the pages so slow to load?

We've kept the graphics to a minimum so the load times should be pretty quick. On average the UNIX system compiles the entire script in under 1 second (0 is the usual estimate in fact).

One possible explanation is the speed of your link, the other is the fact that RPoL pages must be refreshed on every visit.

If you're wondering which it might be, go to the Main Menu and look at the bottom of the screen where you'll see something to the effect, "Generated within 2 seconds".  If this time is very long, then it's RPoL, but if it's very short, then the problem lies in your Internet connection somewhere, or in one of the machines between yours and RPoL's.

+ I don't like your site, I think it stinks, where else can I go?

Hey, we can't please everyone.  The most common complaint is that the site is confusing, though we receive very few suggestions on how to rectify this.  Stick with the site because then the most common comment is, "Once I got used to the site I realised everything was set out very logically, cleanly, and clearly!"  Honest!

+ Great site!  How can I support RPoL?

First, be a good site user.  This means follow all our rules and cooperate with our moderators.  This sort of thing is invaluable to keeping RPoL running.

Next, in case you meant something more... monetary, you should check out the FoRPoL forum in the RPoL Forums category.  This is a group of volunteer users who collect donations to help keep RPoL running and perform other services for the site.  FoRPoL collections pay for the storage space and bandwidth we use and, when something breaks, they've been known to buy us new hardware.

Finally, there are some links on the Main Menu that help us.  Between the Sticky List at the top, and the Category listings at the bottom are two links -- one to Amazon.com and one to Cafepress.  Using our link to purchase items at Amazon.com gives us a small kickback to help keep the site going, and our Cafepress store has a small line of RPoL merchandise that also gives us a small amount of cash when purchased.

+ Is there a maximum size for a post?  A thread?  A game?

Posts are limited to 51,200 bytes (characters) in size due to previous instances of using our unlimited posts for antisocial behavior.

While threads are not actually limited in size, any thread with over 1000 posts in it will become restricted -- users will no longer be able to use the "All" link to view the entire thread at once.  The system will, at this time, begin to nag the GM to create a new thread, as well.

There is currently no official limit on game size so long as the game is actively used, and is not unreasonable in its consumption of site resources.

Rules and Enforcement...
+ RPoL got any rules I should know about?

Besides general politeness, and (at the very worst) crude words being posted at a minimum, there aren't too many, really.

Anyone posting pornography, abusing players (except when "in character"), or using RPoL for anything other than what it is intended for will be banned from the entire site.  We have low tolerance for such.

There is also the Terms of Use (a.k.a. the "Acceptable Use Policy").  By using our site you agree to it, so be sure to read it.

Various public forums (such as General RPoL, Wanted - Players, and so on) have special Notice threads that explain the rules for each forum.  You should read them before posting in one of those forums.

There's also the general waiver too. Like: any opinions expressed within RolePlay onLine are not necessarily a reflection of the site owner's own beliefs. RPoL is also not responsible for any content contained herein and each and every user proceeds at their own risk.  Hopefully that's good enough?

+ Can I have more than one account?

No.  Creating more than one account on RPoL is strictly prohibited, as there is no need for any user to ever have more than one account for any reason.

+ Can I make an account for someone else?
Never.  Anyone who wishes to use RPoL must create their own account and be responsible for it.  If a person is restricted, for example, from having their own email address, or cannot have an online account without sharing the password with someone else, then they will be unable to have an RPoL account.

+ Can I have my account deleted?

Usually, no, we do not delete accounts on request.  Occasionally very old unused accounts are removed for clean-up, but this happens only after several years of disuse.  We will never, for any reason, permit a user to have their old account removed so that they can start over with a new one.  Account renames, however, are possible, as mentioned below.

If you wish to close your RPoL account, simply cease using it.

+ So what if I want to change my Account Name?

RPoL Moderators can assist users in getting a new Account Name.  This involves an internal rename, not the creation of a new account.  When an Account is renamed, all of its details remain the same: only the user name changes.  To have your account renamed, send an rMail to the Moderators (using the to/CC moderators option there) detailing your request.

Note that while we will usually do one rename with few questions asked, we may refuse renames for any reason and will not entertain requests for a rename so that a user can escape their own reputation.  Renames beyond the first are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

+ I lost my posting privileges in a forum.  Now what?

Posting privileges may be lost for a variety of reasons, but usually the last post you made in a forum will include a note from a Moderator telling you why.  In order to have your posting privileges restored, you'll need to contact the Moderators (using rMail) to resolve the problem.

+ Hey!  You can't moderate me!  I have free speech, you know!

Well, you do probably have some guarantee that your government won't restrict your speech or something like that.  Regardless, the only "right" anyone has on RPoL is to choose not to use it.  If a user instead chooses to use the site, then everything else is a privilege.  These privileges are easily kept by being a good site user and by cooperating with site moderators to keep everything working smoothly.  Just keep in mind that RPoL is private space, and users here are guests in jase's virtual house, and things should be just fine.

+ I need to speak to a Moderator!

Please use rMail (a link is on the Main Menu), and click the checkbox for "Moderators" to mail to all of us.  You can also send rMail to jase, the site Admin, there.

The site Owner is jase.  RPoL's current Moderators are elSpike, Ironsite, Jhael, Skald, cruinne, Shannara, and bigbadron.

+ How does a game become inactive?

The simplest answer is that a game becomes inactive when people stop posting in it!  More than that, however, RPoL will automatically flag a game as Inactive when it has not received any posts for at least sixty-one (61) days.

+ Are games ever deleted from the site?

Yes.  Games may be removed from the site under the following circumstances:

+ How do I resurrect a deleted game?

There are two methods, and either should work with the same result (your game back), provided you were the owner of the deleted game.

Method One: Use the "Start a new game" link to create a new game with the same name as the old one.  The system will then ask you if you'd rather revive the old game.

Method Two: Use the "Browse the Games" link on the Main Menu to search for your game (be sure to check the box for "deleted" games).  When it comes up, there will also be a link provided to allow you resurrect the game.  It should say (appropriately enough) "resurrect".

If the game has been permanently deleted (that is, a Search for the game does not turn it up), or it was removed from the site by Moderators for violating our site rules, it will not be recoverable.

+ I've seen reference to the "Intended Use" of RPoL -- what is that?

RPoL is intended to be used for the playing of active, role-play games on this site.  This is the intended use of this site.

Users are in no way permitted to create games or forums for the sole purpose of the archival of materials, or the distribution of any materials which violate copyright.

+ Can I run a game in another language?

We do not mind if users who speak other languages wish to run games in those languages, however there are certain requirements that should be met.

First, RPoL is run primarily in English.  All those using the site need to understand English well enough to read and understand our rules and Terms of Use, as well as to communicate with site moderators, should that be necessary.

Second, all site content and rules apply to the game, even if most RPoL users wouldn't be able to understand what's going on in it.

Sticky List...
+ What the heck is a Sticky List?

Your Sticky List is a list of games and forums you have read.  Any time a user reads a thread in a game or forum, it is automatically added to their list.  Your Sticky List is displayed on the Main Menu, in the top half of the screen, and, there is an option on the Main Menu to "PopUp your Sticky List", which will open it in a small window to use for navigation.

Games may be removed from your Sticky List by either using the small minus sign by their names on the Main Menu, or by using the User Preferences area to "Manage the games you monitor".

Two important things!  First, any game you own cannot be removed from your Sticky List.  Second, any game you are a member of will return to your Sticky List whenever there is activity in the game, so removing a game from your list is not an effective way to leave it (you have to inform the GM and request to be removed).

+ I lost a game/forum from my Sticky List.  How do I get it back?

You will need to visit the game or forum again.  By reading any thread in it, it will be put back on your Sticky List.  If you cannot remember exactly where the game was located, the best bet is to use the "Browse the Games" link on the Main Menu to find it again.

Alternately, try using the "Manage the games you monitor" link in your User Preferences and click "Are you missing any games?"

+ I accidentally cleared my Sticky List!  How do I get it back?

You will need to visit all the games or forums from your Sticky List again and read a thread in each one.

You can also try the "Are you missing any games?" link found under the "Manage the games you monitor" area of your User Preferences.

+ Can I get a list of all the games I play in or GM?

This is the intended use of your Sticky List.  If you've cleared your Sticky List, try going to your User Preferences link, then click "Manage the games you monitor" then the link for "Are you missing any games?"  That link will try to help you recover links for games you've removed from your Sticky List but are still involved in.

+ Why does a game I don't play anymore keep popping up on my Sticky List?

So long as you are a member of a game -- a player or a Lurker -- a game will return to your Sticky List every time there is activity within the game.  This means that if you no longer want to play, you need to tell the GM this and have them remove you from the game (this is the only way to leave a game -- just removing it from your Sticky List won't work).  If you do contact the GM and, after a reasonable amount of time, they still haven't removed you from the game, you can rMail the site moderators and they will assist you.

+ I can't find the answer to my question!

If your question is not a frequently asked question (FAQ) the answer may not be here.  Try the Help link in the top right-corner of the screen.

If that still doesn't help, try checking the Background FAQ's answer for "Who do I contact for support?"

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