Kodelia is an athletic young Celtic woman who is 5' 5" tall. Her build makes her as strong as many men and just as agile. Her eyes are blue like the sea. She is only slightly younger than Lord Kegan whom she serves. She is pleasing to look upon and only slightly less charismatic than her Lord.

During the war season she is dressed in a chain shirt with a heavy wooden shield. Her head is protected by a steel cap. On her belt are a longsword and shortsword, both of exceptional quality. On her back are three exceptional javelins. A masterwork dagger is in her right boot. Also around her belt is a sling tucked in and a pouch of obviously sling bullets.

Outside of the war season she is dressed similarly but usually does not carry the javelins and shield with her during these times replacing them with a backpack and tools as necessary for carrying out the will of Lord Kegan.