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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation (Solo: Grendel)

Posted by Mr. JohnsonFor group 0
Mr. Johnson
GM, 511 posts
Fri 28 Jan 2022
at 03:26
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Heading over to the pier, you find Rhodes standing on the gangplank of rusted diamond plate steel leaning on the bulkhead of a worn but serviceable hovercraft.  Water lapping at the hover skirts, held inflated for now to keep her afloat.

"C'mon aboard." the dwarf waves amicably, ushering everyone onto the deck. "Up into the cab while I get us pushed away and into the bay." He heads down off the deck onto a large cargo deck at the rear where there is a small control station for a big outboard motor.  Rather than sparking up the hover's large fans, the dwarf manoeuvres the ungainly craft through the tight quarters of Moe's marina from the aft control station pushing out into the bay.

After a few jarring moments as the craft is buffeted by the wake of jetski gladiators and a few larger boats, your skipper finds the open water and with it enough room to fire up the main engines and power up the fans. Coming into the cab, he closes the door against the deafening noise.  It'll be a noisy ride back for yer chummers, but we'll get 'em home for breakfast safe and sound."
player, 125 posts
Fri 28 Jan 2022
at 04:27
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation


Not what Grendel had been expecting.

There was nothing inherently wrong with a hovercraft. By their very nature they could get across both land and water, which was neat and all, it was just...

A hovercraft.

The Troll found himself wondering if he had ever seen one before. Obviously up in the mountainous and heavily forested regions his Clan had favored there would be little need for one, but our here on the coast? Why not?

"Huh" he shared a look with Jenny and shrugged his huge shoulders. At Rhodes urging Grendel wedged himself into the cab and went to go "stand" in the back well our of the way of the operation. Once they got moving he decided he would likely go out and check out the workings of the craft despite the noise. If the Dwarf would allow him.

Not wanting to slow down their departure he kept his mouth shut for the time being, but he found himself more curious about the history of the craft and its captain as they prepared to head in for the rescue.
Mr. Johnson
GM, 514 posts
Fri 28 Jan 2022
at 19:45
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

”She may be showing her age some, but these old gee-twelves really hold up if you give ‘em a little TLC.” the dwarf muses with pride in his vessel. As you reach a steady cruise, the drone of the fans quiets down a bit. ”Feel free to go aft and wander a bit.  Take some ear protection and watch yer footing on the cargo deck, can get a bit slippery back there.”

Through the cabin windscreen, the lights of the old UCAS naval air station twinkle. High above the waves, flashes of searing red and blue briefly light the night. The welding torches of work crews and automated drones clamouring over the deck of the old carrier Hornet where Mitsuhama tries to reclaim her from obsolescence and put her into Imperial service.
player, 127 posts
Sat 29 Jan 2022
at 16:44
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

There was a sort of childish delight to being able to ride on the outside of a vehicle. Sure, Grendel had ridden on roofs, beds and running boards practically his whole life, but he had yet to get tired of it.

The Troll grabbed a plastic packet of orange foam hearing protection from a faded box on the dash and stepped out of the cab where he felt a chill wash over him as the wind began to catch in his beard and hair. He zipped up his surplus jacked and jammed his hands in his pockets as he walked back along the length of the hovercraft, the noise of the various fans getting louder and more piercing as the Dwarf increased power.

As they pulled away from the docks, more and more of the BayPlex could down along the shoreline. The mix of newer and older skyscrapers, the more squat, substantial profiles of some of the Arcologies, the VTOL's with their running lights, the garish colors of shifting billboards and advertisements easily visible even during mid day.

So many people, so much money, so much suffering and misery.

The pitch of the fan was to the point where Grendel fished out the orange plugs and jammed them into his pointed ears, feeling immediate relief as the auditory assault faded to a dull drone.

Day one. he thought to himself with a wry grin.

I wonder what Warhawk is doing right now...

He caught Jenny looking at him from the cab, grinned and raised his head a little bit in acknowledgement. He found he wasn't as nervous anymore, or at least he was last that vaguely nauseous phase where his heart felt like it would never slow down.

They could do this...they were doing this. Snatching up a pretty girls kid brother from a hostage situation gone wrong, a surly Dwarf at the helm and half the city watching the feed from down the road.

He wanted stories to tell when he got back..., , he reminded himself that he better be careful what he wishes for going forward.
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Mr. Johnson
GM, 522 posts
Sun 30 Jan 2022
at 02:57
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

The city's night skyline. It's beautiful in it's own way, sparkling rainbow of so many synthetic colors, but deadly too. One wrong move and you're just another victim. In many ways, it's not unlike your mountain home.

A few moments after you catch her eye, Jenny joins you on the cargo deck. Words would fall unheard under the roar of the fans and the wind whipping across the open deck. Her face is hidden in the shadows of the hover running lights, but you catch a brief glimpse of her deep brown eyes in a pool of bulkhead light. She holds your gaze and, a short moment later, she is huddled in close against the chill. She slips her hand into yours, head resting on your chest as you share a private moment before the inevitable. Its only a matter of time before you are caught up in the momentum of the impending raid and rescue.

And it's still a few hours until midnight. Day one.
player, 129 posts
Sun 30 Jan 2022
at 04:36
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Although unremarkable to Grendel, the cooling of the night air brought the familiar and subconscious shift as his eyes began to pick up the more subtle auras only known to those with Thermographic senses.

Bats, or perhaps some sort of small shore bird could be seen fluttering about in the night sky at a distance, and the exhaust from the old Hovercraft was a dramatic billowing plume than lingered in the sky  along a lengthy fading trail.

Things, probably some sort of fish, probably, could be very dimly perceived in the depths beneath them. This caused an involuntarily shudder to roll through the Trolls hulking form. Who knew what could be down there? The oceans were once again a terrible mystery in the sixth world, and he for one had no desire to think about it too hard.

Jenny joined him, wordless. There was a primal comfort in having her close, in having someone that he could relax around, just for a little bit, in this new place.

To him there was not anything overtly sexual, or even sensual to the gesture. Just the brief respite of being together in a world that seemed a constantly roiling thing, and all too often cruel and uncaring. He was alone, her family was at real risk, and nobody knew how the morning would find them.

Nobody knew what tomorrow might bring.

For people like them, this was life. Solving one problem, then another, day after day, month after month, year after year.

If they were lucky, they could float by, snatch them up and be gone before anybody knew anything was amiss.

But Grendel had already nearly died once before, and he had never been that lucky to begin with. He squeezed Jenny tenderly, but part of him was also comforted by the solid unyielding heft of the sawed off shotgun wedged in it's holster between them.

It could get ugly, and soon.
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Mr. Johnson
GM, 534 posts
Mon 31 Jan 2022
at 03:26
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Closeness. Kinship. You may have found yourself a new tribe out here on the inner harbor.

In the end, that's just about all these people have going for them. They face the day against petty swindles, random violence and the long slow grind toward giving up.

That's why these kids at the plant do the kinds of things that they do. They don't buy into the system because they aren't heard when all they are asking for is to drink water that isn't poisoned by sewage. So they bash themselves against the rocks of rich corporations with limitless resources, government influence, private armies and surveillance drones.


...just like the pair of rotordrones closing in on the hovercraft!
player, 131 posts
Mon 31 Jan 2022
at 04:56
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

The whine of the rotodrones caused Grendel to look up at the two aircraft, the warmth of their batteries and the friction from their rotors just barely visible against the night sky.

"Come on, let's get inside." He told Jenny, and made for the cab.

Back inside and away from the worst of the fan noise, he shared a look with Rhodes that let the Dwarf know that trouble was already brewing.

"Pair of drones out there following us...they, uh, said you were a Rigger for the military, that true?" His tone hopeful that such specialized experience might be of more use that the 12 gauge buckshot currently loaded into the sawed off.
Mr. Johnson
GM, 539 posts
Mon 31 Jan 2022
at 20:45
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

”Izat what they say?” the dwarf says, grinning widely through his beard. He busies himself with pulling a bundle of cables from under the control panel and plugging them into the jacks lining the back of his hands. ”Just about to hit the exclusion zone that security has set up on the beach around the plant. This last couple clicks might be a bumpy ride” he adds, slotting the final cable into the jack at his temple.

There is a perceptible change in the noise from the fans as the rigger jacks into the hovercraft and you begin picking up speed.

As you begin to make a run to the beach, an automated warning plays over the hover’s comm system speakers ... Warning ... unidentifiable vessel ... you are nearing a security cordon ... broadcast your authorization or turn your vessel ... vessels in contravention of this order will be subject to search and seizure
player, 133 posts
Thu 3 Feb 2022
at 18:00
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Grendel reached out and grabbed the back of a chair as the Hovercraft surged beneath them. The sensation of real speed, even in the dark was palpable and the Troll spared a glance out of the dirty window for any sign of the pursuing drones.

"They know where to meet us?" He asked Jenny, and gently slid his sawed off from its holster. He cracked the action, made sure both of the shells looked good nestled in the chambers, then shut it with a click.
Mr. Johnson
GM, 562 posts
Fri 4 Feb 2022
at 03:11
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

”They know to be there.” Jenny called out over the dull roar of the fans.

Meanwhile, the hovercraft speakers drone in ominously Warning ... unidentifiable vessel ... you have crossed into controlled waters and are in contravention of a security cordon ... broadcast your authorization or power down your vessel and await further instructions ... response units have been dispatched ... failure to comply will be met with escalation of force ...

In the dark above the hover, one of the drones buzzed past, staccato cannon fire cuts across the hovercrafts path as they literally fire shots across your bow in warning.

Gnashing gears momentarily overpower the noise of the fans as a gun turret pops up from a hidden compartment beneath the plates of the rear cargo deck... looks like the rigger has planned for contingencies.
player, 134 posts
Sat 5 Feb 2022
at 17:49
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

In the dark, in a moving vehicle, on the ocean it was difficult to tell just how  if the Drones were.

He got the feeling that these were not the little plastic ones shooting sub munitions, but if it was a full rifle caliber or something bigger he really couldn't say.

In any case the Troll found himself crouching and clutching the seat back, some how trying to minimize ten feet of Metahuman into about six feet worth of space.

Grendel looked around as the hovercrafts hidden defenses deployed. This could be a high caliber gunfight and he really didn't want to get in the middle of it.

In the distance, he could almost see the shore growing nearer by the second.
Mr. Johnson
GM, 578 posts
Sat 5 Feb 2022
at 19:08
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Ceaseless warnings keep in coming: Warning ... unidentifiable vessel ... you are navigating in controlled waters in contravention of a security cordon ... power down your vessel now ... response units are on scene and lethal force has been authorized...

The second drone comes out of a lazy bank turn lined up perfectly for a strafing run. It’s offputting watching the machine target you almost in slow motion. The muzzle flash and bullets stitch across the deck before you even hear the gunfire. The hover’s turret barks in reply...

...but, suddenly stops firing.

”Ah drek,” the rigger growls ”That gun run knocked out the power coupling in the turret. One of you got some mechanical know how to go back and fix it? Or big fella, can you manually run that gun? If we don’t do sumthin' those drone cannons will chew us to pieces.”
player, 135 posts
Sun 6 Feb 2022
at 03:37
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Grendel felt the rounds impact the hovercraft as much as he heard them, the frame seeming to tremble under foot at the staccato hammering of the onslaught.

The sequence of events was a bit confusing as he stared out at the approaching land in the distance, but when Rhodes asked that he head out and run the gun manually, it only took him half a moment to agree.

"On it!" Grendel shouted over the roar of the fans and the continued gunfire.

Outside where the sound was deafening, a jab of light from the cab fell onto the choppy waters of the bay as Grendel crawled out of the hatch and rose to his full height. The wind tore at his surplus jacket, beard and hair and the hovercraft thrummed with power beneath him as it slid along at a breakneck pace.

Carefully and taking advantage of every handhold, Grendel crept across the deck and took a look at what he had to work with as the Drones continued to circle overhead.
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Mr. Johnson
GM, 583 posts
Sun 6 Feb 2022
at 07:05
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Keeping one hand on the safety railing is a wise move as you try not to slip on the salt water soaked deck plates. The trip astern is made more difficult as Rhodes slide slips the hovercraft to avoid taking more fire as the drones make another pass.

In a brief moment where the hover holds her course and the drones are circling for another run, you slide in behind the armor plated turret. Without the power coupling, it won't move under power, but with your considerable bulk, you are able to muscle it around into place while gripping the manual trigger on the Vindicator minigun mounted on the firm point.

You'll be aiming manually, but the tracers against the night sky will help. You don't have long to wait as the drones are lining up for another strafing attack.

Go for the kill on one drone
Put fire down on both to keep them from getting a clean shot at the hover

player, 136 posts
Sun 6 Feb 2022
at 15:50
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

As has often been mentioned, the Black Rock Clan was dirt poor, even by Nomad standards. What weapons they could afford were generally very old, and old weapons used old ammunition, caseless round were still considered "fancy" in that part of the state. Old ammunition is hard to find, and pricey when it can be found.

When Grendel had learned to shoot as a young Troll, he was told that every shot he missed was coming out of his lunch, and they meant it. They would break down the cost in front of him, and gradually carve off a helping of food proportional to his failures for themselves.

The lesson was clear, Trolls that don't learn to shoot straight, Trolls that waste ammo, are Trolls that don't eat.

The notion of "suppressive fire" would never have come into his mind.

Back amid the cutting sea spray and the booming of autocannon, Grendel had hauled himself behind the minigun. The manual controls looked like they had not been touched in years and the "handles" had never been meant for hands the size of hubcaps, but Grendel stooped over, felt for the firing button and found his target.

It was easy now, battery packs and barrels white hot as their ominous profiles hovered unnatural in the sky. There were no sights, none that he could see anyway, and so he had to more or less walk it in.

The first BRAAAAAAAP from the gun was wild, and sent a harmless spray into the sea as the weapon vibrated in his hands, but the second was closer, and the third cut right across the path of the foremost drone, intersecting it with a spray of white hot color and a muzzle flash the size of a pumpkin.

Going for the kill
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Mr. Johnson
GM, 586 posts
Sun 6 Feb 2022
at 21:51
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

As you become accustomed the minigun, Rhodes continues with his evasive manoeuvres, keeping you out of fire by accelerating and sideslipping as the drones begin their attack runs. Once you get a feel for it, the minigun is easier to manage as you predict the movement of the hovercraft...

Make it Rain
14:38, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 6 using 2d6 ((3,3)).
Fail no help

Rock and Roll
14:32, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Grendel, rolled 7 using 2d6+2 ((2,3)).
Weak success
Deal damage: Vindicator +5 / Burst fire +2 / Drone Armor -2 / Armor Piercing +1 / Dmg 6

...a line of tracer fire clips one of the drones, bullets pinging off the tough armor and sending it into the brine...

...while the other strafes the hovercraft unmolested.

Threat move Deal Damage
Drone cannon: +3 / Troop +1 / Burst Fire +2 / Armor Piercing +1 / Dmg 7 split evenly between Grendel and Hovercraft
Grendel: Dmg +4 / armor -4 / no dmg
Hovercraft: Dmg +3 / armor -2 / 1 dmg

Grendel [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
MCT Rotordrones (Troop) [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
G-12 Hovercraft [X] [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

(1) Troop destroyed, single drone remains

MCT Rotordrone [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Combat continues!

Edit: recalculating damage
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player, 137 posts
Mon 7 Feb 2022
at 05:08
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Grendel broke into a tusky smile as he saw the Drone falter, tilt, and then splash down into the bay, the heat almost instantly extinguished by the frigid Pacific waters. There was something to be said for a Hovercraft after all, it ate up the waves with its air cushion in a way no boat ever could, and it was not a bad firing platform at all even with Rhodes doing his best to preserve it through evasive maneuvers.

He could see the barrels of the weapon begin to heat up now, and he waited for another good opening to press the button again. The flickering muzzle flash illuminated the Trolls wild features and sodden hair now, the sea spray beginning to soak him. He could only imagine what it would look like from shore, or if some infrared photo of him glaring up at the Drone behind the miinigun would find it's way into a briefing room some day.

The weapon spat another burst of hot lead into the night sky, a blazing arc that seemed to rise forever into the clouds as the Troll tried to bring down their second pursuer.
Mr. Johnson
GM, 589 posts
Mon 7 Feb 2022
at 20:14
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation



Make it Rain
12:53, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 4 using 2d6 ((1,3))
Fail no help

Rock and Roll

12:54, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Grendel, rolled 8 using 2d6+2.  Rock and Roll.
Weak success
Deal damage: Vindicator +5 / Burst fire +2 / Drone Armor -2 / Armor Piercing +1 / Dmg 6


Another long burst of mini gun fire strikes home and the drone bursts into flames.

Threat move Deal Damage
Drone cannon: +3 / Burst Fire +2 / Armor Piercing +1 / Dmg 6
Grendel: Dmg +6/ armor -4 / 2 dmg

But not before a burst of cannon fire stitches over the deck and into the pop up turret, grazing you.  It stings and will need something to staunch the bleeding, but nothing serious, not even enough to get your stolen BioWare to kick in and fix the damage. Gonna need a sewing kit for your jacket.  Your new t-shirt, now bloodstained, shows it’s concern as an ad for Tamed Wilds portable personal first aid kit pops up on your PocSec.

Grendel [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
MCT Rotordrone [X] [X] [X] [X]
G-12 Hovercraft [X] [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Combat ends, Take 1XP

player, 139 posts
Sun 20 Feb 2022
at 17:31
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation


Grendel felt a sort of tug, dimly recognizing that he had in fact been shot.

He hadn't reason to be surprised, here he was on the deck of a speeding hovercraft firing a mini-gun at armed drones, who were of course fighting back, but he was surprised none the less.

Then the pain came.

He exhaled with the agony of it, not a maddening pain but a real and urgent pain that grew, and grew until he had to express it, audibly, physically, just for some sense of relief.

He looked down, which did not help the situation, then felt just a little better as he realized that he could still move and walk. He was not disabled, not maimed, just...hit.

He worked hus way back towards the cabin far more slowly and carefully than when he had come out, and as he entered the relative safety and silence he coughed.

"You a first aid kit on this thing?" He asked after he had shut the door.
Mr. Johnson
GM, 680 posts
Sun 20 Feb 2022
at 19:19
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

"Cargo net, rear bulkhead." the dwarf calls back over the fans. "Hope yer OK big fella. We're comin' up on the beach now. Be a minute or two until landfall."

Jenny pulls the first aid kit down from the back wall and begins to lay out the contents. "You're grazed, not hit too badly." she says with relief. "A dressing and some rest will be enough to heal this up." she adds, tenderly placing self adhesive bandages over your wounds.

A few short moments later, the hover is up on sandy shores about a quarter mile from the water processing plant. "Cameras ain't picking up your friends." the dwarf says the fans power down "You sure they got the message?"

"They must have got tied up inside the plant." Jenny replies, trying to make a call on her PocSec.

It connects on the first ring. "Jenny?" comes Caleb's voice over the speaker, "We're across the parking lot from the beach, but with the security lockdown, the door is locked from the outside."
player, 140 posts
Tue 22 Feb 2022
at 19:23
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Grendel, his jacket half shrugged off and a bloodied patch around the wound on his left arm, listened with an inward sigh.

He was used to things being hard, used to disappointment, so the news that this would not be as simple as a pickup was sort of cynically expected.

The Dwarf was certainly not going to charge in there, they did not have the kind of NuYen to make that worthwhile, and he could not expect Jenny to do it. She was just trying to be the helpful sister, she would probably get picked up or worse, shot at on sight.

Which meant it was down to him. It was that or go home.

"I'll go snatch'em up" He said with a hint of frustration bubbling to the surface. He fought the self doubt forming in the back of his mind, that he was just a kid, that he was dangerously unqualified to be doing anything like this.

But he had passed his trial. He was an adult in every sense of the word, and again, it was not so much being qualified, it was simply being more qualified than those he was with. So again, it was down to him.

"Let 'em know I'm comin' yeah?" He asked Jenny as he slipped his jacket back on over the bandage and fingered the hole the round had made in the thick olive drab ballistic weave.

He opened the door to the cab, the sound of the fans spooling down invading the little nook of relative safety. "Wish me luck." He managed a tusky sort of grin, although his eyes held reservations, and like that he was out into the night and moving at a surprisingly fast pace towards the trapped Orcs.
Mr. Johnson
GM, 701 posts
Wed 23 Feb 2022
at 07:08
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[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Before anyone has a chance to process what you are doing, you are off the boat and charging through wet, ankle deep sand.

”Can give him 10 minutes,” Rhodes calls over the fans. ”No more. Got a patrol boat in bound and we need to be gone before it gets here.”

”Dammit!” Jenny curses, jumping off into the sand behind you. ”We’ll try to make it back in time, but get outta here if you need to.”

She charges after you, feet pounding across the parking lot, heart pounding in her chest. When she catches up to you, you’re hunkered down against a small automated parking gate house less than fifty feet from the edge of the building. As she catches her breath, she gasps, ”Clock’s ticking. Company coming. We’ve got ten minutes.”

Then she notices the thing that caused you to hold up and take cover: security cams on the roof…

Frag it, time is of the essence and it’s only 50 feet…


Watch and wait, maybe there is an opportunity when the cam isn’t looking your way…


Create a distraction so you can slip past the cam undetected…


Something else?

player, 141 posts
Sun 27 Mar 2022
at 03:53
  • msg #93

[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

Grendel felt each second bleeding away as he stared up at the security camera, the device built in a bulky and obvious housing meant to act as a deterrent to vandals and the like.

Troll's made up a tiny percentage of the population, he knew this, and if even his body was caught on footage it would immediately rule out most of the BayPlex, his hair, his beard, his horns, it would not be hard to pick him out of a line up.

And it was still his first day, or close enough. Did he really want to start his time here by winding up as a briefing item for a bunch of door kickers?

No...he really, really didn't.

He looked around for something he could use as a distraction, something that the software, or an operator would want to focus on for a few moments...
Mr. Johnson
GM, 831 posts
Sun 27 Mar 2022
at 16:06
  • msg #94

[December 2059] H2Ostage Situation

As luck would have it, there are a pair of cars sitting in the parking lot and within easy range of the camera. A explosion, or an attempted theft would probably draw away the cameras' attention for long enough to break down the door.

There is also the parking gate you have hidden behind. It's got a power source, of that you are certain, but you're not sure how you might be able to use that to make something loud, bright and obnoxious enough to distract whoever is behind that cam.
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