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Ferro stands at 5'5" height. She's built like a runner or swimmer, with an athletically thin frame, but not skinny. Shoulder length brown hair.

From top down, Ferro usually wears her Italian Army softcap, as pictured, or nothing on her head. Her US Army PASGT helmet with woodland cover goes on only when the situation demands. If the weather is cold enough she'll make use of a green scarf around her neck and over her face.

She has an olive drab British Army wool sweater which had belonged to Riedel. Less visible, is a thin black turtleneck that's worn underneath. Over top of everything is a West German parka, also Riedel's, and a Kevlar Vest. Her webbing is the US Army ALICE type fitted with a holster and some minor personal modifications (namely for the ammo pouches to comfortably fit 9mm magazines).

For trousers, she has a set of olive drab utility pants issued to the West German Border Guards. Boots are black combat type.

While Ferro is most comfortable with a pistol (she shot competitively before the war) her normal carry is either a MP5SD with integral suppressor or, more recently, a SVD Dragunov rifle.


Ferro was a member of the Italian Carabinieri, which are a paramility national police or gendarmerie. Specifically, she was a member of the Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale (ROS), or Special Operations Group which focused on targetting organized crime, internal terrorism, anarchists, and other threats. Despite its name, it is not a special forces type combat unit like the SAS or Delta or anything like that. Within the ROS, Ferro's role was as a support team member, aiding the direct action groups (with wire taps, drivers, communications, surveillance, intelligence, logistics, etc).

Her pre-war experience included operations against Italian Red Brigades (communist terrorists), mafia, and then dissident organizations that sprang up after Italy started backing off from NATO and began supporting Greece. Following Italy's entry into the war, her unit was deployed first to Yugoslavia, and then Austria to act as rear area security (hunting down partisan groups and rounding up trouble makers). While in Austria her unit surrendered/was overrun by German forces that briefly broke through the Italian front lines.

After her capture, she spent over a year in a PoW camp on the Isle of Wight. Then about the same time that some Italian units started defecting to NATO en masse, she was recruited and deployed to East Germany. Ferro was aboard an intelligence trawler stationed off the coast of Poland when it was lost. After washing ashore, she eventually made it to Gdansk.

Ferro openly admits to briefly working for Vincent Wright on one mission and was sent to St.Mary's an another, when she discovered JJM's unit recruiting there. At that point she abandoned her mission (and Wright) and threw her support in to the Mad Dogs instead. She didn't think she'd be welcomed or trusted if she announced this up front, but doesn't want to lie about her background and figures she's proven herself enough by now.

Ferro has 4 primary areas of skill:

Communications/signals - radio countermeasures, SIGINT, and broadcast locating

Undercover intelligence gathering - disguise, languages, and surveillance

Wheeled driver - evasive, pursuit, and VIP protection

Small Arms - Handguns, submachinegun, and shotgun