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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Kord nodded in understanding at Grendel explained that this was his first paid contract. He'd helped a number of green soldiers in his time and Grendel seemed a lot more with it than many of them had been.

"Sure, I'll see you right," he said offering his hand to shake. "First thing is weapons. I ain't got the physicals you have so I need weapons." Even though he made himself sound small in comparison, Kord could clearly handle himself in hand to hand combat. He just lacked the size and build of Grendel. "You got a knife?" he continued while pulling wide either side of his new lined coat to show the weapons he was now carrying. "So I'm now carrying the SMG, a pistol and I've got a combat knife if things get real close. I've also got some heavier stuff in the limo in case all hell breaks loose. Doubt we'll need it but you never know. I reckon that you need to speak to Pearlman over there. Get yourself a blade of some kind you can keep under the coat and maybe something bigger that you can stash in the limo. Maybe a combat shotgun. That way you've got your sawn off and a knife for close work and the combat shotgun if it really kicks off. Sound like a plan? If it does then go tap Pearlman up and get him to add to Apogee's account."
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Hellfire took in his new look. I look fragging amazing. "I look like ass." He said out-loud. The fashion gurus even saw fit to give him a Chauffeur cap which currently sat atop his head flattening his mo-hawk. He slid on the glasses and turned to his compatriots. "So is anyone else concerned they are going to use the footage from these glasses to make some sort of behind-the-scenes Trid, or worse we become extras in some reality show. The real protection of pixie stars" he said, his voice tainted with irony.

Upon seeing the limo he let out a long whistle. Hellfire walked the length of the vehicle taking in it's entirety. "Oh man. Now that's what I am talking about." He slides into the drivers seat and begins to adjust all the features to his preferences.

Ok So I am going to shell out the 500 for the custom Tag. I will request it is either sub-dermal or looks like a piercing or expensive ring not a necklace. I would prefer something that can't be removed or easily seen, maybe a pill she can swallow?. I will also buy 3 of the 50 yen ones and some jank jewelry to hide them in. The intention is I want 1 or two easily found ones that a potential kidnapper will find easy, 1 that is harder to find and 1 that is impossible to find. My intention is to route all the glasses to the GPS signals so everyone will be able to ping the location. Can I get a little Jammer that can block scanners or would that interfere with the GPS? I will also buy a sub-vocal mic and hidden ear piece for every team member that needs it and an extra one for the asset so we can communicate two way with her.

does the limo have a rigger interface?

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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
@Kord: The company command post is slow with the night shift crew but one of the company decker’s, a woman named Angela, catches your eye and waves you over to her telcom terminal.  “I got a trace on that smartframe.  Chased it to an unregistered jackpoint out in the Dregs.  Whoever sent the trace had a burner phone slotted to the jackpoint.  A dead drop. I cracked the closest repeater tower and have the records on a hundred calls made within a few seconds of the smartframe leaving our system.  I can't push the trace any further right now, but I’ve put an SK onto sorting those calls.  Might take another day to find anything interesting.”

In the morning Angela is off-shift but you find this message on your PocSec:

:: LTG# 904 (62-9033) :: {Angel}
++Ran your scans.  Girl comes up squeakily clean.  All I found was album liner notes and fanspace nodes.  A couple of these fans don’t scan right.  Bordering on creepy lovesick infatuation.  Something you might wanna watch for.  Other details in the file.++
>>>This message includes a pin drop to Eastshore Manor (a boutique hotel in downtown Oakland - Emeryville)
>>>This message includes a 1Mp datafile.

>>>Begin file:
Flight... TC156A - BOS-OAK - arr 1345hrs 12/12/59
Hotel Booking... Eastshore Manor - Republican Suite
Sound/System Checks... Matchsticks - 1400hrs 13/12/59
Showtime... Matchsticks - 1930hs 13/12/59
Departure... TC159D – OAK-LAX – dep 1140hrs 14/12/59
>>>End file.

@Grendel: after your preparation of the walk in chiller and planning about how you could use it as a safe room: you Hold +1 for Rock and Roll at Matchsticks and hold +1 to Make it Rain for any team mate who is engaged in combat at Matchsticks.


Go Shopping
21:58, Today: Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Hellfire, rolled 6 using 2d6+1 ((2,3)).
Miss take +1 XP - you could Edge Bump this to a 7 for a weak success but the GPS and Jammer won’t arrive in time, so best to let it lie.

A quick trip to Discount Trid Hut yields almost everything you are looking for.  Without having to try very hard, you find the three RFID tags and can get freeware that links the signals to your PocSec.  Although the range is limited it will work pretty well in a pinch.  The transceivers are also easy to find and you pick up five without any fuss.  You find yourself a few nuyen lighter, but far better off for communications and surveillance.

RFID tags - 10¥ each: 30¥
Microtrancievers - 100¥  each: 500¥
PocSec updated...

...and yes, the limo is set up for rigger control

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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Grendel nodded. "Sounds good boss, I'll get on it." the Troll nodded, then turned to do just that.

Now Grendel did not want another shotgun, he was very fond of his sawed off, it was his Blooding gift, it was a tangible connection to his Clan. But he was also not about to disregard advice from a Mercenary Captain on how he should go about this. Kord had been kind enough to not just brush him off, and if Grendel was going to come out of this in one piece, he was going to take all the help he could get.

"Mr. Pearlman?" he approached the fixer when he seemed to have a moment. "Kord said I should load up with something heavier just in case. Could you get me a bandoleer with, well kind of a sampler of shotgun shells? A mix of useful stuff depending on what we come up against? And...you've heard of Krime right? The gun company. They make this model called the Boss...maybe you've seen the ads?"

Everybody had seen the ads.

KRIME bum bum bum bump BOSS bum bum bum bump. KRIME bum bum bum bump BOSS. It was like an epileptics night terror, or what you imagine "psychological reconditioning" would be like. Gut shaking bass, flashing lights, quick takes between an inked up troll cracking his knuckles and quarter second tag lines like "Frag'em up" and "Dominate" flickering on the screen, trid style goons flying backwards lit up by a muzzle flash the size of a big ass pumpkin.

Oh, it was insulting. Terribly racist, I mean, the company was called Krime, and they obviously marketed to big metahumans. That was their whole schtick, guns built for inhuman hands. But they were one of the only ones to do so, it was pretty much them or KriegFaust and they marketed to kids.

No, he was not about to trade his lovingly crafted side by side for a hunk of soulless black composite. But he was also not going to bet his life on two rounds of buckshot being enough for whatever they might come across.

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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
“Yeah, I know the one,” Pearlman replies with a chuckle. “In fact, there are probably half dozen of the damn things within spittin’ distance of us right now. Gangs ‘round this part of the ‘plex love ‘em. I’ll have one for ya tomorrow morning. Maybe tonight if my guy happens to be in this part of town.” He pauses a long moment, perhaps labouring over what comes next, but in the end, it seems like he can’t hold it back, like he would be lying to himself if he didn’t get it off his chest. “Listen kid, I’ll be right up front with you. I was sorry to see ‘Hawk go. He’s a stand up guy and I owe him a favor or three. He asked me to look out for you, and I aim to do just that.  You need anything you come to me first and if I can’t help ya out, then I’ll find someone who can. I’ll do you right, count on it.”

As he finishes his soykaf, he turns to walk off to his big Harley, calling back over his shoulder: “And it’s Pearlman kid, just Pearlman OK?  Growing up there never was no Mr Pearlman around and I don’t aim for that to cast a shadow over me. I’ll call you when I got that hardware.”

@All: I’ll bump the story forward to the airport pickup sometime tomorrow night...
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe

Once you are through the Uptown D-zone dregs, the limo drive down the 880 CTTR to the airport is comfortable and uneventful.  Security formalities offer a few tense moments as a dwarf rent-a-cop slots your SINs.  In the end, Pearlman’s forgeries come through and the guard offers you a tip of the hat and a “Pleasant afternoon Mr Drake...” as you drive on through to the VIP terminal.

On your PocSecs you receive a report that the Transcontinental Airlines suborbital has landed right on time at the commercial terminal.  Airport VIP arrivals has transferred Freya and her friends to the VIP lounge where she is probably already waiting for you.  You also find a trid crew, the profit creating shadows that Devlin promised, already set-up and ready to catch the arrival of Apogee’s new hotness.

Shortly, the synthcore revolutionary Freya emerges from the lounge.  Freya, a pixie of 19, maybe 20 years old, although admittedly it is difficult to gauge since none of you has ever met a pixie.  As expected, she is tiny, barely waist height on Acme, with dark wavy hair and piercing green eyes looking out though heavy eyeliner.  She sports a warm fur lined jacket against the winter chill worn over a miniskirt and a Green Abscesses crop top tee that reveals her bare midriff.  Her wings must be modestly folded beneath her coat.

Walking alongside her are a waif thin pair of ivory skinned humans.  Pale blond nordic twins.  A woman in a black PVC secondskin catsuit, a man in a hand knit vintage sweater and leather kilt.  These two must be the friends that form Freya’s modest entourage.

The trid crew immediately comes to life, a small camera drone taking to the air getting a wide angle overhead shot while the camera guys array themselves in front of Freya to record her arrival.
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
As the shuttle taxied at a languid pace down the runway, Grendel took a few slow deep breaths to try and slow down his heart rate. He did not even know why exactly he was so excited, the job itself was fairly straight forward, but it was all just so...new.

He had opted for a few loose braids to keep his hair away from his face, and his blue eyes followed the craft as he ran over some of the basics that he had committed to memory

Don't watch her, it's tempting, but that's not where the threats going to be

You are getting paid to put yourself bodily between her and whatever might hurt her. Get in there.

Get physical. Don't try to play nice, no polite requests. If they get too close, push them away. If they don't take the hint, handle your business.

Another breath out, long and slow.

The sawed off felt conspicuous, even after a dozen checks in the mirror the day before. He looked fine, it just felt bigger than it was.

That and he was still getting used to the glasses. It was amazing how people functioned with so much distraction right there, all the time. He had even done his best to turn off a lot of the noise before hand.

When he finally saw Freya, after his upteenth check looking around the terminal, he broke into a faint smile despite himself. She was cute, and there was a bit of wonder in her existing at all. There were pixies in the world again, and that was cool.

He quickly reapplied his "game face" and shifted with the others to go and greet her, letting Kord take the lead.

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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe


After checking his PocSec Kord smiled to himself and then sent a message back to Angel. With a bit of luck he was building himself a Decker he could call on when needed.

:: LTG# 904 (57-8019) :: {Kord}
++Thanks for the Intel. Appreciated. If you can get us floor plans for the Eastshore plus a feed from their security cams then that would be mondo! Also if you can do some background research on those couple of lovesick fans you turned up and check if any of them are local that would be crystal to know. Lastly, anything from your SK yet. Feels like that might be connected. ++

Kord then shared the information from Angel with his new team mates, though he was careful to remove her tag from it and sent it as a general info dump from GEI instead.

Subject: Freya
Accommodation: Eastshore Manor (boutique hotel in Emeryville, downtown Oakland) - floor plans & cams feed requested
Potential Threats: Lovesick fans who may be delusional and go to far
  • Flight... TC156A - BOS-OAK - arr 1345hrs 12/12/59
  • Hotel Booking... Eastshore Manor - Republican Suite
  • Sound/System Checks... Matchsticks - 1400hrs 13/12/59
  • Showtime... Matchsticks - 1930hs 13/12/59
  • Departure... TC159D – OAK-LAX – dep 1140hrs 14/12/59

Subject: Attempted Comms Intrusion
GEI are attempting to trace down an attempted intrusion into their comms system. Only link is that is occurred just prior to the initial meet at Matchsticks so it could be coincidental but GEI are continuing to investigate.


"Grendel," Kord said with a nod to the big Troll. "Once we start escorting her you stick with Freya. And don't forget to look big and scary for the cameras." He couldn't suppress the grin that broke out as he thought about the little and large show that was about to occur. From the size of her Grendel could put Freya in his pocket and hide her there if he wanted to. Well that was an exaggeration but she could surely hide under Grendel's longcoat.

With a nod to the others Kord then strode forward and offered his hand in greeting to the Pixie Freya, having dialled up the red glow of his smart goggles to the maximum as he did so.

"Hi there," he said by way of introduction. "We're your security team for the next few days." He started pointing out the team. "The Elf there is Acme, the other Ork is Hellfire, the Troll is Grendel and I'm Kord. If you bring your bags we've got a limo for you outside." They were her security not bellboys so he left it to Freya's two underfed companions to carry her bags for her.

He then turned and led them back out of the VIP lounge, ignoring the media crew and taking point as they headed for where the limo was parked.
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
With a nod to the others Kord then strode forward and offered his hand in greeting to the Pixie Freya, having dialled up the red glow of his smart goggles to the maximum as he did so.

"Hi there," he said by way of introduction. "We're your security team for the next few days." He started pointing out the team. "The Elf there is Acme, the other Ork is Hellfire, the Troll is Grendel and I'm Kord. If you bring your bags we've got a limo for you outside."

"Acme, Hellfire, Grendel..." she says in a beautiful sing song voice, almost like she is singing in harmony with herself.  "And Kord." her eyes settling on Kord as her diminutive hand accepts the handshake and is lost in the orc's massive mitt.  "Your crew looks real flash.  Way more professional than the crew Devlin set up for me back in Boston." turning so she won't be on camera and whispering conspiratorially so the trid crew won't pick it up; a fairly easy feat given her size and the bulk of both Kord and Grendel taking up their positions around her.

Will try to bump this thread to the drive to the hotel on Weds evening...
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Hellfire didn't quite blush as the little pixie made her appearance. He looked down at the floor not making eye contact. When his name came up he let out an indistinct "Hey" Introductions over he shifted gears into business mode and said "We got you some things to keep you safe.  If your friends can give us some space. We have security procedure to discuss. Won't take more then a tick."

Going to go over the GPS and how they work. Where to hide them also hand out the ear pieces and sub-vocal mics and connect them all to one closed circuit so everyone including the asset can talk. Her friends don't count so they get nothing. Also will stress NOT to tell her friends she has them. I TRUST NO ONE...except the team...Of course I trust the team.....mostly.

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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
“Thank-you, Hellfire,” Freya replies politely.  Even when simply speaking, her voice is a beautifully melodic quality.  It’s amazing. All the more so because she seems so tired.  A couple of folks from the VIP lounge busy themselves with the baggage while, conscious of the trid crew, she adds with a touch of rockstar bravado and a dazzling smile, “Let’s load up in this limo and rock this town.”

The trid crew seems happy that they’ve got some good footage of the rockstar and her newly formed entourage. With practiced efficiency they quickly pack up in a rented Landrover 2046 ready to follow you to the hotel in Emeryville.

Loaded up into the limo, Freya immediately retires to the back and flops into a comfortable couch while her friends get her a water and tune into the telecom.  You’re headed back out onto the highway working your way though Oakland D-zone dregs, in the shadow of the ‘plex where many metahumans, particularly trolls and orcs, deal with poverty and homelessness.  Many have been shipped over from Japan and dumped unceremoniously at the Oakland pier.  On the telecom, neighbourhood based updates tick by... Freya’s friends, who you learn are Aina and Aaro are surfing neighbourhood links and settle on a short video from The October 25 Alliance offering community outreach and vocational training; a hand-up not a hand-out.  There’s also a link to a short clip on the Metahuman People's Army... their spokesman seething with deep-seated and justifiable anger; offering more frustration and desperation and violence.

Despite her fatigue, Freya looks out the window as the downtrodden and forgotten of the ‘plex flash by. Sighing, she remarks with sadness, ”They are left to fend for themselves by an uncaring Imperial occupier and an incompetent puppet government... I hope Apogee stays independent, I would never play for corporate masters in Japan.”  Slumping back in her seat, it’s hard to tell if she is just pale or if she is overcome by some unhealthy pallor with a shimmering layer of sweat on her forehead...

...unfortunately there isn’t much time to contemplate just now.  About a klick and a half before your Emeryville off-ramp, Hellfire picks up about a dozen bikes behind the limo and closing the distance at top speed. It’s hard to tell with the limo’s crap sensor suite, but in the image provided by the rear facing camera array, when the bikes are about 250m out it looks like a go-gang... make that two go-gangs... and based on the fact that one of the bikes just burst into flame and fell to the pavement under a savage onslaught of automatic weapons fire, it doesn’t look like they are on very good terms with each other...

Behind the limo and closing fast are the black and green clad Razor Wires (the local orc chapter of Blindfish MC affiliated go-gangers) and the red clad Ronin (probably out in force and looking for trouble, they usually run the asphalt across the Bay, this human only go-gang is rumored to be affiliated with the Black Chrysanthemums yakuza clan).  You’re about to be caught in the crossfire in a go-gang running gun battle.
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
"Ah Drek." Hellfire spits in the cab. He switches his sub-vocal mic linked with the groups transponder frequency and keys it up, "We got company, Large group of drek heads decided to shoot each other without any regard for my pretty car. we got about 30 seconds before we in the thick. Look Lively."

He takes a second to check his jack in port and wire. Seeing all is ready to go, Hellfire waits for the others to get their game faces on before jacking in.

Where is everyone seated in the car? Is anyone sat in the front with Hellfire?
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Grendel noticed the distant crackling, and the odd Doppler effect the gunfire man as it echoed down the broad expanse of road. The nearer concussion of a bike exploding into flame was what made him sit up and really take notice as Hellfire filled them in.

"They after us?" Grendel asked as he looked from their driver out the back window, and sat up straight in order to better retrieve the sawed off shotgun from beneath his coat. His voice was an octave higher than usual, but he more or less kept it under control.

He was sitting directly adjacent to Freya, per the instructions he had been given, and quickly shifted over a little closer, not quite sure which angle to shield her from just yet.
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Kord had been sat in the front of the limo with Hellfire, as it gave the best view of the road ahead, but at the Rigger's warning he scrambled over the seats and into the rear compartment. It was a tight squeeze for an Ork but the urgency of the situation spurred him on.

"This thing got a sunroof that opens?" he called over his shoulder to Hellfire as he unzipped the holdall he had loaded onto the vehicle earlier on. Pulling an assault vest from it he slipped it over his new armoured coat and tightened the straps to secure it in place. He then pulled his rifle from the holdall as well, an AK-97 with an underslung grenade launcher, more appropriate to a military engagement and probably overkill for most body-guarding jobs but Kord was suddenly very happy that he'd brought it along. Clicking the folding stock into place he waited for a fraction of a second while the smartlink synchronised with his goggles. He then loaded a clip and a grenade into it but held off from cocking either weapon yet.

Prepared for just about anything a couple of Go-Gangs could throw at them, he glanced over to Hellfire for any further updates on what he could see.
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Tue 7 Apr 2020
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
The Ronin seem to be gaining the upper hand but the Razor Wires are tough tuskers and aren’t backing down despite another rider going down under withering SMG fire. The first riders are now 100m back and closing.  It’s still 1200m to your exit and there is no way to avoid the wave of heavy metal mayhem that is about to wash over you.  The trid crew Landrover just accelerated past you and cameras are out the window trying to get the best angle.  Fraggin’ vultures... at least they aren’t in the line of fire.

Limo has a moonroof that runs about a third of the length of the vehicle. Kord and Grendel could both fit up there but it will be tight. Rock and Roll will be glitched if two shooters try to use the roof.  You can also lean out one of the side windows but your arcs of fire will be limited to one side of the car.

@Kord the gang bikes are easily in range for Kord’s AR and grenade launcher.

@Grendel the bikes need to be spitting distance for Grendel’s sawed off to be effective (take -1 forward for Rock and Roll until they are in range). Still a troll brandishing a massive hand cannon does send a certain message, regardless of how effective the weapon might be.

@Hellfire Depending on how you want to play this, Hellfire can evade the crossfire (Stay Frosty) to protect this shiny new limo and the precious cargo inside, or he can manoeuvre the limo to help get Kord and Grendel better shots (Fuck it Up / Make it Rain) if the shooting starts... just give me an idea of which you are trying to do in tour post and I’ll roll accordingly.

@Acme if Acme remains absent I’ll take over and add in some mystical fireworks to keep the gangs honest.

Next posts, let me know if you shoot first or try to stare these guys down.  Also let me know if you are picking sides and targeting one gang over another.

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Wed 8 Apr 2020
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Grendel shifted his bulk around the limo interior to get closer to Freya and managed a fragile smile towards her. "I got you. Just keep your head down and we should be..." he paused and glanced out the back window as one of the bikes burst into flame and then collided with the sidewall before careening back out into traffic in a spray of plastic, metal and flame.

He looked back. "Should just take a minute." he assured he, and then posted up with her directly behind him as he tried to gauge what Hellfire was going to do. He worried the carved stock of his sawed off with one big thumb like a charm, his eyes fixed on the chaotic firefight/race behind them.
Mr. Johnson
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Sun 12 Apr 2020
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
“This limo is armoured, right?” Freya asks, looking up at Grendel while Kord and Hellfire whisper quietly; apparently concocting some kind of plan.

Aina and Aaro hunker down deeper into their leather seats, bracing for the coming storm...
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Tue 14 Apr 2020
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
<over mic><<Oh, don't worry about armor lady just buckle up and enjoy the ride, we are about to punch it. Kord, I am popping the sun roof for you, What say you pop off a few warning shots to make'em think twice about where they headed. Grendel once the asset is secure, Maybe give Kord some support. Let's show these Go-Gangers this kitty's got teeth.">>

After his impromptu speech he jacked in fully, He felt is consciousness slip into the machine and his world exploded in sensation. The air spread past his body moving far faster then he could in his meat bag. Sensors pinged the location of several objects in relation to himself. He could tell just where the gang was, the speed and relative distance between the groups. He mentally cut loose pushing the throttle to max. Another tingle entered his awareness. This mamajamma has internals. He sent his thoughts into words through the internal speakers of the limo. "Here we go!"

Ok I am picking the Stay Frosty option and taking off quick fast, Up to the others now.

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Tue 14 Apr 2020
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
<over mic><<"I was thinking of dropping a grenade amongst them to shred some tyres and slow them down. You reckon that that will work or just make them focus their anger on us?">>
Mr. Johnson
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Thu 16 Apr 2020
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Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Norino Sano was a 20 year old petty crook who went by the street name Zero.  He had been riding with the Ronin for under a month, although he had spent a year hanging around with some of the crew before they let him join the gang.  Today was a big day for him.  This violent thrill ride was his initiation.


Gritting his tusks, Kord pops up out of the limo’s moonroof.


Most of these Ronin kids had grown up in the suburban enclave of Orinida, both parents wage slaves who only stayed together only to save face in the corporate-community.  They never really seemed all that interested in raising a kid.  With a boring straight laced life between gaming PLTGs, company run schools and the corporate archology, more than a few of these kids, like Zero, were runaways.  Could you really blame him?  Rather than go to the corp’s technical college of choice and endure a boring future as a marketing analyst or research assistant or accounting associate, he had chosen a stolen Aurora and a gang of brothers and sisters in red leather.


Kord’s smartlink comes alive as he takes aim with his AK... adjusts the elevation just a touch...


Looking up from his handlebars with surprise, Zero keyed the subvocal mic that connected his helmet to the other Ronin.  <<“Nantekotta i... Another bunch of trogs in the limo up ahead.  Hey does that fraggin’ trog have a ... fragging hell!”>>


!!Bonp!! The grenade sails in a lazy arc, landing on the pavement and skidding toward the Ronin and...

Kord has the drop on the distracted Ronin.
Deal damage (9). Forceful.

...the blast catches one of the Ronin’s riders full-force, knocking the racing bike from under him and sending him crashing to the asphalt.

Wind racing over the glossy black hull, Hellfire pushes the engine to it’s limit, putting as much distance as he can between the limo, the crashed bike and the trigger happy gangs.  Racing toward the next exit...

Stay Frosty
19:27, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 7 using 2d6+1 ((1,5)).
Weak Success

...the limo lurches ahead not letting the bikes close the gap, but not opening up enough distance to prevent the Ronin from taking a few shots in retaliation...

Ronin (Troop, 6 go-gangers) deal damage (4 (SMG) + 5 (troop) = 9 / 2 (distance) = 5 – 1 (limo armor) = 4 ...)

...most of thier fire splashes harmlessly against the limo body, but a stray bullet comes through the rear window into the back seat where Grendel is using his considerable bulk to shield Freya (and consequently the rest of the limo occupants... he is 10 feet tall and 400lbs after all)...

Take a Bullet
19:37, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 11 using 2d6+1 ((5,5)).
Strong success

...the bullet smashes into Grendel’s armored coat harmlessly, although it will need a quick mend to repair that bullet hole.

@Kord – your grenade launcher is empty.

(1) You’re not making any friends among the Ronin, they are now focused on attacking you...
(2) ...the Razor Wires don’t seem to have decided what to do yet.
(3) You’ve still got 100m between you and the gangs...
(4) ...and your exit is (fortunately) coming up fast.

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Fight continues

 player, 62 posts
Sat 18 Apr 2020
at 17:51
Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
<<over internal speakers>"Bloody Drek, That doesn't tickle you know!" The part of his brain that subconsciously monitored autonomic function flared up as the bullets tore through the limo's hull. Thankfully the high end car had dampening systems that blunted the impulse to hellfire's brain, for now they were holding up.

He turned his thoughts to the sensors. Seeing that the go gangers did not get the hint, he sent his thoughts to diagnosing the limo itself. Only now wondering if the Limo has any defensive capabilities.
<<over internal speakers>"They didn't get the hint boys. Chckin'if there is anything I can do"

Never thought to ask if the limo has any weapon systems maybe an oil slick? spike trap? pop up ROCKET LAUNCHER?? lol
Mr. Johnson
 GM, 275 posts
Sat 18 Apr 2020
at 23:30
Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
In reply to Hellfire (msg # 82):

No such luck. Aside from the rigger controls, this limo is pretty much stock.
Mr. Johnson
 GM, 282 posts
Mon 20 Apr 2020
at 22:17
Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Hoping to push the next combat round forward on Weds evening. Unless I hear otherwise I’ll resolve the action as follows:

Acme: Cast a Spell
Grendel: Take a Bullet
Hellfire: Stay Frosty
Kord: Rock and Roll

 player, 68 posts
Thu 23 Apr 2020
at 21:12
Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Kord didn't know either of the two gangs so had consequently sided with the metahumans. That had probably been the right decision but now they had half a dozen angry bikers intent on shooting at them. Probably the right decision......

Replying over his mike, Kord wasn't able to give much advice to Hellfire. "Distance works for us as they've got SMGs but they're faster than us and more maneuverable as well so they've got the edge. That's unless you want to pull some Crazy Ivan like stunt and use the limo as a battering ram. They're gonna come off worse from that!" They weight of the limo would make scrap out of the go-gang's bikes if they came together, though it would rather scratch the paintwork or worse.

Pulling the stock of his rifle in tight to his shoulder the opened up with short bursts, picking the lead Ronin and targeting him till he went down. Once his first target had ceased to be a threat, Kord then moved onto the next one, working systematically through them all. Thinning the opposition numbers, that was the key at the moment, particularly when they had more guns than you did. With a bit of luck as their numbers started to diminish they would realise that they were out of their depth and give up on their pursuit.

Kord - Rock and Roll with his AK-97 at the lead Ronin and then moving onto the next closest if he can continue firing
Mr. Johnson
 GM, 291 posts
Fri 24 Apr 2020
at 00:54
Re: [December 2059] Mayhem and Mistletoe
Opening the throttle to it's fullest...

Stay Frosty
20:08, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 4 using 2d6+1 ((1,2)).
Miss @Hellfire: take +1 XP

...Hellfire can't urge any more out of the limo and the gang's bikes close the distance putting them in easy range for their submachine guns...

Ronin deal damage: (Troop, 6 go-gangers) deal damage (4 (SMG) + 5 (troop) = 9.  Half damage to limo = 5 – 1 (limo armor) = 4 ... remaining 4 damage split between PCs who take damage this round...)

...bullets stitch pocmarks across the armor overwhelming the dampers causing electric fire to erupt in Hellfire's brain... take 1 damage

...snapping well aimed shots off at the Ronin, Kord's AK barks sharply...

Rock and Roll
20:26, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 7 using 2d6+1 ((5,1)).
Weak success deal damage (AK-97 5)

...striking the lead rider.  The gang's fire splashes across the limo roof and hits Kord's armor, but fortunately he is unhurt...

...the strains of Acme's songs can be heard over the roaring engine and sporadic fire from Kord's rifle...

Cast a Spell
20:11, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 7 using 2d6+1 ((4,2)).
Weak success, Glue Slick

...the lead bike comes to a sudden stop, throwing it's rider over the handlebars, it's tire caught in a pool of sticky green slime that has materialized underneath the unsuspecting Ronin.  Acme's eyes glaze over as a wave of fatigue hits him take 1 stun

...with the bikes now in range, Grendel's sawed off booms through the shattered rear window...

Rock and Roll
20:33, Today: Mr. Johnson rolled 9 using 2d6+2 ((1,6)).
Weak success, deal damage (Winchester 5)

...spraying another rider with buckshot, causing his bike to wobble dangerously.  The rider brakes hard to keep the bike upright getting off an unsteady shot that peppers the limo and sprays Grendel but leaves him unharmed...

Under the onslaught, the gang's resolve wavers and breaks.  With three successive lead riders flipped by magic, greased by armor piercing fire and left picking buckshot out of there leathers, the gang slows to a stop.

Beside the limo, the Razor Wires ride by whooping a war cry in victory.  A shared victory, but a victory nevertheless.  The leader gives you a thumbs up as his Scorpion roars past and the rider in the trail position fires off a friendly salute from the saddle of his massive Trollhammer trike.

(1) You've won the firefight and aren't too badly hurt all things considered...
(2) ...the Razor Wires certainly seem to appreciate the helping hand.
(3) With the Ronin left eating your dust, you're off the highway into the d-zone dregs...
(4) ...but the smoking limo is likely to attract a bit of attention (Security Tally +1).

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[X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
[X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] - broken up, discouraged...

Put one in the win column +1XP all around...

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