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Blackmoor Living World published adventures
Inspired by the adventures played as part of this campaign and in collaboration with Chimerae Hobby Group, there is a series of Blackmoor Living World amateur publications that will be never run as part of this campaign, but are offered to you to run or play with your friends outside this campaign.
This is a tribute to the many good players that have played or are playing in the Blackmoor Living World and to Dave Arneson, the father of Blackmoor (...and much more).

Campaign Guide:

Novice adventures
The Shard of Anathema:
The Egg of Hawk:
Fredigar's Hope:

Low experience adventures
Red Ice on the Black Sea:
Lair of the Frogs:
The Tomb of Ajax:
The Bone Pit:

Mid-experience adventures
The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle:

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Blackmoor Living World published adventures
Fredigar's Hope added to the list!