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Sun 27 Feb 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
The days and weeks following the Declaration of Californian Independence were chaotic times, especially after the elves' virus knocked out the SAC RTG and the Bay Area matrix went dark.  With el Presidente's army pressing into San Diego, the Princes gobbling up everything north of Eureka and the Diet occupation of San Fran, no one had any resources to waste policing a community of a few thousand dwarves. So, when they literally took to the hills and decided to establish their own community, free from racist persecution and imperial occupiers, no one took much notice.

Sure, some of the small suburban enclaves like Hiller Highlands and Claremont Hills stated to kick up a fuss, but by the time Sacramento was paying attention, the dwarves had dug in deep. The founders brought with the some truly visionary leadership, democratic principles and a timely find of orichalcum in the hills overlooking their new home that helped make many would be enemies become allies.

Twenty four years later and the dwarven communities are thriving. Stretching from the foothills of Hiller Highlands through the depths of Caledcott Tunnel all the way to Wilder where the dwarven border guards provide watch across the informally declared demilitarized zone just before the Japancorp checkpoints that ring Orinida.
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Sun 27 Feb 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
@Mac - you are here.

In the Prelude, we'll play through a short scene that offers some decisions that flesh out the character (attributes, moves, gear, cyberware, contacts).  We'll also play though combat mechanics so you understand how the 'black box' works.  You'll win the fight, just try to act surprised...

Also, don't worry about the choices you make in Prelude. At the end of the scene if there is something you don't like, we'll just change it before calling character construction complete.

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Mon 28 Feb 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
Is this before or after I worked as a bodyguard for the boss??
Mr. Johnson
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Mon 28 Feb 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
Let's go with still with the old boss... toward the end... in fact, let's make Prelude the end of it all with scene ending with the hit squad coming for you and the death of the old boss.
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Mon 28 Feb 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
Mac stood behind his boss as the meeting concluded.  The group stood up and small groups formed as details about the merger were discussed informally.  While the legal agreements, paperwork and signatures were complete, the details of what actually happens in these off the record meetings.

"Boss, our next appointment is in thirty minutes.  We need to be leaving the building in 10."  Mac scans the room in a state of constant alertness. But no obvious threats present themselves.

His boss concludes his backdoor deals, and they move towards the elevator.

"Samson, a moment please?" a voice addresses his boss.

He stops and turns around.  "Yes Morimoto-san?"

"We need to discuss Japancorp's merger and takeover of your company," he says with an air of superiority.

Samson's eyes close briefly, he takes a breath to calm himself.  As his eyes open he turns to Morimoto with a courteous smile on his face.  "Morimoto-san, we have had this discussion already.  Samcorps is not for sale.  We can work together as we have in the past, but I am not willing to sell the company that has taken me my life to build."  He bows respectfully to Morimoto.  "Please accept my most gracious apologies Morimoto-san."  He stays bowed the amount of time that Morimoto deserves.  Not a second more.  Not a second less.  He stands backup.

"We will see you next week when we renegotiate your contract," Samson says just before he turns and walks out of the office not allowing Morimoto to wedge in another comment.

"Boss, he's not a man to trifle with you know," Mac says to his boss.

Samson nods. "Yes I know.  But I am also not going to allow a treacherous beast like Morimoto to control my company.  I've spent too many years making it into the profitable company it is today.  We don't act like most of the other megacorps, but we do what we need to when we need to."

"Got it boss."

They enter the elevator, turn around and Mac pushes the button for the lobby. Their car and driver await them at the Japancorps entrance.  As the elevator slows Mac takes a few steps forward and steps in front of the elevator door as it opens.  Even though he is several feet shorter than his boss, Mac can take care of any threats before they come close to his boss.

The bell dings.  The doors open.  Mac's eyes scan the lobby.  No threats.

"Let's go," Mac says.  He's all business now.

The lobby is clear and Mac walks through the front doors about five paces in front of his boss.  He steps out on the sidewalk and scans.  Samson steps through the door close after.

Mac stops.  Looks both ways.

"Boss.  The car is gone." Mac moves to the curb and scans the street.  The car is no where to be seen.

Samson's normally calm countenance starts to show a wrinkle in its composure.  "This is ... not good ..."

As the pair stands at the curb looking both ways, they hear steps to their left and right.  They turn back to back.

Mac frowns and growls.  "Shit."

There is LOTS we can work with here.  Some flashbacks I could see happening too so we can fill out the story between Samcorps and Japancorps. That was fun :)

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Tue 1 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
Japanacorp is a slang term for any multinational that originated in Japan... big fish are Shiawase, Renraku, Mitsuhama and Fuchi... let's say you have run afoul of Shiawase - they are my go-to ruthless profit mongers in this game :)

Shiawase has deep pockets and long reach. Seems like the limo company you hired has sold you out.

A corp on the outs and a dwarf illegally armed to the teeth, deep inside San Fran proper behind the imperial marine checkpoints that ring the city.

Seeing an opening, you don't feel like waiting for the black ops kill-capture team to descend on you.  Bolting down a nearby alley, crisscrossing for a few blocks, dodging corp cops you run until your heart feels like it will explode in your chest. You keep running until you can duck off the street when you find temporary shelter in an automated ZipCar rental centre.

While Samson busies himself slotting cred to get a ride, you grab your PocSec. You're in a tough spot and the clock is ticking... who you gonna call?

You start the game with two contacts, these are friends who will always help you out of a tight spot, but don't expect them to do it for free.  Who answers when you need help? A hotshot rigger (driver or pilot)? A retired runner? A spell-slinging magician? A marine on the take? Someone else?
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Tue 1 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
I’m not sure what a PocSec is and I can’t seem to find it on the internet which is weird.  But it sounds like it’s a communication device so I’m going to roll with that. :) … 5 min later … Pocket Secretary.  Found it. 

The PocSec shows Jackson.  The best rigger Mac knows.  ”This is gonna cost me…” he mumbles.

A few short seconds later a human with old school aviation goggles on his face shows on the screen. “MAC!! What’s going on? It’s been a long ti-“

”No time for pleasantries.  A Shiawase goon squad is hot on Samson’s and my tail.  We need an evac quick.  What can you do?” Mac taps the screen and sends their location to Jackson.

“Oh,” Jackson says, “You’re there…” he takes a breath and a big sigh escapes.  “This is gonna cost ya.  I can get you out, but you gotta stay chill while I roll a rig your way.  I think I can get one there in five minutes.  You gonna be able to hold out that long?”

Mac nods.  “Don’t have a choice.  Ping me when it’s around the corner.”  Jackson nods and the screen goes dark.

“Samson, we need to last five minutes.  Jackson has a rig on the way.”

Samson nods as the machine doesn’t seem to be working with his credstick.  (Or what ever it is that is being used.

Mac readies his weapons and merges with the shadows.  His hands motion Samson to get behind him but he’s already there.  This isn’t the first time they’ve been ambushed.

Not sure which weapons he has but I imagine he has a gun/machine gun of some sort and a sword.  He takes the term Street Samurai almos literally. :)
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Tue 1 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
”Five minutes?!” Sam says incredulously, looking down at his credstick.  ”Nothing takes just five minutes,” he says slotting another stick, this one without the bright white bands of certified cred. Black stick, off the grid. The automated vending unit responds with a cheerful ping and a ZipCar begins making its way out of the lot toward the front door. ”My cred doesn’t work. I think they got your PocSec tapped too. Mac, ditch that phone and we’ll print a burner as soon as we put some distance between us and Shiawase.” he adds getting into the car.

Shiawase. Long reach.

Guns: yep you got ‘em but what are you carrying to a big time business meeting in corp controlled SanFran? Cops get all twitchy about guns in AAA-security zones and it’s illegal for metahumans to carry firearms in the Human Cultural Zone.

Back in the tunnels, you got more in the arsenal, but today bodyguard work called for something a little more subtle...

Choose one:

Walther PP, light machine pistol, very concealable.
Colt L36, light pistol, silenced, tough to spot
Baretta 101T, light machine pistol, heavier and bigger than the Walther

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Sat 5 Mar 2022
at 23:18
[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
Mac grunts and gets into the driver's seat.  He pulls out his Colt L36. He holds it in his right hand and drives the car with his left.

"Let's get outta here!"

He starts driving out.
Mr. Johnson
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Sun 6 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] Running in the Deep (Prelude: Mac)
You find yourself behind the wheel of a Mitusubishi Runabout that smells vaugely of vomit and pulls slightly to the right. You won't be outrunning any corpo hit squads in this pile, but at least you blend into the late afternoon city traffic. Once you are out into traffic and the GridLink has control, a quick call to Jackson confirms that your PocSec has been compromised. Lucky for you both the decker who intercepted your call didn't know that Jackson had his bird stowed out in Siesta Valley, not here in the city itself.

"Can you find a place to go to ground until after sunset?" Jackson asks hopefully, "I can make it down to the Pacifica Esplanade beach under cover of darkness to get you out."

Looks like the cavalry can't make it for awhile and you'll have to play cat and mouse with Shiawase for a few hours... what's your first move?