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Sun 27 Mar 2022
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
"Got a light on ya?" He asked Jenny, hopeful that she would have something he could use to get a fire going. At this point in the night, torching a car seemed to be the one of the least of crimes he would be worried about.

Hustling over, the Troll squatted, gripped the frame of the white Ford Americar, and began to lift, the veins in his neck bulging and his teeth bared as he tried to flip the vehicle to gain access to the gas tank on the bottom.

Attempting to use "More Power" to flip one of the vehicles.
Mr. Johnson
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Mon 28 Mar 2022
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
"Uh, yeah," she says, not fully understanding, but handing you a book of matches.

As the camera pans away from the gate, you make a break for it across the parking lot and duck in behind the Americar undetected.

Gripping the frame...

More Power 13:07, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Grendel, rolled 8 using 2d6+1. WEAK SUCCESS

...you get the car rocking a bit, then with a great heave, you catch it on your shoulder and push it over onto its side...


...you bash your head on the fender as it tips onto the side. Take 1 Stun
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Mon 28 Mar 2022
at 21:20
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
With a groan of the suspension and the crunching of the door panels the Americar rocks once as it settled, catching to Troll unaware and smashing him in the forehead where the dirty plastic splits the skin and causes a trickle of blood to run down from the cut into his beard.

Grendel hissed a bit and grits his teeth, feeling the spot briefly and coming away with the pads of his fingers stained in blood. But there was no time to worry about that.

While many vehicles ran on electric these days, thankfully the Nomad generally knew at a glance what was still dependent on gasoline.

Drawing his primitive knife from its sheath, Grendel drove it point first into the fuel tank and recognized the distinctive smell as the clear fluid began to flow, soaking the undercarriage as the spattered onto the asphalt, the stream pulsed and gurgled as air bubbles crept into the punctured container.

"Alright" he nodded to the mess he had just made. "Light'er up."

The goal is to push the flaming car into the cameras range, using the smoke and flames as cover, then to back out and hopefully run around once the distraction is in place. He will shrug his jacket up over his head just in case, but he hopes this will do the trick.
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Tue 29 Mar 2022
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
The petrochem ignites with a satisfying 'woof' and the undercarriage is quickly bathed in flame.

As you jog away from the burning wreckage, the gas tank erupts in a deafening explosion creating a brilliant orange fireball. You see the heat rippling and reflected off the automated access gate as you take cover and catch your breath.

In those few moments, seeing your split forehead, Jenny makes quick work of sticking a couple of adhesive sutures to your skin in an effort to stop the bleeding - or at least keep it out of your eyes.

With the car crackling and popping as plastic melts into thick black smoke and other fluids ignite in vibrant flames, every camera on the roof is focused in on the fire and the way to the door is clear.
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Thu 31 Mar 2022
at 03:52
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
The way open, and bearing a new injury, Grendel dashed for the door. He could see his inhuman silhouette cast against the wall of the facility by the gout of the now roaring flames and Jenny's smaller but still substantial shadow as it followed. An acrid reek from the fire saturated the air and the smoke column was bound to attract some attention, but they only had a few minutes before they would be stranded in any case.

Heart hammering, the Troll pushed on in search of Caleb in particular, and he sheathed his knife in hopes of avoiding an opening salvo should they run in to any sort of armed security.

He was just short of calling out, but he could cover ground fast on those long legs, occasionally using his massive arms to catch himself on a corner or to brace himself against the ground as they raced along.
Mr. Johnson
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Fri 1 Apr 2022
at 15:38
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Reaching the emergency exit, you find the hinges rusted and the door stuck shut, a result of the salt spray in this side of the building. This emergency exit won’t be helping anyone escape a burning building or a chemical spill.

When they last called in, Caleb and his crew were supposed to be just behind this door.
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Fri 1 Apr 2022
at 16:24
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
There were myriad downsides to bring born a Troll, almost too many to mention offhand. There was the cost of food and the fact that they represented a tiny percentage of the population, that they held a stigma to many and often lived short and brutal lives.

But they were generally pretty good at opening stuck doors...

This door, like almost all doors, had been designed for humans. Five foot something, one hundred and fifty pounds or so, able to be opened by the elderly and children alike under maintained conditions.

Grendel was nearly twice as tall and nearly four times as heavy as the intended user, the calcium and collegen of his inhuman bones supplemented with therapies that had thickened and hardened them into a remarkably durable biological alloy.

And time was ticking.

He grabbed at the handle and braced himself against the opposing door he pulled, hard, trying to pop and deform the frame, the lockset and the hinges by main force, the veins in his neck protruding and his teeth bared as he strained against the industrial steel.

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Mr. Johnson
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Sat 2 Apr 2022
at 21:15
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
More Power 14:12, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Grendel, rolled 9 using 2d6+1 ((5,3)). WEAK SUCCESS

With a sharp, deafening sound of grinding metal that pierces the silence of the night, the door comes away from it's rusted frame.

"Geez, I hope the security teams didn't hear that," Jenny says staring into the dark of the plant. "But at least that should get Caleb's attention" she added tapping out a message on her PocSec.
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Mon 4 Apr 2022
at 19:25
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
"Yeah...ten minutes." he offered as kind of excuse and shrugged. It was not a lot of time, it was true, and part Grendel was a little disappointed that their wayward Orcs were not on the other side of the door.

He stared into the industrial hallway as his eyes adjusted, his thermographic vision outlining the cool interior as he advanced, unarmed and at a hurried pace into the plant itself.

Precious seconds were ticking by, and he began to wonder how fast they could make it back to the hovercraft at a dead sprint.
Mr. Johnson
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Tue 5 Apr 2022
at 03:10
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
"They're coming. Caleb says no more than two minutes." Jenny replies.

They arrive just in time for you to spot emergency lights over by the main building. Looks like the East Bay Plant maintains there own on site emergency response crew and they are on the way to your fire.

As the would be terrorists run up, there are a trio of flashlights in the dark behind them.

"We had a bit of company," Caleb says running past, "Where is your wheels?"
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Tue 5 Apr 2022
at 03:26
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Grendel's U-turn proves far slower as he is forced to slow his hulking frame and rebound off the wall in an effort to catch up with the fleeing Caleb, the lights in the distance jostle and flash chaotically as they group flees pell-mell towards the relative safety of the open air and the awaiting Hovercraft.

That is, if Rhodes was still there?

"The beach" Grendel cast a wary look over his shoulder. "Dead ahead, can't miss it". It was not like there were a lot of Hovercrafts drifting around.

He shot a look to Jenny. There were on the home stretch, but could they make it in time?
Mr. Johnson
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Thu 7 Apr 2022
at 17:34
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
The orcs, followed by a human you can only assume is St Clair, break out into a dead sprint toward the beach. As you and Jenny join them, the flashlights inside close in on the door. Approaching the hover, the wail of sirens is drowned out by the fans. On the cargo deck, Jackie is motioning for you to hurry and helping the orcs up over the air cushion.

As you pull yourself on board, Jackie shouts something incomprehensible but his message is clear. He points out to the bay where the lights of a fast moving patrol boat can been seen making its turn around a nearby point.
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Fri 8 Apr 2022
at 04:10
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Ass the rag tag group pounded down the beach with the silhouette of the hovercraft waiting for them, Grendel felt a profound relief that washed over him and nearly brought tears to his eyes.

The fear that they were going to be left behind, that the Dwarf would bail on them after the drones, and the pursuers from the Plant, and everything else that was going on had been oppressive, and only now as it dissipated did he realized just how much he had dreaded the possibility.

He was reminded of childhood games with the other Trolls, there was often a space ship, or a car, or something else that was leaving...and they would dramatically run after the pretend vessels while their friends "heroically" reached out with extended hands to drag them on board. It was a common enough trope on the trids, but later in the quiet hours of the night he would wonder if Nomad kids in particular have some kind of deep set primal fear of being left behind.

The troll pulled himself aboard with his long limbs, and spotted the running lights of the patrol craft. This boat was probably manned, and probably armed, potentially with something a lot heavier than the minigun the Rhodes had installed.

But what choice did they have?

Grendel acknowledged the patrol craft with a nod and moved to man the gun again.

How much ammunition did it actually have on board he wondered?
Mr. Johnson
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Sun 10 Apr 2022
at 06:24
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
The hover makes a tight turn, kicking up a cloud of sand that whips at your pursuers as they hit the beach. Blinded and buffeted by the powerful turbines, there is no credible threat from them, in fact it even seems likely they wouldn't have been able to get a good look at you as you speed off into the waves.

You don't fare so well with that patrol boat though. The small, sleek little speed boat is a lot more nimble and quicker than the cumbersome cargo hover. Its closing in fast, as you keep it in the iron sight on the old Vindicator. In dark across the chill of the water, you can clearly make out the cool steel outline of some sort of gun mounted to the bow of that fast moving boat in pursuit.

Maybe your minigun has a longer range than whatever that is mounted on the bow... take a shot now and see if you can make them back off?

Or wait until you now you can hit them... how much are they willing to risk it once their little boat starts splintering apart around them?

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Sun 10 Apr 2022
at 18:23
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
As the swift patrol vessel grew nearer Grendel saw it resolve itself against the black of the frigid Pacific, he could see the tell tale outline of the barrel, maybe a little pocket of heat near the back of the weapon, something electronic perhaps.

Although the Troll would never have thought of it, the same upbringing that had caused him to be sparing with his ammunition with the Drones was the same mindset that held his fire now, one did not waste ammunition, it simply was not done, it was too valuable for things like "ranging" shots.

And so for better or for worse he allows the patrol boat to draw nearer, the hull becoming easier to distinguish, the grip of the Avenger growing warm in his hand.

Of course all around him was the deafening roar of the fans, the spray of the sea, the undulation of the hover craft. There was the knowledge that the cabin was now packed with people, vulnerable people, and that they were messing around with high caliber weapons here. A single solid shot could strand either of them, or send them floundering with their crews splashing in the bitterly cold water. Worse, it could rip through an occupied compartment, spreading death in its wake.

Despite all this, some small part of Grendel reveled in it all. Here he was, the wind whipping at his hair and coat, the sea spray on his skin, with a mini-gun in his hand. He thought of men crewing the great sailing warships of old, or vikings lining the edge of a longboat ready to board.

This would be a story worth telling, if they made it out in one piece.

Grendel will hold fire until he is sure of his shots.

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Mr. Johnson
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Sat 16 Apr 2022
at 20:10
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
The gunner on the patrol boat does not show the same restraint and fires a couple of ranging bursts that splash harmlessly into the waves. Clearly corporate security does not maintain the same degree of resource stewardship as the Black Rock Clan.

As far as you can tell, Rhodes has this pop-up fitted with a heavier gun, which means you should be able to out-range them for a few bursts before the speed boat is close enough to target the hovercraft's air cushion.

Floating over the chop, sights trained on the narrow bow of your pursuers...

Rock and Roll 13:53, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Grendel, rolled 5 using 2d6+2 ((1,2)). FAIL Take 1XP

...the gun spits a few rounds and falls short, looks like you misjudged this one slightly.  As you struggle to find your range, the fast moving boat closes in and opens fire.

Threat move Deal Damage
Patrol boat cannon: +5 / Burst Fire +2 / Dmg 7 split between Grendel and Hovercraft

Grendel: Dmg +4 / armor -4 / AP +1 / 1 dmg
Hovercraft: Dmg +3 / armor -2 / / AP +1 / 2 dmg

Grendel [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
G-12 Hovercraft [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Feeling the static in his mind as bullets gouge into his hull, Rhodes urges the hover to move faster and careens into a tight turn to avoid the next volley...

Make it Rain 14:05, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 2 using 2d6 ((1,1)). Snakeeyes something bad happens.

...but the fans stall and you are dead in the water for a long moment while he struggles to bring them back to life.

Back in the crew compartment, the radio chatters: Attention... unidentied vessel ... you are in contravention of a security cordon ... any attempt to power your vessel and resume course will be met with lethal force ... prepare to be boarded...
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Sat 16 Apr 2022
at 21:00
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
An icy wave of dread washed over Grendel, a full reversal of the elation he had been feeling just a few minutes prior.

With the roar of the fans dead and the gunfire stopped, with the stabbing searchlights and the distorted voice over the speaker, it had all taken on a sort of trapped and nightmarish feel.

Was the Hovercraft truly dead in the water? Had they hit something vital? Were they really trapped?

Who was manning this patrol craft? How many crew did it have aboard? Were they heavily armed?

And the most important question of all. Did they surrender now and take their lumps?

Or did they fight, and risk it all?

The Troll shot an uncertain look towards the cabin, not panicking yet, but his heart begining to race. He could not run from this one, even if he had been willing to leave all the others behind.

He stepped away from the gun, his mind racing, still unsure about what he would do exactly.
Mr. Johnson
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Sun 1 May 2022
at 21:37
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
The hovercraft rocks gently on the waves as the patrol boat slows its approach.

You're pretty sure they are in range now. A short burst at the waterline might slow them down or make them think twice about boarding...

...but you're a sitting duck out here...

...and glancing back at the cabin, you see the would be terrorists inside checking their SMGs...

...these corp cops are in for a rude awakening if they try and board you...

You have a few moments to come up with a plan to fight your way out and either convince them this is too tough a nut to crack or get ready to repel the boarders.
Mr. Johnson
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Wed 28 Dec 2022
at 20:19
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
During a quick parlay in the hover craft cabin:

”Priming the fuel pumps on a small rotor drone I’ve got stashed in the hold.” Rhodes says flatly, gazing at nothing in particular through dull eyes, clearly focussed on something else happening in his control rig.  ”Give is a little extra firepower to keep them away while I try and figure out the problem with our engines.”

”Frag these corpos.” Caleb growls angrily, cocking an AK-74 while the other would be terrorist teens nod their assent. ”These are the same corp scum that won’t dip into profit margins to clean the water in Orkland. Keep feeding us poison. Killing our kids. Hell with ‘em, let’s see them spend their cred from the bottom of this polluted cess pool.”

”Lay off the MPA drek for a sec,” Jenny replies coldly. ”Those people in that boat don’t make those decisions. They’re just a handful of wage slaves who get paid to dodge bullets to secure corporate interests. Killing them solves nothing and only feeds the corp news propaganda machine that keeps regular folks from hearing our side of the story.”

St. Clair sits quietly through the family squabble then chimes in, ”Perhaps we could consider a more nuanced approach? I’m happy to get onto the radio and say whatever you think will make the security forces back off. I’m not a high level executive, but they do have protocols for dealing with hostage situations. They should try to minimize personnel losses for the company. It might buy some time and prevent some bloodshed.”

Long bomb: use the chain gun and Rhode’s drone to keep them off of you long enough to get the hover up and running.

Short game: let them try to board, there are five trogs on this tin can… they’re gonna need a small army to take this thing in a melee.

Hail Mary: let St. Clair try to bluff his way out of this, or use the threat of violence against Shiawase personnel to make the corp cops back off.

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Sun 1 Jan 2023
at 18:14
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Even through the adrenaline of the moment, Grendel felt a pang of apprehension as Caleb cocked the assault rifle.

This would be bad enough without a huge body count, and they were not here to die on this hill, they were here to get him off it, after he had waded waist deep into  something that would be spun as terrorism.

"Jenny's right" Grendel said over the noise. "This is bad enough without a bunch of...body bags showing up on the feed." he spat the word and turned. "How about we tuck in and let them try to board? I figure it's fifty fifty in a fire fight, but up close?" He let the question hang. "And it might keep a few more holes out of Rhodes ride." He pointed out.

Going with Short Game
Mr. Johnson
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Mon 2 Jan 2023
at 02:33
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Rhodes is getting closer to restarting the stalled engines, but needs at least another ten minutes. Jenny and one of Caleb’s crew secure St Clair in the cabin and prepare to hold it as your last line of defence.  Caleb and the other would be terrorist follow your lead and find spots to hunker down and wait to ambush the patrol once they come aboard.

Without the roar of the fans, the sound of waves lapping against the hull is almost soothing.  The engine of the fast moving patrol boat soon drowns out the quiet as it closes in on the disabled hovercraft.  The boat does a slow pass, a trio of security personnel keeping automatic rifles levelled at the abandoned deck, getting a look before they make an attempt to take the hover by force.

The emergency channel drones incessantly, Prepare to be boarded… any attempt to resist will be met with deadly force… Prepare to be boarded…

The boat draws alongside and the three-man team come aboard cautiously, weapons at the ready…

Concealed among crates and using the pop up turret as cover your presence on the hovercraft deck is undetected by the patrol. You have the drop if you choose to attack.
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Mon 2 Jan 2023
at 03:39
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Grendel crouched in the dark, a concept that was inherently different to a Troll than to the human eye. He could see the bones of his hand flex, the shifting skin, the blanching of the blood around the knuckles.

Ten weeks he had spent in a tank, ten weeks of his bones sucking up that calcium phosphate and collagen slurry and putting on layer after layer of the stuff until every one, from the dome of his skull to the tip of his little finger was suffused with the stuff. Ten weeks of conditioning tendons and ligaments, of buffing up layers of cartilage, of drug induced haze as the microfractures from the explosion filled in and healed over.

Long story short, Grendel had one hell of a jab. The arm itself was heavier, the bones of his knuckles more dense, the shoulder blades that anchored the muscle ossified.

He waited, heard the squeak of a boot still wet from the spray of the waves, a nervous exhalation, and he launched himself wordlessly over the turret in a smooth athletic bound.
Mr. Johnson
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Mon 2 Jan 2023
at 19:04
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Vaulting yourself over the turret is no small effort and you’re pretty sure you pulled the hasty sutures over your bullet wounds, but your attack has the desired effect. As your fist smashes the guard’s face, he crumples into the steel deck plates. Your target drops like he was hit by a meteor.

Caleb and his teenage orc pal aren’t quite as efficient. Four heavy boots tromping across the deck plates alert the corp cops; these two could use some practice stalking peryton up in the mountains. A burst of SMG fire goes wide as Caleb dodges the bullets but manages to tackle his target. The other orc is just too slow and is still a few steps away from the last cop…

Grendel [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Orcs (Pair) [/] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Security (1) [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [ ] [ ] [ ] - stunned
Security (2) [/] [/] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - grappling
Security (3) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

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Thu 5 Jan 2023
at 19:33
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Grendel barely even felt the impact, through the dint of adrenaline or the sheer volume of meat and bone the Troll simply barrels on.

His broad bearded head whipping to the side, braids trailing he clambered along the deck using the occasional hand hold as he made for the guard that will still free standing, and still firing, amidst all the chaos.

Trying for a grapple on Security 3
Mr. Johnson
 GM, 915 posts
Sun 8 Jan 2023
at 17:47
[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation
Horns down, you charge headlong into the corp cop…

23:15, Yesterday: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Grendel, rolled 9 using 2d6+2.  Rock and Roll. Weak success

Option 1:
…making your tackle just as a wave catches the hovercraft. You both tumble to the ground grappling and you smash your shoulder into the deck.

Deal 3 Stun, Take 1 Stun, grappled

Option 2: Edge Bump
…taking down the corp like a pro. The cop is pinned underneath you.

Use Edge, Deal 3 Stun, grappled

In the last round, I missed the Stun Grendel picked up flipping the Americar in the parking lot. Damage track should have been:
Grendel [X] [X] [X] [/] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]