Kord is slightly taller than your average Ork, standing 6'5" (1.96m), but has a comparatively slim and athletic build for one of his race, weighing only 275lbs (125kg). To those who know what they're looking for he has signs of cybernetic enhancement, specifically muscle augmentation and toning as well as the smooth reflexes of someone who's had a synaptic booster installed. The only obvious implant he has is a chipjack, located just behind his right ear. In terms of an age he looks to be in his late twenties, which is almost middle aged for an Ork. It doesn't seem to have slowed him down at all though.

As is typical of his race he has two protruding short tusks as well as pointed ears, though both are quite subtle compared to some. His skin has a tanned complexion to it, probably the result of working outdoors in sunny climates, and his dark brown hair is kept clipped in a short mohawk. Pale green eyes are normally hidden behind a pair of NuWave smart goggles that he customarily wears, their red tint a function that he dials up at points, depending upon the situation.

While serving in the military Kord had a number of tattoos inked on his arms and shoulders. Over the years he has collected a large eagle on his left shoulder, a soldier of fortune skull on his left arm, a wolf poised to pounce on his right shoulder and the word Recon on his right arm.

He varies his clothing depending on the occasion, generally based around one of three situations. If he's just hanging out then he's usually dressed in his heavy armoured jacket, styled to look like a black combat jacket, covered in pockets, a simple T-shirt, blue jeans and sturdy trainers, very much a relaxed appearance. If he's going out partying then he adopts a more neo-punk looking style. The jacket remains the same but the T-shirt is one that's a little too tight, so that it shows off his muscles, with the name of some neo-punk band on it like Robotic Affinity, Pyrexia or Rancid Anomaly. Those are usually worn with high leg, black combat boots and black cargo pants, the type with lots of additional straps. The last outfit is very much mission chic: the same armoured jacket but fully zipped up this time and with an assault vest over the top, BDU trousers, either camouflage or black depending upon the op, and his combat boots.

Regardless of his clothing he always carries a heavy pistol, a Colt Manhunter, in either an concealed shoulder holster or a drop leg holster if he's on a mission. Depending on what he's doing he also carries either a heavily modded AK-97 assault rifle or an Enfield AS-7 shotgun and adds a military issue fighting knife as a final backup weapon.