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Welcome to (Sixth World) Shadowrun: Chrome and NuYen

19:05, 17th April 2024 (GMT+0)

(Sixth World) Shadowrun: Chrome and NuYen

In the San Francisco sprawl:

...a rogue senior officer is consolidating his power and waiting for his opportunity to take control of the occupation army.

...a corporate war is brewing behind the scenes as two megacrops vie for the same lucrative security contract.

...smaller and less influential gangs covet the power and wealth of one particular yakuza clan.

...a secret cabal of magicians consider making a deal with a particularly nasty demon.

...under the oppression of occupiers and incompetence of elected officials, racial tension is reaching the boiling point.

...lost in a wild and feral part of the matrix, a new born struggles to survive while her father sends out his minions to find her.

(Blackbox/freeform Shadowrun game set in San Fransisco / Oakland and using PbtA mechanics.  Game is placed in mature section as some game material may be considered offensive.  Mature themes, strong language, drug use, violence are permissible.  Romantic encounters are welcome but sexual themes will fade to black.  In addition to being tasteless, graphic violence is not permitted)