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09:59, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Krzysztof Kaminski

Tall at 180cm and built like a swimmer. Short black hair matches black stubble. Wears a black suit favoring burgundy or red button down shirts underneath. Always keeping the top two buttons undone, showing off a gold chain with a Star of David set with a tiny diamond. Suit jacket is off set by something heavy being carried in the inside pocket. Shoulder holster is visible. On his wrist is a Rolex Daytona and his fingers are likewise 'blinged' out. Various rings of gold and some set with diamonds. Fake or otherwise it carries the point.

What is known about his past is that he is the son of a Rabbi. Born in Lodz. National Military Academy. Logistics officer. Spent some time in Prison. Then as a 'businessman' or Mafia as others would call it. Again in Prison. Drafted into a Penal Battalion. His 'Friends' pulled him out and he spent the last 4 years living off the spoils of war.

From the stores held under his hotel it's clear he was at some point working for both the CIA and the KGB. Perhaps he still is, though the gun running end has been quiet for a long, long time.

Always in the presence of Kaminksi is Otto, his right hand. A brutish man who works as his driver, bone-breaker, brunt of his tirades. Usually welds an RPK or a Tokarev.