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10:21, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

David 'Tosh' Lines

Dave or Tosh (he's happy being called either) is a British Army Corporal originally from the Royal Anglians (a British Infantry Regiment) and was captured in 1999 in Czechoslovakia.  He is originally from Watford in the UK, is a lifelong supporter of Watford FC and England and met the Mad Dogs in Silesia where he had been forced to serve in the Margrave's Army.

He regards himself as a bit of a "geezer", someone who's happy to get into a fight of any kind, and he walks with the swagger of someone who's actually enjoying being in the middle of a war.  He is friendly to his mates, though he frequently takes the piss out of them, and is very laddish in his approach to life.  Beer is for drinking, birds are for pulling and trouble is for having!

Tosh wears a mix of camouflage clothing and a Pact issue assault vest over US issue Kevlar, often with his Royal Anglians Khaki beret on his head.  He carries a RPK and has a machete at his belt.

As well as English he speaks bad Polish.