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Helmut Meyer

Helmet Meyer was born in Bremen, West Germany. He sports a large scar and permanently split lip. His facial injury is not from a combat wound, but rather an unfortunate and irresponsible accident while out drinking with his mates. Meyer is often very friendly and social, but is subject to occasional bouts of extreme anger issuesÂ… which are greatly magnified when he indulges in alcohol, a common pastime and hobby of his.  Meyer was attached to the 8th Mechanized Division as part of a small section of assault pioneers. They were tasked to provide extra assistance to the division, which was participating in a contested river crossing during a NATO offensive in 1999. Originally only a temporary placement, he has been with the Americans ever since, and the sole survivor of the original reinforcement section. Helmut Meyer is 39 years old. His appearance however looks much older, the resulting toll of heavy smoking and drinking. MeyerÂ’s face is weathered and grizzled, and the sides of his short hair are clearly graying.