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Campaign info (read me first)
This living world campaign is set on the peculiar world of Cularin, it will start about one year after the events of The Phantom Menace and it follows in general the Living Force Campaign Guide by Robert Wiese and Andy Collins. The ruleset of choice is Star Wars Saga Edition and the character creation will follow in general the one used for Dawn of Defiance official campaign.

The overall campaign will be run in a number of relatively short adventures (typically for 4-6 players) and there may be more adventures running in parallel at the same time. One player may have multiple characters participating at the very same time to different adventures. More GMs may be as well involved in this living world and typically each GM will be responsible for specific adventures (no casual GMing here and there across different adventures with multiple GMs changing over during the same adventure).
After a player joins the campaign and gets one or more characters created, each character will have to request to join each single adventure when the adventure will be opened to the characters.

Please note that I am very open to tranferring characters from other Star Wars Saga Edition games and even from other Star Wars games, once we figure out together the best way to convert the Character Sheet.

Welcome to Cularin system!
Cularin is a system in the Expansion Region of the Galaxy, close to the Corellian Run Trade Route and it possesses a variety of resources that attracts the interest of sentient beings across the galaxy. Gravitic anomalies and gravity shadows make hyperspace travel to Cularin expensive and time-consuming, giving the system a sense of remoteness while still being in the midst of galactic activities.
Tibanna and irolunn gas, rare woods, ch'hala trees and various crystals are all valuable commodities here. The Republic Government, the Metatheran Trading Cartel, the so-called Smugglers' Confederation and many honest (and dishonest) merchants flock to the system like mynocks to a ship's hull. In their wake come explorers, bounty hunters, fringers hoping to make their fortunes, gamblers, exiled politicians from other systems - everything the galaxy has to offer. The system's main planet, Cularin, serves as a base for many of these interests, as well as a home to the system's native sentient species, the Tarasin. Genarius, a planetary gas giant, harbors huge floating cities that mine gas, manufacture technology, offer gambling and entice with other entertainment. The asteroid beld hides smugglers, pirates, rogue Jedi and even a few honest beings that just want privacy. Even the moons hold life, supporting many commercial operations. Unfortunately, with ten million beings living on the system's three main planets and seven moons, evil finds plenty of places to hide.
The Force is strong here, as the ancient Sith knew well. A half-buried forterss on the desert side of Almas stands as a mute testment to their interest to the system over a thousand years ago. The Tarasin have a natural ability with the Force that Jedi only begun to understand. One of the moons provides excellent crystals for lightsabers - the crystals have drawn Jedi here for decades. The natural strength of the Force is the reason why Nerra Ziveri cam here to build a new Jedi academy. That, and the need to keep a watchful eye on the Sith fortress.

Players commitment
If you want to participate to this campaign, we need two specific commitments when you request to join:
1) Do follow the post rate indicated in each specific adventure that you will join. There may be faster or slower games available. If you have occasional issues with posting, we expect you to give notice of it to the GM. We do understand that unexpected issues can sometimes happen, but if you can't keep up with the agreed pace the GM will not wait for your posts and in the short term will freely manage your character in order to avoid breaking the flow of the adventure. If over ten days pass without notice, the character will be removed from the adventure. This will probably impact your ability as a player to join other adventures in the future.
2) In order to participate to this game you need to commit that, when you join an adventure, you will play it until its end. We are talking about one off adventures and they won't take years to finish, but rather weeks or months at most. Longer adventures will have a specific note about this.
If you want to leave the game, you can do it only at the end of the adventure(s) that you are currently playing.

What do you need to play?
This is a Star Wars SAGA Edition game and you need to have full access to the Revised Core Rulebook (including associated errata: Note that this website can be a good memory jogger.
Star Wars Living Force Campaign Guide is nice to have for its background information, but more than adequate information is provided in the game wiki.
All and only information considered canon for this game is either in Star Wars SAGA Edition rulebook or in this game wiki (that is basically a summary of Star Wars Living Force Campaign Guide).
Nothing else should be required to play this game. Occasionally an object or some similar minor detail from other Star Wars Saga Edition sourcebooks may be accepted by the GM (do not forget to ask this permission, please), but in general expect additions from other sources to be rejected as it wouldn't be fair for the other players that don't have access to them and because we absolutely think that in the Revised Core Rulebook there is more than enough to have fun together.
Whatever other Star Wars knowledge or information that you may have from other sources is not canon in this game and may or may not be true in game... maybe it's just a legend and anyway your character doesn't know it.

Character creation
Character creation follows the rules presented in the core Star Wars Saga Edition rulebook, except where noted below. Characters begin play at 1st level when they start their first adventure, unless they are transferred from another game in agreement with the GM.

Ability Scores
Instead of rolling your ability scores, Living Force: Cularin uses the planned generation method as described on page 18, except you build a character with 28 points (24 for droids). Each ability score starts at 8. Use the chart below as a guide to determine how many points a specific ability score costs.

Ability ScorePoint Cost

Choosing a Species
You may choose any species in the core rulebook, with the exception of Ewoks, which are not available for play at this point of Star Wars history as they still live exclusively on their native planet and never travelled anywhere else. Tarasins are an acceptable, local species of Cularin as well (see Tarasin character creation below, while an introduction to this species can be found in the game wiki).
While Tarasins are the native sentient species, in time a bit all other sentient species of the galaxy immigrated to the Cularin system as well.

Droid Characters
Playing a droid hero is allowed in this campaign, using Option 1: Playing a Custom Droid presented on page 186 of the core rulebook. You cannot play a standard droid model in the campaign.

Heroic Classes and Class Features
All heroic classes in the core rulebook are available for play. As you level up, you may choose multi-classing, but Jedi need to get permission to multi-class from their superiors (as usual impersonated by the GMs) or be expelled from Almas Academy and in history nobody ever got this permission, as far as people know. Nobody was known to ask for permission to multi-class as well, either.
In case you are interested in it, Tech specialist web enhancement is available as well.
While walking the balance between darkness and light might be an interesting character concept, the Living Force campaign does not abide characters that fall completely to the dark side. The following character options are in fact not available:
• Sith Apprentice
• Sith Master

Nowadays almost all sentient beings in the Cularin system can speak and understand Basic, although the only native language of Cularin is Tarasinese and the other traditional Tarasin communication system is Tarasin Skintone Communication (see Tarasin character creation notes below and game wiki about Tarasin).

All equipment with a military or illegal rating is unavailable for purchase at character creation, with the following exceptions: heavy blaster pistol and hold-out blaster pistol. You must pay the additional license fee for any available equipment that has a restriction rating (see page 118 of the core rulebook). At 1st level, you need not make any skill checks to obtain an available item with a restriction rating; simply pay the additional license fee and the item is all yours.
Lightsabers can be acquired in play or as a class choice. They can not be purchased. Double lightsabers are NOT available as a class choice and can be only acquired.

During the campaign, you may find equipment that has a restriction rating. If you want to keep the piece of equipment, make a notation of (unlicensed) after the item’s name. Be advised though – carrying items that are unlicensed may get you into trouble with the Empire.
You may also attempt to purchase licensed or restricted equipment (plus hold-out blaster pistols and heavy blaster pistols) after you begin the campaign by using the rules on page 118 of the core rulebook (either through legal means or the black market). Black market items you obtain are considered legit for purposes of Imperial scrutiny (they’re not treated like unlicensed equipment you find).

Vehicles in this campaign use the same purchasing rules as other equipment. All military and illegal vehicles are unavailable for purchase, as well as the droid starfighter and droid tri-fighter.

When you create your character, you may choose a destiny from the following list presented under Sample Destinies on page 113 of the core rulebook: destruction, discovery, or rescue. No other destinies are available.
The rules under Death and Destiny on page 115 of the core rulebook are used in this campaign, with one exception. If characters become Force Spirits, they get uniquely tied to one other Force-sensitive character at the table.

The Force
The Force rules present in the core rulebook are used, with the following exceptions:
1) You may not reduce your Dark Side Score in any manner, thus increases of the Dark Side Score are permanent
2) If your character falls to the dark side, the character becomes immediately and automatically a NPC under the GM control

Levelling up
If/when your character levels up, then follow the rules under Advancing a Level on page 55 of the core rulebook. When characters level, they gain hit points equal to the amount shown on the chart below.

Character ClassHit Points after 1st Level
Noble, scoundrel4+Constitution modifier
Scout5+Constitution modifier
Jedi, soldier7+Constitution modifier

Each adventure will be presented at the bottom of this thread with its associated dates and most of them will keep the characters busy, one way or another, for a month. Outside these times, characters will be able to work, train, heal, do research, meditate, etc. In particular, levelling up will require one "free" month of exercises and/or meditation without adventuring, but other activities may take their time "out of the limelight" too.

Each adventure will occupy a 30 standard days time slot (by default, unless explicitly communicated otherwise) and a year in Cularin is made of 300 standard days (i.e. there are 10 months in a Cularin year and the first month is associated to the beginning of the good season in the temperate zone of the planet). These 30 days will not necessarily be all chocked full of adventures from the beginning to the end, but they will also include transport times, rest, keep fit, cures, etc.

Credits... hem... money!
Characters begin play with maximum credits at 1st level (that is the money they have when starting their very first game) and in their background they need to include a job or an occupation, that will probably change various times during the campaign, pending discussion with the GM.
Take a good note of your initial credits, as that figure is linked to your initial job as well: they are your (unheroic) lifetime savings and represent one (Cularin) year of your salary!
During your time "out of the limelight", you will receive every month one tenth of your initial credits (or whatever is your monthly salary when you will move on to new jobs) and you will use three quarters of that figure for your upkeep (food, accomodation, utilities, transport, etc.)

There is no point to turn this campaign into an accountancy exercise, as it would be against the cinematic spirit of Star Wars, so, to keep things easy and streamlined, every time one month passes in game, you calculate your monthly salary by dividing your yearly salary by ten, then you calculate your monthly savigs by dividing your monthly salary by four (and add that figure to your current credits before starting your next game). The rest of money is assumed to have been spent for your upkeep out of the limelight.

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Tarasin Species Traits
+2 Intelligence, -2 Strength
Medium size
Base speed 6 squares
+4 bonus to Fort defence against heat
Can reroll Stealth checks
Gain Skill Focus (Use The Force) if trained in that skill
-2 Deception
-2 Will Defence
Silent Communication

Please note that Silent Communication is a telepathic power or similar, but it is done through subtle, voluntary changes of skin color and patterns, so this kind of communication requires decent light and visual contact.

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Adventures status

A Cularin Presence Group 1, status: over!
The Metatheran Cartel has maintained its presence in the Cularin system for years, but recently their presence has become more... defined. Shipments have gone missing from several non-Cartel trading houses, and rumors point to some kind of conspiracy that threatens the well being of of the system and all her inhabitants. Are the citizens of Cularin ready to become the heroes they must be, to survive?

An adventure for beginning Living Force characters.
Posting rate: minimum one post a day
Characters involved: Daxx Thorne, Koran, Vekmut, Navin Rendor, Ta'Rev, kivan cozuhl
GM involved: The Force
In game dates: year: 201 A.A. month: 1

* * *

The Price of Business Group A, status: over!
Just another day at the floating city of Tolea Biqua. Rodians. Blood Raptors. Tunnel racing on Eskaron.

A stand alone adventure for Living Force heroes of level 1-6.
Posting rate: minimum three posts a week
Characters involved: Jacen Arrick, Zerk, Dov Tzi'Fael, Pier Nub, Kara Starbloom, Asha Sarnova
GM involved: Cosmic
In game dates: year: 201 A.A. month: 1

* * *

Head in the Clouds Group 7, status: over!
A scientist goes on vacation to the resort of Rorkee, and doesn't return. Was it a simple accident, or something more? It seems someone wants to find out, and, if possible, bring the scientist (or at least her body) back.

An adventure for Living Force heroes of level 1-4.
Posting rate: thrice a week (indicatively Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays)
Characters involved: Siri Escalus, W-A04, Kaal Vang, Murr, Kara Svitz, Drarfful, Scoldufin, Jorad Taron
GM involved: The Force
In game dates:  year: 201 A.A. month: 2

* * *

The Resistance within Group 2, status: over!
With the presence of the Metatheran Cartel established on Cularin, things continued to change in the rainforest world, and not for the better. People have been disappearing - not showing up for work, not coming home in the evening - and runors abound. Since the heroes proved themselves by uncovering the Cartel's presence, maybe they can discover what is happening in the jungles outside Gadrin.

An adventure for low-level Living Force characters, at least one of them must have partecipated to A Cularin presence.
Posting rate: minimum three posts a week (indicatively, Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Characters involved: kivan cozuhl, Monnda Keeg, Kayden Ward and Ta'Rev
GM involved: The Force
In game dates: year: 201 A.A. month: 3

* * *

Revelation and Refutation Group 3, status: over!
Things grow steadily worse on Cularin as Metatheran Cartel's heavy hand settles atop the locals. All smiles and promises, the Cartel seems to believe they are indestructible, that they have Cularin firmly in their grasp. Do you have what it takes to save Cularin from the offworld threat of the Cartel?

An adventure for low to mid level Living Force characters. Preferrably, at least some of them partecipated to A Cularin Presence and/or The Resistance within.
Posting rate: at least thrice per week, indicatively on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Characters involved: Drassk Kimsakt, Koran, B8-T1, Marrik Do'Faray, Aeriun Vithar, Ana, Zerk
GM involved: The Force
In game dates: year: 201 A.A. month: 4

* * *

TopWorld Group 4, status: over!
Something is very, very wrong in the Asteroid Belt where Nirama and his smugglers make their base, and it's not something Nirama trusts his own people to sort out. Are you up to the challenge?

An adventure for Living Force heroes of level 1-6.
Posting rate: minimum three posts a week
Characters numbers required: 4 to 6
Characters involved: kivan cozuhl, Monnda Keeg, Yarua, Rashu Lassa
GM involved: Cosmic
In game dates: year: 201 A.A. month: 4

* * *

Coruscani Dawn Group B, status: over!
An ancient artifact of the Sith has been uncovered beneath the wastelands of Almas and it needs to get to Coruscant now. A veritable fleet of ships has been organised for the mission, and the heroes of Cularin have quite a journey ahead of them. Coruscant awaits!

An adventure for Living Force heroes levels 1-9.
Posting rate: at least 5 posts per week
Characters numbers required: 4 to 6
Characters involved: Zerk, K8-E, Oberan Bata, Temmo Dorn, Scoldufin, Hyren Rothana
GM involved: The Force
In game dates: year: 201 A.A. month: 5

* * *

The Kaluthin Are Always Greener... Group C, status: over
Something is rotten on the planet Almas. The home of the Jedi Academy has always been a place of mysterious happenings; however, the current problem could affect the very existence of the world and dramatically change the balance of power and justice in the system...

Play before "Desert Cries" and "A Dark Fortress".
An adventure for Living Force heroes levels 1-9.
Posting rate: three a week
Characters numbers required: 2 to 6
Characters involved: Dromo Bremack, Klepto, Zerk, Pier Nub, Rashu Lassu
GM involved: Cosmic
In game dates:  year: 201 A.A. month: 6

* * *

Desert Cries Group D, status: over
In the place where Kibh Jeen fell victim to the dark side, others have begun to be lost as well. It seems that the problem with the kaluthin on Almas was only the beginning.

It is strongly recommended that this be played after The Kaluthin Are Always Greener and before A Dark Fortress.
An adventure for Living Force heroes levels 1-9.
Posting rate: three a week
Characters numbers required: 2 to 6
Characters involved: Dromo Bremack, Klepto, Zerk, Pier Nub
GM involved: Cosmic
In game dates:  year: 201 A.A. month: 7

* * *


A Dark Fortress Group E, status: open for applications
The search for a lost Palawan takes the Heroes of Cularin to places they have never seen - nor ever hoped to see

It is strongly recommended that you play this adventure after playing "The Kaluthin are always greener" and "Desert Cries".
An adventure for Living Force heroes levels 1-9.
Posting rate: five a week
Characters numbers required: 4 to 6
Characters involved: Zerk, Fengar, Seon Oonb, Tren Tacema, Kar'Li Ro, 2-1BZ
GM involved: The Force
In game dates: year: 201 A.A. month: 8

* * *

Please note that new adventures may be proposed depending on how the games develop and on characters' actions.
Do NOT think that the adventures below are the only adventures available (there are hundreds, catering for all tastes and levels), some connected in story arcs, some other stand alone. These are just the ones that seem more logic and suitable at this moment in time, so feel free to approach the GM if you are thinking about some specific kind of challenge.
By default each adventure is for four to six adventurers, but occasionally there may be exceptions. If you are looking for a solo game, for example, or for some other kind of game that is not below, you can try and ask for it. Maybe you will be lucky!

MidWorld Group 5, status: not open for applications yet
The trouble among the smugglers has not disappeared, and in fact, recent reports indicate that internal conflict may be growing. Once again, Nirama summons the heroes of Cularin to further infiltrate the ranks of his opposition, the Cell.

An adventure for low-level Living Force heroes. To be played after TopWorld adventure is completed in the campaign timeline (done in this continuity).
Posting rate: TBC
Characters numbers required: 4 to 6
Characters involved: TBC
GM involved: TBC
In game dates: TBC

* * *

Clouded Paths Group 8, status: not open for applications yet
Fesvk Wefos is again having employee problems. This time, he has lost one in Depatar, also known as the City of Masks. Are the heroes up for another rescue mission, and a chance to explore one of the largest black markets in existence?

An adventure for level 1-6 Living Force characters. Better if at least some of them participated to Head in the Clouds, but it is not absolutely necessary.
Posting rate: TBC
Characters numbers required: 4 to 6
Characters involved: TBC
GM involved: TBC
In game dates: TBC

* * *

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