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Sun 20 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Rock and Roll 17:46, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 10 using 2d6+1.  Rock and Roll. boosted Strong Success

Your boot scores a hit and the orc falls like a sack of hammers. His friend wobbles in his feet…

Make them sweat
17:51, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 4 using 2d6+1.  Make them sweat. Fail Take 1XP

…but he is too far gone to scan what you are trying to say.  ”You gotta beef, hunh?” he says, words slurred, ”Got a beef?”  Yak cutters or not, this guy is about to start throwing hands.

Combat continues!

1. It’s one-on-one with the first orc out of the fight…
2. This guy is pretty out of it,
3. but probably won’t go down easy…

Smiley [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Orc [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

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Sun 20 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
"Looks like its' time to make myself some business. "

Smiley went for a counter. Jazz would make this guy quicker and tougher, but his friend wasn't a great fighter, so he broadcast his intentions on the net like a frakking viral advert.

He waited for the first punch from the Ork, and then countered... with his portable defibrillator.

No guns or knives were allowed in the club. But he'd had his doctor's bag.

It was a Doc Wagon special, fallen off the back of a Valyerkie AV or maybe a shot medic, standard issue for Docwagon medics. They probably rarely used it: they had the security specialists as well as a minigun to deal with threats, but Docwagon had designed the thing anyway. And then, naturally, some had fallen off the back of AV's or been dropped by combat medics.

Smiley hadn't asked if it was taken off a dead medic or just dropped: he'd just jumped at the chance to get a top-of-the-line piece of gear like that.

One of the options in the equipment list is a special weapon. The "Tazer" seems to be range touch, so I thought that made sense. Is that ok? If not I will reword.

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Mr. Johnson
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Sun 20 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Special weapon makes perfect sense.

Is it built into the DocWagon bag?

Which is it?
Taser (range close, dmg 4 stun, shock, slow)
Stun Baton (range touch, dmg 2 stun, shock, ignores armor)

 player, 12 posts
Sun 20 Feb 2022
at 07:43
[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Lets go with tazer.
I'll get something else for close fighting.
Sure, have it be built into the bag, like it fires out a couple prongs.

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Mr. Johnson
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Sun 20 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
OK, it's a one shot James Bond type of gizmo built into the DocWagon gear bag for self defence. It clips in an out so you can carry it around without the bag. PocSec updated

Tiny high voltage needles trailing mircofiliment wires fly toward the intoxicated orc...

Rock and Roll 11:20, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 9 using 2d6+1 ((5,3)). Weak success

...hitting him full in the shoulder and upper arm, enough to slow him down, but not enough to drop him to the floor. He catches you with a glancing blow to the head from a fist the size of a cheap car stereo.

Threat move: deal damage


Rock and Roll 11:20, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 9 using 2d6+1 ((5,3)). Edge Bump Strong success

...hitting him full in the chest, the orc drops to his knees convulsing as the high voltage 'trodes deliver a powerful jolt.
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Sun 20 Feb 2022
at 19:06
[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
I'll take the shot if it's non-lethal. It would probably be better if I had a little damage from this guy.

The shot clipped Smiley's head. It wasn't the first time that Smiley had taken a shot to the face though (not even the first 20, if he wasn't an ork, he'd probably have to worry about CTE at some point). Smiley had won a lot of fights (and lost a few) and he'd taken some serious hits in the past.

The worst he'd ever been on was a fight when some pretty little thing in an outfit that concealed nothing had turned the guy he was working on into soup with a mono whip. He'd never seen one before: they were ruinously expensive and very uncommon in the barrens. She hadn't really been aiming for him, but monowhips were imprecise weapons as far as collateral damage. He lost an arm and was in no condition to stop the woman.

The replacement arm had taken a while to pay off, but it had paid for itself many times over, and that was the one that grabbed the wrist of that car streo sized hand and began to squeeze.

Cyberarms were interesting. On trids they'd show someone punch and knock a dude back 50 feet. Bulldrek. Most of the force from a punch came from body torque and use of leverage, and that was the body, not the arm. You had to reinforce the shoulder like crazy for something like that. Now, grip strength was another thing entirely. Every bit of grip strength came from the myomers and hydraulics in the limb, and was not bound by human limitations, just the limiters on the arm.

Cyberarms were also bulkier than they had to be. modern hydraulics and myomeres were pretty small. You could fit in extra batteries and armour, but there was still plenty of extra space for portable tools. Smiley had a biomonitor readout... and another shock system.

Having your wrists crushed with electricity poured into it was not a pleasant experience. Ideally, it would get through the chemical haze of the jazz. As the ork lost motor control, Smiley spun his below down and pulled the man to the ground where he'd be less of a threat, then broke the hold.

<blue> Stay down, jazz breath. You have a heart attack, I'll treat you, but the bill's going to be ugly. I got enough deadbeats in my debtors' book. <blue>
Mr. Johnson
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Mon 21 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Smiley [/] [/] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Orc [/] [/] [/] [/] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

You roll with the punch and go for his wrist...

Rock and roll 20:22, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 6 using 2d6+1 ((2,3)). Fail Take 1XP

...and he stumbles in his drug addled stupor, slips your grip, catches you with a wild punch and sneers "Dat all you got?"


Rock and roll 20:22, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 6 using 2d6+1 ((2,3)). Edge Bump Weak success

...and, unable to slip your grip, he falls to his knees.  Lashing out, he catches you with a wild punch and sneers as he fades into unconsciousness "Dat ... all you ... got?"
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Mon 21 Feb 2022
at 03:56
[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
 Lets keep playin!

Now, his own fangs up, Smiley turned to look at the man.

Not even close.

The doctor went to sleep, and the teenage ork ganger/bouncer took over.

Then he kneed the ork in the groin, grabbed the man's head in his cyber arm, and began to smash his head into the dura-chrome bar stool while the joules continued to pour into the man from his cyberarm's shock system.

I...*wham*.... just *wham*....wanted *wham*.... an old....*wham* fashioned *WHAM*

Meanwhile, his arm began beeping, warning that repeated defibrillation charges could cause cardiac arrhythmia or even arrest. Smiley didn't have the time to disable the safety alarms, no doubt meant for those lucky doctors who didn't use the taze function of their shockheart more than the defibrillate option.

For this next one, I'll spend the edge if it's within 1 autoamtically. If it's 2 I'll think about it. 3 or 4, nah.

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Mr. Johnson
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Mon 21 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
You can spend one edge now on an Edge Boost to ensure success...
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Mon 21 Feb 2022
at 04:06
[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Sounds good!
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Mon 21 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Rock and Roll 21:31, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 4 using 2d6+1 ((1,2)). boosted Weak success

Flailing, the orc catches you on the side of the head, but it isn't enough to prevent your barrage of heavy blows.  You're left standing over him breathing heavily as his eyes roll back into his head, the fight draining from him...

Smiley [/] [/] [/] [/] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Orc [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [ ]

Fight ends. Take 1XP.

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Mon 21 Feb 2022
at 05:14
[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
He had some new bruises he was going to start feeling very soon.

He sighed deeply as the fight or flight reflex left him, and he took several ragged deep breaths to wash the combat-lust from his mind.

Then he stopped that damned beeping on his arm. The next priority was to ensure that the two orcs were breathing and not choking on their own tounges or in any other way going to just die. He put them in the recovery position (on their side), and, not seeing that they were going to instantly die, he went to the next priority. He lightly cleaned the chair and his hands with antiseptic after he noticed a bit of blood from where he'd smashed the orc's head into the chrome chair. Thankfully, dura chrome was pretty damned hard.

Finally, He turned towards the rapidly approaching security and of course, Great Bartender Onizuka himself, and gave an apologetic bow as he rushed up. It wasn't... perfect, but he'd put in some effort at not looking like a completely streotypical westerner making a bow.

"I am deeply sorry, Onizuka, for any distress to your patrons. I believe they are on a combat drug: jazz. They are unconscious but should recover in time.

He really, REALLY didn't want to get kicked out of this bar. Particularly right now, because he could really use another drink after taking two swipes.

GBO had a reputation for being unfailingly polite, but also very set in his ways that no trouble comes into the bar. Sometimes he'd 86'ed customers who simply did not fit in with the place or brought too much trouble. The atmosphere was the thing that made the place unique, and Smiley could understand perfectly his reasoning.

Behind his mask, you wouldn't know he was a metahuman. He was a little bulky for a typical breeder, but the secure tech armored suit and weird Japanese face mask made his features impreceviable. He stroked his chin with a gloved hand for a moment as he considered and gave a look to the staff to confirm what had happened.

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Mr. Johnson
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Wed 23 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Prelude ends. Take 1XP. PocSec should be up to date.

Looking to set up a solo thread for you while we wait for a good opportunity for you to join the Oakland Crew.

Dammit, I'm a doctor not a...

...Water Treatment Technician: The MPA are taking another run at the Shiawase water treatment plant in East Bay and are looking for a doc to help them figure out how to fix the water problems.

...Road Pirate: The Razor Wires are helping out an Orkland clinic and plan to hijack a road trian to get medical supplies. They need your technical knowledge and will cut you in on the take.

...Combat Bike Mechanic: In the annual Battle of the Free State, the San Fran Knights are facing off against the California Rangers.  Plenty of work for freelance medics to keep the teams patched up during the match.

Choose one.

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Wed 23 Feb 2022
at 05:23
[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)

"...Water Treatment Technician: The MPA are taking another run at the Shiawase water treatment plant in East Bay and are looking for a doc to help them figure out how to fix the water problems."

This sounds like something that could help a lot of people.
Mr. Johnson
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Thu 24 Feb 2022
at 02:46
[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Got it... one orc's terrorist is another orc's freedom fighter!
Mr. Johnson
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Sat 26 Feb 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
It always feels like mass casualties should come in late at night,..

...but these aren't shot up bikers, these are sick kids. Half a dozen of 'em. Orcs and trolls with dirty faces doubled over with pain and nausea. Folks around Merrit Lake just know where to bring the sick on a mid morning on an remarkable cloudy day.

The good news, these kids just need antibiotics and fluids.

The bad news, this was entirely preventable. These kids are puking their guts out simply because they can't get clean water.
 player, 20 posts
Sat 26 Feb 2022
at 04:03
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley grabbed one of his secure burners and made a phone call to a number he didn't like using, but whatever response he could get from the MPA was going to be more than from any government or corporate answer to a Sinless wannabe doc calling about a bunch of sick trogs.

"Righteous? Yeah, this is Smiley. Yeah, the Doc from the Barrens. No, I ain't got donations fr you, when the frag have I had the nu- never mind. Listen, I got another half dozen trog n troll kids from Meritt sick.

Yeah, they'll be fine, it's Giardia and Cholera-12. Antibiotics and a ton of fluids. But for every kid they bring in there are probably 20 untreated. If you've got something else wrong with you this'll kill people.

Yeah, I said Meritt, Shiawase site fed. Same as the last time, and the time before that. That treatment plant was second rate when itw as build, and that was in the damned 30's!"

Another "they'll see what they could do". Smiley hung up and prepared another order of crappy third rate antibiotics and salene. Useless for most purposes, but good at treating the water out of that useless purification system. Maybe he could hit up one of the few charitable centers that sometimes bankrolled him?

It was about 20 minutes later he got another call back.. from the MPA.

They had a full team ready to act for once. They just needed a plan of action. The MPA was great at wrecking things or stealing data, but how did they magically fix 50 year old badly maintained critical infrastructure when they didn't have the money?

Smiley said he'd get back to him and thought about it.

Getting purifiers to all the people in the Barrens was a joke, for reasons that didn't need to be mentioned. Similarly, trying legal action or media attention was a joke as well: no one cared about sinless orcs in the barrens. Shaming Shiawese into it was another thing that wasn't going to happen either.

They could try and arrange a nasty pathogen killer from a back alley source, but the cure might be way, WAY worse than the disease. Plus if any major corp got the idea someone was futzing around with bioweapons in the barrens, they'd get squashed flatter than krill patties.

Nah, the best bet, stupidly, was probably to upgrade the Shiwaese plant without anyone knowing. Right now the place spent most of it's money on security, doing the bare minimum to maintain the city contract. Upgrading the 50 year old hardware with 15 year old hardware without anyone knowing might be the best fix.

First though, they'd need the plans to the place and a water sample near the source.

[9 blank lines suppressed]

The sane way is to get as much info on the plant as possible. We do some recon,
Mr. Johnson
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Sat 26 Feb 2022
at 18:55
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"Can't talk details on this phone." the deep baritone on the other end says cautiously. "I'll send one of the youngsters by to set up a time and place to talk."

>> FF evening, Merrit Lake

Over the past month, the old Laney College campus has begun the mutation from egalitarian homestead to militant forward operating base. A couple of the larger buildings that seem to have mostly survived the quake with a few slapdash repairs remain community living centres but splatters of paint declaring "Remember Joanna Wilde" and "MPA 4ever" have cropped up with increasing frequency.

After the December Knight Errant lockdowns and searches, the number of residents wearing yellow safety vests emblazoned “Community Patrol” has doubled. The urban detritus of the D-zone has a developed into a well camouflaged improvised fences and barriers to form an efficient obstacle belt that would impede the incursion of any organized security forces. A suspicious glint of metal from a nearby rooftop reveals what might be an observation post, or perhaps a sniper.

On the way into the campus, you're approached by one of the numerous community patrols. An orc male and a human woman, both wearing yellow vests that make a poor attempt at concealing submachine guns.

"Haven't seen you around," says the human woman, scanning your vest. "Someone call for a doc?"
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Sat 26 Feb 2022
at 19:53
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"Sort of, chummer.

If something comes up I try to always be ready to help, but I'm supposed to be talking about the spread of parasites and diseases. You know, consulting for political action.

The name's Smiley"

Smiley was a bit less guarded than most about giving details out, but he didn't need to drop other people's street names yet on some random recruit in the MPA, so he didn't ask for Twisted or Righteous.

Either this was someone who knew why he was here, or he had to find someone else.
Mr. Johnson
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Sat 26 Feb 2022
at 23:49
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"Awright, gimme a minute to check on that." she says tapping something into her wrist comp.  After a few moments or awkward silence, then waves you past the patrol. "Alumni office in old student centre. They're waiting for you."

It's just a short walk through the old campus, now a scattered collection of shipping containers converted into homes and businesses or broken down delivery vans running shops out of their back doors. Its a bustling little community, dominated by orcs and trolls, many of whom harbor no specific political motivations, just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and sick of drinking poison.

Approaching the student centre, you repeat the security shakedown with another patrol that secures the main entrance to the building before you are allowed to enter.
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Sun 27 Feb 2022
at 06:34
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley chatted amicably with most of them as he walked in, asking about life in general and offering to take any messages back, or maybe answer some basic medical questions while security did it's thing.

These were people he respected. He should get down here more: it looked like they could use extra doctors.

Of course, he has stretched pretty thin already.
Mr. Johnson
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Sun 27 Feb 2022
at 17:38
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
The troll called Righteous meets you just inside the student centre. Much like the campus, the Merrit Lake squatters have filled every open space with makeshift homes or stalls to sell whatever they have that others might find useful. Inside the trapped air and substandard HVAC mean the air carries all manner of smells, heavy, damp and smokey with people living and cooking in close proximity.

"Good to see you again Doc. How long has it been? Two years? Three?" rumbles the trolls deep voice. "Sacramento seems so long ago. This here ain't much, but it's home." he added with a nod to the people living on the campus, "If you gotta live on the fringes of the civilized world it's nice to have a roof over yer head."
 player, 23 posts
Sun 27 Feb 2022
at 18:41
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley shook the huge horned hand of one of his goods friends.. he'd practically been a mentor to him.

Righteous was one of the more stable people he knew, certainly for a troll. They got along pretty good, though Smiley was a bit swifter with his fists on account of being raised in the barrens. Righteous was less prone to initiate violence.. though when he did, he had what was referred to as a "big ole frag off shotgun" and an axe.

Sacramento had been Smiley's first time out of the greater Seattle area, and it had taught him not to take contracts out of the greater Seattle area. They'd been well paid at least.

"Feels longer. I was really still a kid then. You taught me a lot."

You grew up quick, or you died, in the barrens. Sacramento had convinced him to be very discerning with his contracts as a 'runner though.

"'Ain't much, but it's home.' Yeah, I feel that. Much the same at the chop shop.
I'm not exactly living large, but only one building on the block has utilities.

Seems like a lot more people here now. I should maybe do some more rounds once in a while up here if you got this many people."

Of course, it wasn't like the Barrens squat scene was overflowing with street docs. At least not the kind that would be treating squatters other than removing their organs for a loan shark.
Mr. Johnson
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Tue 1 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"Hey chummer, we're all still learning," Righteous says amicably, leading you into the Alumni office. "Protests and civil disobedience have their place, and I look back on Sacramento with fond memories, but those tactics have run their course."

Inside the office you find a couple of orcs sitting on well worn couches. In the centre of the room a human man sits bound to a broken office chair. He is dirty, gagged and blindfolded. A cursory glance shows signs of violence, but nothing that will leave permanent harm. Just superficial injuries, maybe he had to be subdued to get him here.

"Which, brings us to today." the troll says with a sense of finality.
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Tue 1 Mar 2022
at 02:59
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley chutted, and quickly looked the man over and make sure the man wasn't going to die on him.

He didn't AGREE with such tactics, but if this guy worked for Shiawese and was responsible for the poisoning of countless people, his objections were more out of principle than and sympathy for the man.

"So, who is this, and what have we learned from them?"

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