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Per Kolstrup


Oversergent (OR-7) Per Kolstrup was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 9th, 1967 to a dockworker father and a barmaid mother. Per never really took an interest in his schooling (except English language classes), preferring to do just about anything but study. True to his working class roots, he followed his father into a port job right after secondary school. He quickly got bored with the stevedore life- a seemingly endless cycle of long days of stultifying physical labor, raucous, drunken nights at the local pub (with an occasional fist fight to break up the monotony a little), a few hours of sleep, and back to the docks with the rising sun to start all over again. The only benefit he saw in it, besides a steady paycheck, was the frequent opportunities to practice his English. Per persevered for four years but just couldn't contemplate making dock work a lifetime career*. He wanted more excitement out of life, so, on the day after his 21st birthday, nursing a wicked hangover, Per enlisted in the Danish army.

Per regretted his decision almost immediately, finding army life to be almost as tedious as dock work. He enjoyed the physicality of it, but he found it too easy. A sympathetic NCO recommended he apply to the Army's elite Jægerkorpset [Ranger/Reconaissance] unit. He did, made it through the grueling selection process with flying colors, and fell in love with the commando lifestyle. The Jaegerkorpset was exactly what he'd always been looking for. The work was challenging and fun, and he particularly enjoyed training/operating closely with British and American special forces. Per had finally found his calling.

When WWIII broke out it Europe, Per reveled in the action. He's operated extensively throughout central and northern Europe, conducting deep reconnaissance and direct action missions against Soviet and WTO targets almost non-stop since Denmark entered the war. His only sustained breaks from fighting have been when he's been laid up in hospital recovering from wounds, of which he's had a couple.

Most recently, Per operated in support of U.S. Marine operations on the Baltic Coast during U.S. XI Corps' summer offensive. It quickly fell apart and Per, like many NATO troops involved, was cut adrift to make his way home on his own. At some point in the recent past, he crossed paths with a purported American intelligence operative who went by the name of Vincent Wright. Not content with garrison life (Denmark declared its intention to withdraw all of its forces to within its own borders), Per decided to sign on with Wright as part of the American's freelance special operations team. He completed one tough mission for Wright before being effectively cut loose in Silesia, where he first encountered McCarthy's Mad Dogs (also sent by Wright). After successfully completing the extremely hairy operation with the ad hoc unit, Per decided to throw in his lot with its band of polyglot misfits.

*Per played amateur-league ice hockey as a second-line defenseman up until he joined the Danish army.


Per is blue-eyed, tall (6'2"), and well-built, with reddish blond hair that he keeps cut short and often tucked under a black knit watch cap. He's grown out a bushy full beard, both to cover some adolescent acne pitting and some more recent shrapnel wound scars, and because he thinks it looks pretty 'Viking' (i.e. badass). Per has a tattoo of the Jægerkorpset motto (in Latin), Plus esse, quam simultatur ("More to be, than to seem"), on his upper left deltoid.

Per currently wears Polish winter combat fatigues in the Wz 89 Puma (aka 'Frog') camouflage pattern (with matching gloves), a German Kevlar vest in faded Flecktarn camouflage, and OD British PLCE webbing. Around his neck is a loosely knotted an OD mesh scarf (that serves as sniper veil, when appropriate). When a helmet is called for, he wears an American "K-Pot", sans cover, stained with splotches of axle grease to create an ad hoc, two-tone camouflage scheme.


Per's primary weapon is an HK21E light support weapon/designated marksman's rifle fitted with a telescopic scope (sporting a clip-on SIMRAD Kn200 night vision weapon sight after dark) and sound suppressor (it also includes a multi-caliber conversion kit enabling the weapon to be converted to fire belt-fed 7.62x39mm ammunition). Per is a crack shot and can fluidly wield his primary weapon as either a scalpel or a buzzsaw, whichever is most needed at the moment. His secondary weapon is a PM-84 Glauberyt SMG carried in a tactical holster (wz93 'Pantera' camouflage) on his right hip.


9-16-2000 near Raciborz, Poland
Bullet wound, lower left thigh

10-19-2000 Przejazdowo, Poland
Shrapnel wounds from 57mm HE shell in back of both legs and lower back

11-16-2000 Forest City, Poland
Bullet wound (clean through-and-through) to right shoulder

12-08-2000 Southwest of Łęcze, Poland
Puncture wound to bottom right foot (nail booby trap)

12-17-2000 Gdansk, Poland
Bullet wound (through-and-through) to right forearm (serious)

Above: 'Ragnar', an HK21E fitted with telescopic sight and 50-round drum magazine. In this photograph, the bipod and suppressor have not yet been attached.

Above: Bundeswehr Kevlar vest in Flecktarn camouflage.