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Sun 20 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Welp, at the end of the day, either she'd ride comms or the mission would have to go loud.. and if she didn't, there would be retributions.

Smiley wasn't a violent person by nature, and tracking down the hacker wouldn't be worth it.

But, Grimthwak would be an instant PNG among any trog community, and any fixers he dealt with would know that she'd frakked them up and couldn't be trusted.

Not that he thought this would happen. Grimthwak wasn't dedicated to the cause, but she'd was a runner, which meant she knew that abandoning an op was not going to be well regarded and would have serious consequences.

And Smiley couldn't help but glare at Monroe as he said that.

Smiley sighed as he dealt with Monroe </blue> "I'm tempted to bring him along and then nitro him if the drek hits the fan, but but nah, he's blitzed.

We don't need the extra hassle, and we got an extra driver anyway thanks to the Razors... thanks Sack!<blue>
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Wed 23 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
On this side of the Ďplex, the morning commute just isnít a thing. Traffic is light as the D-zone sleeps away the morning and only the few low earning wage slaves plod off to straight jobs. Itís a quick drive even though you stay in the sprawl, avoiding the go gangs on the CTTR.

Sack pulls off into the East Bay Water Treatment Maintenance Yard where you find a short line up of cars idling at the gate. It looks like the guards are doing a cursory ID check.

One last chance to get on the same pageÖ
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Wed 23 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
He put up coms and pinged Grimthak with this little speech to understand what the heck was going on.

"Ok. Final check.

Grimthak should have hacked the hell out of their systems ahead of time, dropped that decom memo and triggered a brown alert or whatever.

Since we're supposed to be fly by night, and their orders say to leave us the hell alone, they should let us in. The stuff we're stealing is basically junk, and there shouldn't be too much in the spare shack. But they are corporate assholes, so who knows.

Me or Test do the talking. Not sure if you know the score Sack, so if you are some kinda social genius, cool, but

Not that I gotta worry about Twisted saying much.

Hey, Twisted, your gas mask is crooked. There ya go. Yeah, these are expired, they won't protect against shit. Only use is to infiltrate a dump like this or a rave.

Anyway, we got those med waste suits on, so we look just like a disposal crew. I even brought along my geiger counter and some electrical shit that goes beep beep beep from my medical lab. That thing? 30 year old polish ekg reader, busted to shit. Just makes beep beep noises.

I got a legit geiger counter of course. You'd be surprised how many people come in with radiation poisoning. Or maybe not, you know what kinda shit gets dumped in the barrens. Or how much old medical gear is literally hot.

Anyone asks, you say it's proprietary tech. They ask you to sign an NDA, I'll review and you sign it. Remember your name's on your ID's. Not like it's worth the paper it's printed on.

Grim's in our coms. You hear the code "Derp mode" we go hot, loud, and this turns into a smash and grab. This isn't exactly a vital spot, so security should be second-rate. Try and avoid killing any workers, though I can't imagine many would be willing to run in front of shadowrunners for what they are being paid.

Sack stays in the car.

So ka, chummers? We good? Any questions"

Personally, Smiley didn't want to kill any company security either, but he wouldn't ask for miracles. It wasn't like the cops would think twice about gunning them down if they had the chance.

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Sat 26 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
You get a few nods of assent and the hastily assembled gang runs through a few hamfisted checks on their equipment.

Lumbering forward in the slow traffic, your PocSec chirps to life as the online matrix crew checks in.

"Grim here, just give me a sec. Need to work something out on this end." her voice sounds different, not effecting the ridiculous stereotypical orcish speech you have heard her use in the past. Maybe there is more to this decker than she lets on...
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Sun 27 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"Ok. You got a few minutes before they are going to start checking ID's."

He turned to the driver.

Matrix issues. Grimthak isn't using her usual voice right now, so shit must be serious. We'll give her a few minutes. I don't want to go hot if they detected her hours ago or anything. Everyone keep an eye out the window in case we got spotted.

He ran a final check on his equiptment, and made sure the tazer/defib unit on his cyberarm was fully charged.. and even made sure he had some of the Nitro on hand for in case this run went REALLY sideways.
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Mon 28 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
As the van pushes closer to the checkpoint, you notice the guard has begun turning cars away.  Once you reach the gate, the security guard leans out of his booth and calls over to Half "Can't let anyone in. They got some kind of chemical spill or something in the maintenance yard. Until they get a team down here to clean up the mess, guess you'll have to go around to the main entrance."
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Mon 28 Mar 2022
at 21:16
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley opened the window leaning out showing he was dressed in a hazmat suit, his voice muffled by the crappy gas mask.

"Yeah, that's us.

Got here as fast as we could. BUDGET-QWiK disposal. We got the open contract minutes ago.

He hit his arms diagnostic button, which made beeping noises.

Drek, they got you this close? Eh, don't worry about it, none of my business.

Memo probably hasn't hit yet since we just got the bid accepted. We can wait.

 I'm gunna close the window though. It makes decontamination easier if we don't gotta do the inside.

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Tue 29 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Stay Frosty 20:59, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Smiley, rolled 9 using 2d6 ((3,6)). WEAK SUCCESS

"Um... yeah..." the guard stammers uncomfortably, clearly wondering how much poison he is unwittingly absorbing and if it's worth the modest salary Shiawase is paying him. "Well, umm, we got new procedures to follow since the buy out, so I gotta call in to check with the main office."

Behind him you see a second guard picking up the phone...
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Tue 29 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Usually weak success comes with some options?
You know what? Frak it, use an edge.

Smiley sounded very calm, but he tapped a "GUARD CALLING FROM FRONT GATE, GO LOUD?" message as he closed the window.

Hey, up to you.  I'll just be inside with the gas masks on full.

Every minute we're sitting here we're billing your corp and none of this runs.
It's your nuyen.

Either the guard's call would be intercepted by their hacker, or they'd say screw it, or this was going to go loud.

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Tue 29 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
In reply to Smiley (msg # 76):

The call is the complication, but your Matrix crew seems to have it in hand, save your edge ;)

Null persp... stay chill... we got the call... flashes back on your phone in reply.

"This stuff serious?" the guard asks in a concerned voice.
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Tue 29 Mar 2022
at 05:52
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley took a dead pan tone and chose his words very carefully.

Legally, I can't discuss it, as per my contract.
But... the more hazardous the job, the better our pay.
I am very happy with my pay, today, sir.

Smiley spoke with a lot of volume to be heard by the guard, as he was now speaking to him from a van with the windows rolled up through a gas mask.

And the fact that he was speaking to the guard from inside a van with the windows rolled up also spoke with a lot of volume.
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Wed 30 Mar 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"Uh... that sounds serious." says guard one uncertainly.

"They say to close the windows." calls out the guard on the phone covering the receiver mic. "We don't get paid enough for this drek."

"What!?" calls back guard one closing the window. "They say this is legit?"

After a few moments of what appear to be heated conversation inside the closed up shack, the arm blocking the access road raises up and the guard waves your van through.
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Wed 30 Mar 2022
at 07:05
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley nodded and tapped back to Grimthak a smiley emjoji, and drove into the compound.

After they were in, they made their way to the target. Once well inside, and with the windows still up, he texted.

"Thanks. We're in. Now we just gotta get this stuff and leave. If stuff's going to go loud, give us as much warning as you can."

Then he addressed his team.

Ok. Nul sheen so far. We just gotta get this stuff and get out. Remember to keep your gear on, but there shouldn't be anyone at the target location.
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Fri 1 Apr 2022
at 15:21
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Your small crew gathers up maintenance uniforms and toolboxes loading them into the van. In the haste to evacuate the maintenance yard, the workers even left behind a company tablet. Although you canít access it now, you might be able to gain some more info from St Clair if his logins are still active. Even if they arenít, the tablet will make a useful prop if you are questioned during a run into one of the transfer stations.
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Fri 1 Apr 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Naturally, Smiley dumped it in the hazardous containers barrels along with everything else they needed.

"Hey, if you aren't driving, make sure you move aruond a bit and look like your doing.. cleaning chemical stuff. I got some EZ Clean to spray around too. Just make sure we don't leave anything of ours behind.

You could buy that stuff from any Stuffer Shack or ChemCo on the planet.

Also, let's take a few things that aren't important, that might be contaminated throw them off the track that might be "contaminated." And if they do figure it out they'll think we're just stealing junk to sell.

The key was not to take too little time.

If they just ran out five minutes after getting everything, then the guards would immediately know something was up. There was still a good chance they'd figure out they'd been had, but it took longer than the job, it didn't matter.
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Sun 3 Apr 2022
at 04:10
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
All clear in this end. comes a text from your tech support team as you carefully collect useful gear for the next phase of your planÖ

Oh, drek comes a second message moments later, Might have spoke too soon. Give us a sec
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Sun 3 Apr 2022
at 21:50
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"Heads on a swivel! Our hacker might have just been made.

We may have to do this loud and dumb.

He started hauling the stuff they needed quickly and made sure his tazer was ready to go.
The unfortunate thing was that if this turned into a car chase, his hardline stance against guns was going to make him near useless.

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Tue 5 Apr 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Dealing with a call to the guard hut. she says I'm gonna go get the external cameras up on my end to give you some overwatch. My partner has the call and will let you know how it goes.
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Wed 6 Apr 2022
at 01:59
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Smiley sent a single acknowledged, and continued to load gear, keeping an eye out for potential problems.
Mr. Johnson
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Fri 8 Apr 2022
at 03:21
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
About to get the cams up, I can patch them into your PocSec... hang on... after a few minutes, pictures of the plant begin scrolling by in a slideshow as you are fed stills from each of the cams in rapid succession.

The main entry gate where the guards seem to be enjoying a morning coffee...

The rear parking lot, overlooking the bay where the parking lot looks scorched and burnt, perhaps by a recent fire...

The vehicle maintenance bay, workers changing tires on a company truck...

Another vehicle bay, workers scrambling with activity, loading equipment into a nearby emergency response vehicle...

The west storage compound, no one doing anything here...

Back to the main gate...
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Fri 8 Apr 2022
at 05:00
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
He could ignore the fire burned parking lot: that sort of drek happened all the time with a bad parking job spilled fuel or some company vehicle just failing.

What's going on with the vehicle bay? That seems.. really weird.

I'm assuming it's not us, lol,if so, disregard.

He finished loading what they needed. If this was someone else's run, he didn't want to fuck with it. If it wasn't, he was way too professional to charge into that mess without knowing what was going on.

Once the job was done, he'd get out unless there was some truly staggering reason to stay.
Mr. Johnson
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Sun 10 Apr 2022
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[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Yeah, it does, gimme a sec. she replied. Looks like some kinda fire crew maybe. They're getting into the trucks now.

Did St Clair say anything about on site emergency response? Not that you recall, but he did say there had been some changes since Shiawase had taken over...
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Fri 22 Apr 2022
at 08:02
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
There was a little burst of statics as a new voice got on the channel.

<<<This is the Splinter>>> it said, the voice was mechanical devoid and recognizable traces of accent or tone to indicate if the speaker was was male or female.

<<<Please note Shiawase emergency response team was launched to the site... I am running interception... with luck I'll buy guys more time. I will let you know how much time you have.>>>
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Sat 7 May 2022
at 21:06
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
Looks like the response team is confused. Anna says over the comm. Bunch of guys standing around on phones now, but no telling how long this is gonna stick
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Sat 7 May 2022
at 21:53
[January 2060] H2Onorable Cause (Solo: Smiley)
"We're on a timer! They are trying to deploy assets. Getting matrix cover but it's not going to last, all aboard!"

Thankfully, they'd had a fair chunk of time to load up what they needed, plus a little more to throw off the trail and make them assume that they were just looting valuable items, not not specific stuff.

Hopefully, they had what they needed, because this was not really worth getting into a fire fight over if they could avoid it.

He commed "10-4, we're just leaving now"