Grendel is an unusually large Troll, with pale skin now tanned by the California sun. Despite standing 10'3" and weighing around 600lbs, he is far less imposing than his physicality might first suggest.

He wears his golden blond hair long, braided and on the verge of dreadlocks that hang to the middle of his back. Likewise his slightly darker beard is thick and coarse, with two more braids that hang to the middle of his chest. His facial features are squarish with a flatter nose and narrow blue eyes beneath a pronounced brow ridge.

He bears four horns that could be called "Ibex like", thick, ridged and buff colored, that sweep back from his forehead with the two middle ones slightly larger than the outliers. He does have visible tusks, plain and reasonably clean as such things go.

His overall appearance is very "wholesome", and his eyes seem kind. Even your run of the mill street kid would seem much "harder" than the big guy, and it shows in his posture, his gait and the not-so-certain way he carries himself.

People have a tendency to stare regardless, but apart from being a big troll, the glow of health he possesses and the brightness still in his eyes are equally notable.