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Jake Ward

Name: Jake/Jakub Ward                               Height: 1.83 m
Age: 25                                             Weight: 88 kg
Ethnicity: Polish-American                          Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Blue                                          Complexion: Fair

Description:  Jake Ward (who answers to Jakub in Polish) is a military-age Caucasian male, with cropped dark blond hair, a perpetual 3-day beard, and blue eyes that have seen far more tragedy and horror than anyone should ever witness.

Eschewing military fatigues, he wear well-mended civilian clothes, typically the navy and black colored Vatnik-style worker's wear common among Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact outdoor blue-collar laborers.  Leather hiking boots carry him where he needs to go.  In cold weather, he adds a black leather jacket, wool watchcap, heavy socks, winter gaiters, and D3A lined gloves, swapping the latter with rubberized MOPP 4 NBC gloves (he ran out of latex months ago) when performing patient care. Gloves aside, he'd appreciate it if you kept all your bodily fluids to yourself (in yourself being most preferable).

His personal gear is mostly NATO issue, to include a PASGT vest and ALICE LBE, a Bundeswehr M92 helmet sans cover, a rolled Polish poncho/shelter half atop a medium ALICE pack, plus an M3 aid bag.  He's armed with an AK-74M rifle, which is usually folded and slung, a few Soviet hand grenades, and an M1911A1 pistol in a brown leather holster.