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Dice roll information.

Posted by Jhaelin
member, 46 posts
Fri 22 Dec 2023
at 14:03
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Dice roll information

This question may be answered somewhere, but I cant find it.

As a GM what information or use does the information tagged to the end of a dice roll represent? How does a GM use it?  If it is not used, why is it shown?

For example, [roll=1703166901.91015.374660]

This is shown on the new site.
subscriber, 791 posts
Fri 22 Dec 2023
at 14:14
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Dice roll information

That's a piece of RUBB code automatically generated that, when copied and pasted into a post in the game, will show up as the results of the roll with a tap/mouseover pop-up with the details of the roll.

It's not backwards compatible with the old site so I've never used the feature, but I imagine it may gain more popularity once the user base is no longer split between two site versions.
member, 47 posts
Fri 22 Dec 2023
at 20:19
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Dice roll information

Interesting. Thanks for the info.
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