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Welcome to The Crimson Tide - What is my destiny? (solo) [AFF]

02:34, 23rd February 2024 (GMT+0)

The Crimson Tide - What is my destiny? (solo) [AFF]

In the Isles of the Dawn, far to the east, mighty forces strive to gain power over the land. Wandering bands of mercenaries act as they please, looting, burning and pillaging the once peaceful countryside.

YOU are the child of a rice-farming family, unskilled in combat but filled with dreams of heroism and glory. When mercenaries arrive in you village, you are flung into an adventure which tests your courage to the limits. Your father's dying wish is for you to leam the martial arts of the Baochou Monastery. But is this the best way to bring his killer to justice? and is it the best for your future?

As you grow ad learn, you must face the horrors of the wide world beyond the village - a world of strange customs and malignant creatures. Many encounters await you, with sorcerers, monks, samurai and malevolent spirits. Manv fates could befall you during next years: slavery, betrayal, imprisonment or death, but also the ultimate peace of mind. In the end it will be your courage. skill and knowledge that wil help you win the battle to conquer the crimson tide of revenge!