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Mr. Johnson
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Wed 18 Mar 2020
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[December 2059] start_festivities... execute?
Millions of local grids, hosts, systems and jackpoints spread across the glittering virtual landscape of the NA/NOCAL grid each one a virtual universe unto itself, gleaming in the darkness.  Interconnected by a billion thin tendrils, the data trails from half a dozen RTGs crisscross at every angle.  Gossamer webs form as mega-pulses of data create a glowing spider's web of commerce, trade, villainy and vice.

Ordered data flows in and out of San Fransisco's SF RTG where access is technically open to all users, but inside the RTG passcode control is rigidly adhered to, even in the public hosts.  Over the twenty-five year occupation, the Japanese influences have overwhelmingly been applied to sculpting and rendering so that most public hosts appear as bucolic zen gardens, kabuki theaters or shinto shrines.  Towering over the multitude of smaller corporate hosts and scattered across individually numbered LTGs are the competing obsidian towers of Shiawase and Renraku, Fuchi's IC-filled black-star and Mitsuhama's deceptively peaceful looking pagoda.

Suspended on the RTG practically next door is the comforting disorder of the BAY RTG.  Dominated by the OKL LTG home to a myriad of small business hosts, community systems and matrix tech startups that interconnect through a disorganized mesh of private and public SANs.  The Ares gleaming silver fortress dominates the virtual landscape of Oakland-Alameda-San Jose.  Hosted on the LTG are glittering SANs that access Planet Dance and Atlantis where out of the box newly flashed up sariman personas are often seen crossing the SAN, out slumming in forbidden matrix clubs to escape the boredom of their wageslave meat suits.

For those who know where to look out there somewhere is a Shadowlands host that hides a SAN to the Nexus PLTG, but only those with the right connections and the right deck will be able to get past the IC.

Smaller and more traditional in appearance, the Berkeley based PU LTG of the People's University appears as an ivy league campus dotted with limestone buildings and tree lined walkways.  Notably, somewhere on that LTG is a SAN linking to MagicNet.

Gawdy and flashy, the neon globe of the gamerspace Planetlink PLTG hangs suspended in the black.  Data trails trace across the spheres glowing surface, as gamers link their personas to popular matrix games including The Crusades of Neil the Ork Barbarian, Virtual Denver, Nosferatu and Dawn of Atlantis.
Mr. Johnson
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Wed 18 Mar 2020
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[December 2059] start_festivities... execute?
Tonight The Miscreants are meeting for a raid on The Crusades of Neil the Ork Barbarian.  The PLTG is sharing the Christmas spirit, decorated will all manner of glowing neon baubles accompanied by a delicate snowfall and the sound of jingling sleigh bells.  NodeKiller and Anna Log have already logged into the Planetlink PLTG and are waiting in the player load lobby.   Both are wearing their fantasy gamer personas; NodeKiller a lean combat mage covered in glowing mystical tattoos while Anna Log is a generously endowed barbarian in revealing leather armor.

@Splinter: you are here... NodeKiller and Anna Log are the leaders of The Miscreants.  They have invited you to participate in the thrill raid on Planetlink's PLTG...

For the first 30-50 posts in this thread, we'll play out a prelude scene to establish a narrative and help develop Splinter's personality.  The questions and decision in the prelude are meant to fill out the chargen details, which will be reflected in your PocSec thread.  Don't stress about decisions and the impact on character stats that come up in prelude. At the end you get to veto anything on the character sheet and make changes to ensure the character is what you’re after.