• This game is under the Supernatural, Contemporary & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Free-form, Sandbox..
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Grizzly Lake AllGMYesterdaySat, 04 Sep79
Cara Weathers 012Arcade OwnerTodayWed, 13 Oct44
Chris Hemsley 012Private EyeSun, 17 OctFri, 01 Oct7
Dominic Harvest 012DoctorThu, 07 OctFri, 01 Oct7
Elena Rensinger 012CamperSat, 16 OctWed, 13 Oct38
Evette Mitchell 012Yoga-Bar-MusicYesterdaySun, 17 Oct140
Father Vincent Drake 012Camp ChaplainThu, 07 OctFri, 01 Oct23
Henry Baxter 012Camp DirectorFri, 15 OctFri, 01 Oct17
Jane Merchant 012UnemployedSun, 03 OctSun, 03 Oct62
Jason Dean 012MechanicTue, 05 OctFri, 01 Oct41
Jason Steadman 012Bar OwnerThu, 07 OctFri, 01 Oct43
Jessica Baxter 012Camp ActivitiesSun, 10 OctFri, 01 Oct26
Joe Masters 012Fire FighterThu, 07 OctFri, 01 Oct10
John Mimosa 012GroundsmanTodaySun, 17 Oct30
Kurt McKenzie 012Helicopter PilotSun, 10 OctFri, 01 Oct21
Max Vigo 012Art TeacherYesterdaySat, 09 Oct115
Naomi Weathers 012PhotographerSun, 10 OctFri, 01 Oct48
Nathan Lake 012Police ChiefTue, 05 OctSun, 03 Oct109
Quinn Turner 012CamperYesterdayWed, 22 Sep29
Simon Forest 012Nature loverSun, 17 OctFri, 01 Oct17
Alicia Vickers 012ANPC-Location ScoutSun, 17 OctFri, 01 Oct26
Chris Oakwood 012ANPC-Gym OwnerNeverNever0
Crystal Lake 012ANPC-Store ownerSun, 03 OctFri, 01 Oct12
Elliot Payne 012ANPC Camera operatorWed, 13 OctFri, 01 Oct7
Father Marcus Pearce 012ANPC-Town PriestNeverNever0
Freda Svenson 012ANPC-Camp CookFri, 15 OctFri, 01 Oct16
It must be the wind... 012ANPC-NarratorTue, 24 AugSat, 14 Aug27
Kate Becker 012ANPC-Gallery ManagerFri, 15 OctFri, 01 Oct16
Keira North 012ANPC-RebelTue, 05 OctFri, 01 Oct12
Kerry North 012ANPC-Goody two shoesTue, 05 OctFri, 01 Oct12
Marcus Ramirez 012NPC-AWOLYesterdaySat, 19 Jun50
Megan Foster 012ANPC-ReporterFri, 08 OctFri, 01 Oct36
Michael Schmidt 012ANPC-Movie DirectorTodayFri, 01 Oct8
Natalie Prince 012ANPC-LawyerNeverNever0
Ralph Merchant 012ANPC-CameramanFri, 06 AugMon, 02 Aug5
Tony Trask 012ANPC-Cinema ownerSun, 10 OctFri, 01 Oct11
Trish McCloud 012ANPC-Rally DriverNeverNever0