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17:22, 16th June 2024 (GMT+0)

is this a place active  rp or not as active.

Posted by Macaria
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Fri 3 Nov 2023
at 02:41
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is this a place active  rp or not as active

hey hey, im new here and just want to figure out how this place works and if rp is a thing on here
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Fri 3 Nov 2023
at 02:51
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is this a place active  rp or not as active

Its  all RP..there might be some arena games where there is  just dice rolling, but  99% is RP of some type
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Fri 3 Nov 2023
at 03:12
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is this a place active  rp or not as active

If you're looking to join a given system you can look in the forum - Looking for Players (That's where GMs post their games). If you want something customized, you post in Looking for GM.

You can search the active games. But honestly, this place is pretty active and caters to a lot of systems, including free-form.
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Fri 3 Nov 2023
at 03:38
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is this a place active  rp or not as active

as Drew  mentioned. On the main page   is a customizable search  engine that you can lock in  genres and see how active games can also search for   GMs  if you know the name...  I just use  Genres  myself,
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Fri 3 Nov 2023
at 06:15
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is this a place active  rp or not as active

Here the layout compared to other sites is really good, not like a sea of threads, it's all contained within games, I have considered Other sites, but compared to Rpol I just look at them an blink not knowing where to start, at least here you found where to ask.

1st Head over to players Wanted forum, which should be on your quick list of Rpol forums, if it's not there's a link  that says search other forums.. From there you seem games advertised weekly with bumps so at least you know they're active games. Even so once you find a game Advert you like the look of, personally the first thing I do is check the cast list inside the game an double check how active the cast list is, so you don't end up joining a game that's on it's last posts.

From there, check rules, sometimes you find deal breakers in there for you, every GM is different, most are amazing. Then check the Game info an RTJ an your good to go. (that's just me, I am not a fan of heavily guided Freeform, nothing wrong with it, just doesn't suit me)

From there you look in the top right for the REQUEST ACCESS link.
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Sat 4 Nov 2023
at 01:13
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is this a place active  rp or not as active

Welcome to RpoL, one of the best PbP websites around.

With a friendly community and loads of games to participate in of all kinds of systems, thou should never be bored.

It's always best to check out the FAQs on this site, located directly in the upper right hand corner if you have specific questions about specific things on this site. The Help option also works in some favor.

On the Main Menu, it's always best to check out the Wanted - Players thread to see if any games spark your interest. From what I've noticed, there are tons of games from free-form to Sandbox to Pathfinder to D&D5e gaming systems. I’m sure you’ll find something that sparks your interest.

Or perhaps you have a game idea and don’t want to run it and want to look for a GM? Then you’ll want to head to Wanted - GMs; perhaps you’ll want to GM someone else’s idea.

Wanna join idle conversation? The Community Chat thread from the main menu is the best place to engage in interesting conversations from the community.

We as a whole are always willing to help out to newly registered users so don't be afraid to reach out.

You'll find your calling soon on this site.

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Tue 7 Nov 2023
at 19:49
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is this a place active  rp or not as active

This place is very active.  Some games are more active than others.m  There are loads of system games as well as creative writing Freeform games.  Follow the good advice above!  Happy Gaming!
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