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Welcome to Blackmoor Living World [Advanced Fighting Fantasy]

10:18, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Blackmoor Living World [Advanced Fighting Fantasy]

In Blackmoor's long and troubled history, many would-be heroes have quested to find the power and riches long rumored buried in the harsh, cold north. Innumerable stories tell of these great adventurers' bravery, heroism and skill. Despite their best efforts, however, Blackmoor remains a troubled land. Monsters roam unchecked, terrorising the innocent, and enemy armies advance on all borders.
More young adventurers have to become strong enough to protect their homeland.
The Kingdom of Blackmoor once again will call on its protectors to save it from complete domination. Will you be ready to answer the call? Can you find the strength to help heal the wounds of a weary land?

The future of the Kingdom is in your hands!
* * *

This is a Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign run with Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e ruleset (Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart Guide is freely available here: ).
This campaign is made of independent one-off adventures and each of them can be completed in a short timeframe (weeks rather than years as often happens). Each adventure will be managed by using a different group. There is no obligation to play all adventures in a specific order, although there may be some "restricted" adventure where only more expert adventurers are allowed or where at least some of the adventurers must have completed a previous, connected game.
Adventures will usually start with three to five characters (exceptions will be flagged accordingly). Some specific adventure may be run more than once, for different groups. Multiple adventures may be run at the same time, occasionally.