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RPOL color themes.

Posted by shinanai
member, 202 posts
Mon 23 Oct 2023
at 20:42
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RPOL color themes

Sorry if this has been posted before, I kinda tried to search for it... alas...

Does anyone have a nice dark theme setup, similar to Discord perhaps? Most of the standard dark themes hurt my eyes when it comes to colour tags. Or rather... some colour tags are really painful on the eye or difficult to see when using some of the dark theme, but any of the bright themes like the light blue one is just plain too bright. Especially in the evening.

If someone has figured out a really good dark theme, mind sharing it with me? I would be forever grateful! <3
member, 214 posts
Mon 23 Oct 2023
at 22:06
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RPOL color themes

Mine's a custom brown, black and gold one which has always done good things for me.

Background image is dark-brown.jpg, fixed.
Theme is generally dark

Basically, you're looking at a couple of colours:


Button Background (gradient), hover start
Button Background (gradient), hover end
Button Background Plain hover


Button Background (gradient), start
Button Background (gradient), end
Button Background Plain


Button Text
Footer link border, hover
Header link border, hover
Horizontal Line
Message Border
Message Border Alternative


Button Text Hover
Links Hover


Footer Background
Footer Background hover
Header Backgroud
Header Link Background, Hover
Message Background
Message Background alterative


Form Background


Message table header background


subscriber, 240 posts
Tue 24 Oct 2023
at 10:32
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RPOL color themes

I use a dark background as well, I find it to be easier on the eyes.  It works well with most of the font colors (except dark blue).
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