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Wed 22 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Orkland.  Over a quarter million tuskers are crammed into the untamed sprawl that fills every available space on the narrow Alameda peninsula and Bay Farm Island. Yeah, civil planning might be non-existent and whats left of the streets may be strewn with garbage, but the place has a hard won community spirit tempered by lack of faith in the government in Sacramento and distrust of the Imperial occupation across the Bay. Administered by a volunteer City Council, squatters themselves in the old Alameda Municipal Power building, the city administration has overt political ties to the increasingly violent Metahuman Peoples’ Army policlub.

Unconstrained by the shores, the sprawl spills into the inner harbour and fills the tidal canal with a disorganized flotilla of boats and barges where orcs and trolls of the sprawl live, if not thrive.  Azure Princess, a derelict cruise ship that was run aground on a sandbar during a minor quake in ‘53, has become a thriving offshore black market.

Kadie’s Ork Pit, dive bar par excellence, has taken over the old naval base NCO club.  Somewhere underneath the grime is an old, utilitarian, military building.  A cross section of Orkland’s community gather at this favorite watering hole, making it (unoficially) neutral territory for legal, quasi legal and entirely illegal undertakings.

For those who know where to find it, the Razor Wires’ Clubhouse is in an old Victorian house somehow saved from being swallowed up under the sprawl.  Although the house is in disrepair,  behind the broken white picket fence and crumbling brick and lives Orktown’s most successful criminal enterprise.

An unlikely survivor of yesterday’s old independent journalism the Oakland Tribune maintains one of the few honest and reputable media operations in the Republic.  Enduring irritant of President Grimes and General Kowabe the Tribune has deep pockets to pay for information (incidentally, there is also nuyen to be made for those who would serve as proxies for the Imperial occupiers and silence the editors of the Tribune).

On the northern terminus of the island, the dockyards and airfield of the old Naval Air Station are separated from the rest of Orkland by a large wall.  Constantly monitored by the Imperial Navy’s shore patrol sentries, armed drones and ever present surveillance cameras, this is the sole enduring Imperial presence east of San Fransisco.  The shadow of the Imperial presence looms over Orkland’s metahumanity like the shadow of the light carrier USS Hornet, now renamed Suzumebachi, formerly a floating museum that the imperials are upgrading to put into service as a drone carrier under contract of Mitsuhama's Heavy Shipbuilding directorate.
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Wed 22 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
@Hellfire - you are here.  Where are you and what are you doing?
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Wed 22 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Hellfire sat in his usual spot at the bar sipping on a fairly cold glass of whisky. While Kadie's left a lot to be desired, what it lacked in atmosphere it made up for in potability. Hellfire had just finished something of a "milk run". He was hired to smuggle a team of nova hot runners in Aztlan. Not very often he got to work with the real pros so this gig was something of a win. Too bad they didn't hire me to get them out again, poor bastards. He thought morosely as the memory of automatic gunfire erupting on their position just as he was pulling away filled him with a sense of melancholy. "Ah well, Frag it." He called out and downed the remainder of his drink. He popped the empty glass onto the bar and yelled "Hey Spriggan, One more will Ya?"

Spriggan shot Hellfire a glare that somehow managed to be slightly more playful then condescending. The bartender efficiently poured a measure into Hellfire's glass and chided him "Careful now cowboy, How many is that now? four? five? Best pace yourself I don't fancy Tiny scrapping you off the floor....again. She spoke with an affected accent right out of a western Trid, Something of a cross between southern bell and brothel worker. She sent a meaningful look to the doorway and Hellfire's gaze followed.

Sitting at his regular perch, Kadie's troll "protection" Tiny was anything but. The massive mound of muscle claimed to be a three time desert wars champion and no one really had bothered to test him on it... so far.

"Ah Sprig, I'm good, Just blowin'off some steam, and a little yen. You know how it goes." the rigger said.

Spriggan opened her mouth to reply but a loud yell from the other side of the bar interrupted her. Whatever she was going to say was replaced with "Be right back sugar!"

Hellfire shot a dirty glare down the bar at the offender but then returned to nursing his drink. He sat listening to the pipped in nondescript bar music and lost himself in thought.

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Wed 22 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Across the bar, leaning on the torn felt of the pool table, a bedraggled looking man in a battered brown cloak has caused a ruckus by disrupting a half-hearted game of 8-ball.  The orks that we’re playing are raising hell, while the man intones “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven... And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory... And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.”

What is that?  The Bible or something?  Looks like a wild eyed street preacher took a wrong turn at the narthex and is passing the collection plate around among the lost sheep of Kadie’s.

Spriggan rolls her eyes in a huff.  “This is just what I need tonight.”  Those tuskers he is bothering are about to rip his lungs out...
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Fri 24 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
"Fraggin'breeder gonna get himself geeked." Hellfire said to his glass with the shake of his head. Just sucks, a perfectly wonderful conversation interrupted by bull-drek He thought. He glanced over to Tiny who was watching the street preacher with a practiced neutral look that screamed "Violence is Imminent" to anyone who actually knew the troll. Hellfire gave a small shrug and took another sip of his drink. Not knowing if Sprig will follow through with her veiled threat to cut him off, he decided to take this one slow.

Since he was no longer able to occupy himself with a pretty face, he took a moment to glance around the room to see what else was going on. Aside from the chummers playing pool, who were even now starting escalate in their response to preacher man, Hellfire could see the typical assortment of patrons some familiar, some new faces. All in all it looked like he was going to have another boring night getting drunk alone.

I know I did it, I set myself up.....couldn't help it :).

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Fri 24 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Tiny is a half second too slow, raising his massive bulk intent on breaking up the disturbance just as the orc, who is wearing a synthleather jacket adorned with Metahuman People's Army patches, winds up and smashes the bearded prophet in the face.

The oldster's nose explodes, streaming bright blood down his weathered face.  Sprawling on the dirty linoleum floor, through his bleeding mouth and broken teeth, he continues quoting scripture. "Yeah through the Lord is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving iniquity and transgression..." he says as a foot long stainless steel cyberspur slides out of the orc's forearm.

"Awright, that's enough." Tiny's voice booms as Spriggan steps out from behind the bar.

"...but he will by no means clear the guilty!" the preacher cries out, pulling a machine pistol from beneath his cloak and firing bursts wildly!

Frag it!  The only one who ain't gonna get hit by this guy is the orc he is aiming at,  and wouldn't you know, Spriggan is in the line of fire!

Well, we wouldn't want things to be boring would we?
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Sat 25 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Hellfire took in the scene. His panic at what he saw coming super elevated his adrenaline to the point of zen sate. He felt removed of the scenario, standing apart from actions as they progressed. In this state he saw the with impeccable clarity, the ork punched the preacher in the face, the goblets of blood hovered in the air falling in slow motion as Hellfire's cybernetic eyes translated the image into something his brain could interpret.

He watched the preacher respond with words that were so distorted his mind did not register them. Things got real, the breeder's arm raised, a familiar object in it.

Time stood still.

Hellfire moved on autopilot not even realizing until later that he was in motion.

The Machine pistol raised.

The whisky glass flew through the air.

The bark of gunfire reverberated though the bar.

The sound of glass shattering echoed in the sudden silence.

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Mr. Johnson
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Sat 25 Apr 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Time stands still.

Tiny’s massive fist comes up, smashing the orc to the ground.

The preacher’s face shows shock and surprise as the angry little pistol bucks, spraying bullets wildly.

You’re up and moving...

Take a Bullet
17:57, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 4 using 2d6 ((1,3)).
Miss Take 1 XP

...but can’t make it to Spriggan in time. The bullets graze her arm and shoulder and she tumbles to the floor in a heap.

“Ah for drek sakes.”. Tiny growls, “Now you gone and made me mad...”

In the following seconds, time returns to normal and a pair of merciless beatings are administered to the preacher and the orc. Even against two opponents, Tiny is efficient and unstoppable and both offenders in the dispute are soon tossed out into the street, much worse for wear.

Spriggan is bleeding badly and will need medical attention soon. “There is a street doc’s clinic right down the street.” Tiny says to you. “Think you can get her over dere while I get dis place cleaned up?”
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Fri 1 May 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Hellfire stared down at the bleeding woman. His drunken haze evaporated instantly as his mind hyper focused. Gunfire tended to do that to a guy. Tiny's words crashed into the ork and he glance up at the big man. "Yup, on it." He moved over to Spriggan reaching down to lift her up. He gave a small thanks to the universe she was still conscious. "Come on Sprig, We gonna get you all patched up."

"Ullck! Oi, That hurts. Spriggan said with as gasp of air as Hellfire lifted her to her feet. "Think you can walk?" He said. "Don't know cowboy, hows a girl walk being shot in the arm?" She said sarcastically. He shook his head at her but quickly ran to grab a couple of fairly clean bar towels. He quickly tied them tightly around the wounds and nodded his head toward the door indicating they should go.

They made their way outside to where Hellfire had parked his VW. He popped open the door and helped Spriggan get situated. Trying to keep the mood light he said "Try not to bleed on my seats." as he pulled out heading toward the street doc.
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Sat 2 May 2020
at 19:36
[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Some parts of the Orkland D-zone host crowded streets well after dark.  Outside Kadie's the street is alive with activity where a dozen  Razor Wires are lingering by their bikes tipping back Orkstaff XXX, Brainbuster or dubious home brewed concoctions. Its not unusual for a little sporadic gun-play to spice up the evening at Kadie's and Spriggan is a favorite among the clientele, so they give you no trouble as you mount up to make the short drive over to the street doc.

Dufreyne's Emergency Clinic is a short drive through the dark streets of the D-zone. In stark contrast to the night life outside of Kadie's, this part of the 'plex is quiet as a mausoleum.  Your headlights peirce through the darkness while a few flickering lights in shop windows and apartments provide the only signs of life.  Parts of town like this strive for a degree of respectability, leaving the streets void of life at night, save the odd prowling gang or patrolling cop.

In front of the doc's you're the only thing moving on the street and find yourself  stopped in your tracks by the latter.  A patrol car slow rolls around the corner and flashes red and blue lights just as you open Spriggan's door to hustle her inside the clinic.  A pair of Knight Errant patrol officers pile out of the car.  "Hoi there chummers!" calls an orc with neatly trimmed tusks and biceps as big as cabbages.  "What brings you folks out into this part of the 'plex so late at night?"

His partner, a lean human male that looks like he could outrun a greyhound, makes a quick call on his radio.  "Charlie-Baker-Four, routine stop on foot patrol."

"Roger, Charlie-Baker-Four." the radio chirps in reply.

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Sun 10 May 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
OF'FRAGGIN'COURSE Hellfire thought, Where were they when I needed em eh? In the most mild mannered tone he could manage he spoke to the officers without sparing them a glance. "Oh you know lads, Thought it was a nice enough night to take my girl out for some hot coco, I hear the best in the city happens to be right here inside this non-descriptive building. Just ignore the big'ol flashing neon lights, I sure the EMERGENCY sign is just for atmosphere."

He gingerly helped Sprig exit the vehicle and started to escort her toward the clinic. "Y'all just going to stand there gawking or are you gonna get on with some of that protect and serve and open the door for the lady?"

For once he wasn't scared of interacting with the Knights. He hadn't done anything illegal, that they could prove, and he wasn't riding dirty. There was no need to concoct some cover story even though that was his instinct and Sprig was a sin carrying, tax paying, member of society so her getting shot is just another work place hazard as far as the law is concerned.

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Wed 13 May 2020
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
There is a moment when the greyhound-like Knight’s eyes narrow to mean looking slits and his pitbull-like partner’s neck muscles tense up causing visions of beat-downs to dance in your head.

Fortunately Officer Grimes and Officer Cooper are recent graduates of Knight Errant’s new Community ALternative Measures (CALM) training. They’ve been instructed to focus on the emotional needs of community members in crisis as a way to help de-escalate volatile situations. The brass at Ares Macrotech seem to think the new approach will cut down on brutality lawsuits.

”Uh huh,” replies the Orc Knight humourlessly, ”Tell you what. Instead of ‘gawking’ Officer Grimes here is gonna take the nice lady into the doc and see that she gets some medical attention. While they head on inside you can provide a nice statement so’s we can get back to our patrol and do some of that ‘serve and protect’ jus’ like you suggested.”
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Fri 21 Jan 2022
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Hellfire shook his head as Spriggan gave him a look. They may not have anything on him right now but there was no point in antagonising the law, he wouldn't put it past them to create something and toss him in the cage for the night. It wasn't like that hadn't happened to him before. Still upset about his drink being interrupted by the doomsayer his mouth was perhaps a little too loose. Damn breeder had him all worked up, although that may have also been the bullets flying past his head... Drek! He needed to chill, get away from these Knights and back to Kadie's but there was no way he was leaving without Spriggan.

He looked to Spriggan and gave a shrug as she sighed which caused her to wince at the movement. Hellfire looked to the two Knight Errant as they stared him down. He threw up his hands in denial, "No need to bother yerself boys. The lady just got clipped in a bar fight but troubles well passed now. Nothin' to worry about." He motioned for Spriggan to head into the clinic, being shot up and all there was no need to trouble her with whatever nonsense these boys were playing at.

"Gettin' 'er patched up and back to work." Hellfire leaned against his van, flicked out his cigarette case and offered one to the remaining Knight. "Rag then?" He was happy the breeder nicked off, perhaps the Ork would let it slide without the details.
Mr. Johnson
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Fri 21 Jan 2022
at 04:56
[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
”Glad you see it our way.” the orc cop replies, taking to offered smoke. ”Didn’t really feel like puttin’ in the extra hours for the paperwork.” he adds, obviously tired, probably because he’s pulling a double shift to bank the overtime so he can keep his ex-wife at bay and still feed his new girl’s kids.

He stares down the street blankly for a long moment as the chill October night gives way to some light rain. Blowing smoke, he asks ”Pretty girl. How’d she get clipped?”
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Fri 21 Jan 2022
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Hellfire took a drag of a smoke and blew the fumes through his nose, following the orcs eyes to look down the street before starting. "Pfft, now chummer have I got a tale for you." He was relieved the Knight wasn't pushing the point, they'd stopped the patrol to check him out so as far as Hellfire was concerned it was a 50/50 whether they were about to make his night a hell of a lot harder or just let it slide. Fortunately it seemed to be the latter.

"So I'm at my usual hole enjoying a drink and this breeder starts up screaming about the end of the world and we're all guilty sinners." Another slow drag; synthetic tobacco, sometimes he wondered why he bothered with the drek. Just something to keep his hands busy, if not a RCC or a wrench then a smoke or a whiskey were near as good. "Anyways, as you can imagine it didn't go down well with the clientel and as he was about to be out on his arse this fraggin' norm pulls a gun and starts sprayin' the place."

He nodded towards the clinic, "Poor thing was tendin' bar and had a bullet slice her arm open." Hellfire spits on the ground beside him and looks up to the Knight, "What the drek's the world comin' to? As if we don't 'ave enough fraggin' troubles we gotta deal with mad drek like that!"
Mr. Johnson
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Fri 21 Jan 2022
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[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
”The Alameda street preacher? Sad story about that poor fragger.” he says noticing your ‘trodes.  As he takes another drag, shielding his cigarette from the light rain, you see a line of titanium jacks across the back of his knuckles that almost match your own. ”So... you’ll appreciate this, one gear head to another. That addled old fella used to be one hot driver...”

The orc cop tells the street preacher’s tale. Was the old timer:

A street racer?
A smuggler?
A road pirate?

Pick one, I’ll fill in the blanks! It will be the hook for your night of Hallowe’en mayhem.

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Fri 21 Jan 2022
at 23:10
[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Hellfire relaxed, slightly, as the copper started his tale. He did cast one eye to the clinic, Spriggan may be a while yet so no harm in hearing about an ol' driver. He was thankful Tiny just stopped at a beating, if this went anywhere he may just want to have a yammer with the mad breeder. "A driver huh?"

Hellfire was all ears.

How can I pass up a road pirate.
Mr. Johnson
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Sat 22 Jan 2022
at 16:00
[October 2059] Hallowe'en Havoc
Avast me hearties... Treasure hunting ShadowRun style!

”That old scallywag was up to all kinds of no good back in his heyday. Some light smuggling and never shy about trying his hand in illegal racing but he had this road crew... and this car... damn...” there is a touch of admiration in the cop’s voice.

”Well, the Feds had them down as the most wanted group of road pirates in the whole state. Every cop in Cal Free was on the look out. But they just kept on prowling the highways between Big Sur and Bakersfield, snapping at them fat and slow automated haulers that come up from Aztlan. Turning tidy profits selling stolen goods in the blackmarkwts outside LA and up here in Alameda. I tangled with him once in my first year as a Knight. He drove this Jackrabbit, gas engine o’course, super tuned and bored out, real wiz little sleeper car”

Gesturing to the cop car sitting nearby he continues ”Shouldn’t have been possible, but that Patrol One didn’t have a chance. ‘Course that was back before was chromed” he adds with a shrug. ”I might be able to beat him today. I heard that he found the lord after a bad wreck in a run that went south. Never knew what happened to him exactly. They said the Rangers got close after the gang took a real big score that had, like I dunno, some kinda prototype Azzie medical whatsit that reverses aging. Sounds like drek to me, but they never sold off that score and that tricked little ‘rabbit is still out there somewhere too.”