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18:07, 16th June 2024 (GMT+0)

A question about 'reactions'

Posted by Ostof
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Mon 1 Apr 2024
at 16:21
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A question about 'reactions'

I have no idea if this would be viable or not, but I frequently find myself wanting to acknowledge I've read an OOC post, or indicate I agree with an opinion, neither of which require a full "reply" or post.

Has the addition of "reactions"  -  thumbs, smiles, etc  -  ever been discussed, or is even remotely feasible?  Some switch the GM could turn on or off for particular threads, as I feel it wouldn't be as appropriate for IC/RP posts, but could be useful for most other discussions.

If this belongs in another, better channel, feel free to punt it over there  -  if it has any legs at all.  :-)
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Mon 1 Apr 2024
at 16:47
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A question about 'reactions'

Putting 'good point' or 'I agree' would be a suitable and more human/friendly way to achieve this within the minimum character limit - you could keep a stock of such reactions in your ScratchPad to copy-paste for minimum typing, too. If you interact directly with other players and contribute to whatever they're on about in the OOC you're likely to build a better rapport with them as well, and potentially make friends who'll bring you to more games you like.
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Mon 1 Apr 2024
at 16:51
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A question about 'reactions'

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Mon 1 Apr 2024
at 17:52
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A question about 'reactions'

I believe at some point there was discussion regarding the feature some other sites have which allow you to acknowledge someone's post, à la, Upvoting, etc.

That was pretty much a non-starter, though I don't recall the exact reasons listed by the mods.
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Mon 1 Apr 2024
at 18:42
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A question about 'reactions'

I believe there have been conversations in the past that much like how RPoL will never have a blacklist function, upvoting and downvoting and the like won't be put in either.

Honestly, for a site based around the joys of the written word, adding in emoticon smilies, thumbs' ups, etc. in place of actual posted responses feels a bit like a slap in the face.
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Boundary observant,
proponent of common sense
Tue 2 Apr 2024
at 02:35
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A question about 'reactions'

In reply to SunRuanEr (msg # 5):

I see your point, and agree.

I was focusing more on the "in game" OOC conversations, where the players are coordinating some aspect of the story, and a question or proposal is put forth, or a comment, that requires only acknowledgment.

Not for the Forums at large, in any case.

But, as it *has* been discussed in the past, and a decision has been made  -  with thought and consideration  -  then my query has been answered, and your first sentence contained all the information I was looking for.
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Tue 2 Apr 2024
at 05:50
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A question about 'reactions'

In reply to AugustusGloop (msg # 3):

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More to the point though, I agree that it seems that simply saying 'Acknowledged' or 'Agreed' would not be much more difficult than a thumbs up even so. It also seems less confusing than an emoji or thumbs up response.
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