Moondale is everything a Cumasti should be and more.

Just over 5ft tall slender and graceful.
He glides along with the motion of a person with purpose and confidence.
His hair is long and honey colored.
His eyes sparkles like emerald unless you catch him at or close to the full moon.
Then for some reason they look like deep blue sapphires.

He carries a well made bow with arrows on his back.
A sword and a small but fine dagger hang from his belt.
He has a backpack on his back.
On his left hand is  ring that he uses as a focus point for his magic.

Next to him the average male human looks like pile of trash.
He has only one flaw.  Well that what his mother says he has.
With no elven female to grow up with Moondale has gained a liking for human ladies.

His mother sent him on this quest to find a elven maid.
But in the mean time it would be unfair and unelven to turn any beautiful human female down would it not.