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18:13, 16th June 2024 (GMT+0)

"Stealing" a game name.

Posted by Traveling Gamer
Traveling Gamer
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Sat 16 Sep 2023
at 10:09
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"Stealing" a game name

I'm not really sure where to put this. Please move, if necessary.

Is there a length of time before a game is considered "dead" enough to request claiming a title? (I have reached out to the GM of the game in question, but I'm curious about what the general RPOL policy is if, for example, the GM doesn't respond/ is uninterested in deleting the game for whatever reason.)
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Sat 16 Sep 2023
at 10:47

"Stealing" a game name

The only way to claim the title of an existing game is to wait for the game itself to be removed from the site.  We perform occasional site clean-ups, and once a game is removed from the site, the name becomes available.

We do not accept requests for games to be removed so that another GM can claim the title.
Traveling Gamer
member, 2 posts
Sat 16 Sep 2023
at 10:48
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"Stealing" a game name

Thank you.
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Sat 16 Sep 2023
at 12:04
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"Stealing" a game name

A game's title, as far as the site is concerned, is just a string of characters.

If you cannot use exactly  the string of characters that you want, I bet you could get pretty close.  You may need to add some brackets for example, or a colon with a subtitle or something.  As long as your selected title has some unique alphanumeric characters that the other, perhaps more desired, game title does not have ... you should be good.

Like so:

A Game
A Game: Cool Subtitle

A Game [5E]
A Game: Cool Subtitle [5E]

A Game [D&D 5E]
A Game: Cool Subtitle [D&D 5E]

[D&D 5E] A Game
[D&D 5E] A Game: Cool Subtitle

^^ Those are all different and could be used as distinct game titles.
Traveling Gamer
member, 3 posts
Sat 16 Sep 2023
at 13:40
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"Stealing" a game name

Ah, thank you Sky-Bird! I didn't know that. I appreciate the advice.
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