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Mon 14 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
It always feels like mass casualties with gun shot wounds should come in late at night. Isn’t that a strange thing to think about as the Wires bring in a couple of riders, all shot up, in the mid morning on a rare bright winter day?

Who are these guys? Are you tight with them or just the guy they know to come to when they get shot up?
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Mon 14 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
In the Prelude, we'll play through a short scene that offers some decisions that flesh out the character (attributes, moves, gear, contacts).  We'll also play though combat mechanics so you understand how the 'black box' works.  You'll win the fight, just try to act surprised...

Also, don't worry about the choices you make in Prelude. At the end of the scene if there is something you don't like, we'll just change it before calling character construction complete.

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Mon 14 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Technically, Smiley lived and worked out of an old commercial building: the loading dock, actually. It was the last remaining building on the block that hadn't been taken over by squatters and gangers. The people working the offices weren't all exactly doing legal shit, but it was all stuff that had to happen to keep the barren's economy running. Smiley had no idea why, but the practical effect was that people left his place alone, and somehow by the miracle of miracles, it had power and water.

Smiley wasn't totally 100% awake, and he felt a lack of his morning soykaf and simubeef burrito, but he was used to working in FAR worse conditions than this, and had started as just "the ork with the oversized medkit" as a gangly teenager. Compared to patching someone in the middle of a firefight, working early was easy.

Of course, he'd expected at least a little more than 2 minutes' notice from a cell phone before the car pulled into the building's old loading dock that he'd converted into his hospital. The place had a bunch of little storage cages that were just perfect to make sterile environments, and he had enough room for the oversized but workable antique gear he ran.

He just finished washing his hands and pulling on his face mask when he heard the horn and opened the warehouse door and activated the little hydraulic ramp so they could wheel up the patients. He stepped out into the light, rubbing his eyes as they adjusted to the run, and looked down at what awaited him below in the parking lot, his brain already ready to start triage.

"Morning! What we got for my chop-shop, chummers?"
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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
A burly older looking orc sporting a bushy beard dismounts his Scorpion as several others offload a pair of casualties. "Rough mornin' Doc." growls Clay, his Razor Wires cut bearing the word 'Prez' "Ran into the Ronin out on the CTTR. Guess they were kill ridin' and we got caught up with them. Juice and Ope got torn up. Lucky for us some trog popped out of a passing RV and lit them all up with his AK. Fragger geeked half o' them with a grenade, you believe that? The hell is this town comin' to?"

A pair of riders are brought up onto the loading dock. Shot up a bit, blood splatter on their riding leather, but you've seen worse.

"They're leakin' bad enough doc. Mind givin' us a hand stichin' 'em back up?" Clay asks, chomping a freshly lit cigar. "Standard rates apply."

You can take Clay as your second contact if you want... no worries if you want something different.
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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)

He chutted.

"It's nul Sheen, lets get 'em out on the Body Boards.

I'll hold the head, you take the legs."

Smiley was already pushing down two empty BodyBoards(TM), lovingly refurbished by Slapdash after structural defect. Amazing what reinforcing the hell out of something with steel and carbon fiber could do.

He took a look at breathing, amount of blood, level of consciousness, all the basic first aid drek to figure out who and what needed to be done, right down to talking. He also had a mediscan in his hands, but that was mostly for show right now: it would come in handy when he was checking just exactly where those pesky bullets had gone.

Did you patch any of them? Are they on anything, including and especially combat drugs?

Clay had known Smiley long enough to know why he was asking. Smiley had lost patients before because his med scanners couldn't detect some weird new street drug, or because a patient already had an adrenal booster and protocol demanded a shot of adrenaline to boost heart rate.

As they made their way up the ramp (carefully) Smiley made his determination on who to treat first....
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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
”Nah, we’re all clean today Doc.” Clay replies. ”Slap patch on Ope. Weren’t sure if his leg got hit bad or not. Didn’t want him to bleed out while we guessed.”

Of the two, Ope sure looks worse. He’s hit in the belly and in the leg, could be a bad bleed from the leg hit but it passed right through and the patch is holding it together for now. Who knows what’s going on in that gut wound. Juice has a bullet planted deep in his shoulder. Not bleeding badly, but he’s not gonna like having that slug pulled out of his meat.

Open Ope up and dig into belly wound to make sure there is no internal bleeding?

See if that shot in the leg hit a major blood vessel?

Go for the quick win and look at Juice’s shoulder?

Something else?

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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
The principles of triage were simple: life saving interventions first. Ope needed to not die. He hadn't been trauma patched, so his chances were pretty solid.

Ope got plugged onto one of those huge oversized 2nd generation hospital units, got him an O2 mask and some vitals going.
It also immobilized him so he wouldn't squirm. Finest tech out of Kiev circa 2045.

The mark 1 eyeball and good sense was something most computers could't replicate, but it was nice to know if his patient was crashing so he could bring in the big guns. Once the machine started turning out vitals, he could look at the wound.

"If that patch is holding, it's probably not arterial, and it can wait." Thought Smiley as he masked and started hacking up Ope's clothing and checked the 4 quadrants and looked for blood, making sure to check the back.

Sewage smell would mean his bowels were exposed to air. Black blood meant liver. He could probably figure organ damage from the exact eound position, but bullets bounced funny sometimes...

Gut first, but with mininum basic stuff to prevent him crashing.
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Wed 16 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Awareness +1, Craft +1 PocSec updated

Things are progressing nicely with Ope and there doesn't seem to be any serious damage (well... no more serious than the very serious gunshot wounds... when dealing with these guys, it's a sliding scale). Having dug a 9mm hollow point out of the orc's guts, you're about to close up when the power in your clinic kicks off.

Rolling brownout. Pretty standard in the Orkland D-zone, but realllly bad timing.

Ope is crashing and you're in need of a bit of a boost, just for a second, to keep him breathing until the emergency generator kicks in.

When you are in a pinch, you have access to (choose one):

Skillwires 1 - hold +1 to relevant skill, chips are interchangeable, essence 3

ReadiMedTM System - cyberlimb or cyberhand that includes an autoinjector, biomonitor, shock trodes and medical supplies, hold +1 for First Aid, essence 3

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Wed 16 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
"Ugh. Building backup power failed AGAIN. Russian biobed takes a minute to reboot."

Thankfully, his RediMed system was there for him. It wasnt like all his client's walked into his chop shop.

Thr portable biomonitor observed sudden crashing and he administered some andelene to stabilize before he had to use the impromptu heart shock system.

By the time the monitors were back up, Ope's signs were stabilizing.

"Ok. Let me kick in some synth blood and an IV and I'll make sure the leg's not too fragged."

I'm probably going to want to do some character futzing at the end of this lol.
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Wed 16 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
No problem. No decisions made in Prelude are permanent.

As soon as Ope is stabilized and free of extraneous metal, you are able to turn your attention to Juice’s shoulder. The wound itself isn’t all that bad, but the bullet grazed the neural connections on his boosted reflexes. It’s cheap tech to begin with and now it’s gonna be glitched unless you can get some gear that is a bit newer than your current ‘vintage’ set up.

You got a problem bigger than you can solve on your own.

You’ve got friends you can call, do you call in a favour to do what’s right? Or take on a debt?

Do you go it alone and see if you can figure it out for yourself?

Or just do what you can to patch him up, his ‘ware is his own damn problem.

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Wed 16 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Smiley sighed. He liked to think he was a nice guy. He'd done more than one repair for free, particularly if it was life effecting. This was not, really, but it would frag up this ganger's life if it didn't get it fixed. If this was some runner, he'd have to charge. No question. But this was a Razor.. brought to him by Clay.

"Shoulder's fine, but this third rate Shuzen boost-tech just got fragged in the hoop.
Safe move is to patch and you can bring him to little Chiba or something."

That was a joke. As if they had 50,000 nuyen to pay some black clinic for black market nervous system stripping nanites, and as if any of them ever took the "safe" option.

"If you got the time, I can hit up a choom at the Squat mall and get a boost calibrator and some spares, but I'm going to owe them for that kind of favor.
You cool with that giri, Clay?

So ka. A nod. Of course it was. Smiley knew his friend. But Smiley still had to ask.

He sent an URGENT comm to Slapdash.

Thankfully, ancient, obscure and cheap tech was Slapdash's specialty. You could buy the best stuff at the Crime Mall. But you could find the cheapest stuff at the Squat mall, if you knew what to look for, and if not, well, he had the 20 year old autofacs to print a limited edition run on any parts you needed.

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Thu 17 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Added Debts and Favors

Slapdash's courier arrives with enough adrenaline simulator to boost a barghest along with a handful of surplus Ares nanites that were meant for Apollo maintenance back before the Crash.  They work slow and the neural connections made by the little spacebots are a bit shaky, but no worse than Juice's original boosted 'flexes.  Probably better.

With both bikers sedated and resting, you've earned yourself a cold one... Describe a relaxing evening... I won't promise that I won't interrupt!
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Thu 17 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Smiley tried to stay in when possible, get studying, but he had to basically rip through a ton of technical manuals to install that boost, so he needed to turn his brain down for a while. Besides, maintenance had said they were futzing with the generator tonight to make it more reliable after his earlier complaint. Smiley would believe it when he saw it, but it meant he wasn't going to have power for the next few hours.

He could hit up the stage at the Squat mall... but if he showed up at the mall tonight, there was a good chance Slapdash might pull him into something for that favor and he just wasn't in the mood. He checked the local message boards and saw who was playing. Ack Ack and the noise machines. Nah...

"Frak it, I need a break" he thought.  He cleaned up with a cold shower, threw on the cheap suit he kept strictly to go to the bar, and threw his long coat on over that to maintain his street cred for the walk.

The buildings around the Yakuza zone were their "walls". Prospects and associates inhabited the places, which catered to the worst sort of vice you could imagine. They only realy existed to be defense in depth for the Yakuza and keep the constant drek the barrens puked up out of the corp zones. He got some nasty looks till he removed his jacket showing the suit.

Bar 3 was on the edge of Yakuza territory, built around a large club used who sometimes wanted to slum the barrens without having their organs sold on the black market. Not his kinda scene, but it created a little pocket of the barrens around the big clubs and hotels that the Yakuza kept clear.

One of these was Bar 3. Run by a goblinized Yak who'd been forced into retirement, the place was an absolute gem: a quiet, old school jazz bar with an honest-to-dukhelzahn acoustic piano. There was a small bull pen for casual discussions by the bar. Smiley threw on his cheap suit to match the dress code, and threw on a street lined coat so he wouldn't lose any street cred making his way up.

The doorman in an armored long coat nodded at him and took his coat and doctor's bag once he got through the mercifully short line. He'd been around long enough to recognize him. Smiley did a fair amount of work up here. Old school synth-glass and font that looked as out of place in the barrens as they did in the neon yakuza clubs two blocks down.

He stepped into a time machine. Wood and brass interiors, old school ceiling fans, and acoustic jazz. It was all synthetic, of course, right down to the booze. Real wood and brass was way too expensive, but in the low lighting, with good music, and a real beer from the microbrewery or the best synthetic whiskey Smiley had ever tasted, well, it seemed to Smiley the closest he could come to 'class' in the barrens.

The clientele helped. It was a weird venn diagram of "middle class-ish" (as much as you got in the Sixth World) "Lives in the Barrens" (or close enough) and "Likes Jazz/synthetic whiskey" and "meta-human or very meta-human friendly". It was just far enough off the strip that the slumming corpos didn't come here. They wouldn't have liked it anyway: there were real bars like this with real whiskey back in whatever arcology they lived in. No, this was a spot for all the weird professionals that kept the district's bizarre underground economy going.. a few weirdo yakuza who wanted some time away from their organization, and of course, runners.

He hit up the bar, noting the rule "The Oni is always right" carved in italic font on the bar. He payed his respects to The Great Bartender Oni, and letting him know he was here in case there was a medical emergency.  "Business in the district, sir?" They weren't really friends yet, but that was just how Oni was. "No, just a long day." Oni nodded, and poured him a simulated 30 year old Yamazai. His first drink was free, the usual rule when a doctor came in. Oni noticed something that he needed to interject in that Smiley couldn't even make out, and gave a brief bow "Excuse me sir. Enjoy your drink Duty calls." In seconds he was in a dark corner of the bar giving a warning to someone for something.

Smiley made his way over to one of the dimly lit booths and enjoyed his first drink of the night. As he relaxed and took in the music, noting that the live band would be starting in about half an hour. He hated the open talking bar: he usually had no idea what anyone was talking about. There was also the dance floor, but he only knew how to slam dance: a lot of them clearly worked in the clubs though, so they sure were fun to watch. So, Smiley just relaxed.
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Fri 18 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Icy water is all you've got in the D-zone. You're just thankful to have running water at all, even if it does still smell ever so slightly of East Bay sewage, despite the recent hostage taking over at the Shiawase water treatment plant.

Yakuza presence this side of San Francisco Bay is an anomaly, and Bar 3 is probably the only open and enduring presence. Its a throw back to bygone days in more ways than one. Before Independence, before the Empire came, before the Diet's 'peacekeeping' force, Berkley and Albany were a cosmopolitan melting pot of many ethnic communities and metatypes.  When the Empire came and established the human cultural zone in San Fran, many Japanese packed up and moved west. The few that remained stayed in Westbrae.

There are not so subtle reminders of the underworld presence throughout the 'plex. In the streets around Bar 3 you'll find the stylized five headed hydras of the Five Families sometimes painted over with the black and silver petals of the Black Chrysanthemums.  The Five Families have a firm hold here, but are challenged at every turn by the much larger Black Mums. It's an uneasy peace the Five Families maintain with the communities of the east shore, but the common enemy they share in the Imperial supported Black Chrysanthemums helps keep things from boiling over.


Tonight a pair of orcs seem to have had a few too many and take exception to being cut off by their Japanese hosts. A shouting match is escalating over by the bar, and this could turn real ugly real fast...

How does Smiley handle this kind of racial tension? Is he a mediator or does he keep his own council and stay out of it?
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Fri 18 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Smiley stood up. GBO was busy dealing with some other mess with a high profile client, or he'd have dealt with this himself.

Smiley didn't didn't work here of course, but it someone got hurt, he'd probably be the one cleaning up the mess. And he would vastly prefer this not result in violence. The last thing he needed was for the yak guards to use it as an excuse to harass more metas or screw up what was probably the only decent bar within the entire district.

His voice slipped back into the one he used when arguing in the squat mall, dropping about a quarter of an active and sounding a bit gruffer than he usually did. It wasn't really designed to be intimidating, but between the voice and the scars around his mouth, he'd mark that he wasn't some accountant from some weird grey market business in the Yak zone.

They didn't look like locals from the area.

Smiley made his way over and whistled very loudly from behind to get their attention. It was not something he would ever normally do, but hey, he'd rather they harass him than the staff. They also might view him as a sympathetic ear.. or they might take a swing because he had a (cheap) suit on: he needed some more info.

"Hoi, chummers?  This ain't no place to get dragged or raise hell. I know a couple good joints for that. What's got your fangs up?

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Sat 19 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
These two are too far gone to jazz with some suit wearing tusker.

One is winding up to take a swing at you...

choose one:
You've taken more than a few hits, and always got back up. One more ain't gonna make no difference: ‘ARD BASTARD: take +1 to gut checks.

This fella just bit off more 'en he can chew. STREETFIGHTER: the first time you attack an enemy with a nonlethal weapon (fists, feet, batons, etc), you are boosted.

This drunk isn't the biggest or the toughest you've ever stood toe-to-toe with. FEARLESS: take +1 to stay frosty in the face of fear.

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Sat 19 Feb 2022
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[December 2059] Do no harm (Prelude: Smiley)
Smiley was an orc. An orc who grew up in the barrens.
An orc who had an early career as a bouncer and junior gang member.
An orc who was very used to dealing with unruly patients, and knew the familiar sign of jazz. An orc who was very tired of this shit, and just wanted a drink.


Smiley stepped forward and dropped his heavy combat boot on the man's knee with his full 200+ pound weight as the inebriated man began his his swing. The orc fell to the ground, clutching his knee, and Smiley ropped that foot to the floor and delivered a stepping kick to the orc's jaw.

Nothing that wouldn't heal in a month or two, maybe less with good treatment.
Smiley was not a killer, but he was certainly no pacifist. He wouldn't have survived that way in the barrens.

He adjusted his balance and stood so he was facing the other guy.

I don't see a doc wagon bracelet, jazz-breath. You leave now with your friend, this is just a bad night. I'll even give you a sprint for his knee.

You try that drek again, what do you think the Yaukza are going to do when they see two broken trogs on the street who caused trouble in a bar that pays protection?

Smiley wasn't the only chop shop in the barrens, but it was probably one of the only ones that didn't take fresh unlicensed bodies.

In point of fact, if he had to hurt this guy, he'd probably use binder strips, call in a favour, and have the razors take care of them in a non-lethal manner. What a pointless waste of a favour. A trog's gotta have principles though.