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10:47, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh is five feet eleven inches tall, with the lean, muscular frame of a man who is physically fit. He is currently wearing flecktarn camo cold weather fatigues that are devoid of any identifying insignia, supplemented by various items of civilian clothing, most notably a well worn black fleece style top, with a black wool watch cap on his head. In particularly cold weather he will put on a Polish army issue parka in wz89 'Frog' camo.

Over his fatigues Walsh wears an olive drab lifchik chest rig. An M1911 automatic pistol is in a drop leg holster worn on his right thigh. With no rank or any other insignia on his fatigues, his overall appearance is not dissimilar to that of a Polish militia fighter.