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GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]

Posted by cruinne
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Sat 5 May 2007
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GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]

This is the Game Proposals, Input, and Advice forum.  Its primary purpose is providing a place for those who are running games to receive feedback and help with their ideas, with concepts, hooks, and plots, and with problems they're having within their games.  This forum's secondary function is to provide prospective GMs with feedback on their ideas for potential games.

GMs may post game concepts here to receive both aid with the concept itself and responses to see if there are potential players for the game.

Note that this is a moderated forum, and is subject to RPoL's Public Forum Rules.  Additionally:
  1. Only propose games you intend to create and run yourself.  If you want to propose a game but you are not willing to run that game yourself, use the Wanted - GMs forum to locate a GM.  By posting a game idea here you are saying you want to run the game yourself.

  2. Be ready to receive your feedback on this board.  Those asking for help on this board need to be willing to receive their feedback on this board.

  3. Do not post game plugs or ads in this forum.  Ads for players for existing games go in the Wanted - Players forum.  Never advertise a game in someone else's interest-gathering thread. Only the original poster in a thread here is permitted to mention/link to a game which they themselves have started.

  4. Do not do character creation or selection here.  Creation of characters should take place within games only; if you have enough interest in your game to begin character creation, or for those interested to start "calling" characters, then you need to create the game forum and do it there.  Any post which deals with such will be removed.

  5. Do not link to an existing game to request feedback.  Describe your problem and be specific about the sort of help you require from the others.  Post any relevant materials here -- never ask others to visit your game to help you.

  6. Use the Game Systems forum for rules clarifications.  System-specific rules clarifications should be directed to the Game Systems forum.

  7. Do not use this forum for games which are not run on RPoL.  All posts dealing with games which are not (or will not be) hosted in RPoL should be placed in the Offsite Gaming forum only.  There are no exceptions.

  8. Do not ask for general thoughts on game systems or game worlds here.  If you're just seeking general conversation on a game system, concept, or world, but you are not intending to run a game on RPoL resulting from that conversation, use the Community Chat forum.

  9. Do not bump threads.  Posts which add no information but only serve to move a thread to the top of the list (i.e., "Anyone else?") will be removed as bumping is not allowed here.

If a game concept has progressed to the point that the game has been created, a final post naming the game (and linking to it) is allowed, but further conversation on the game should be conducted on its own board and not here.  Once the game has been posted, do not reply here further.

    Last update: 07 June 2010: Adjusted rules to account for RPoL's Public Forum Rules
    26 May 2007 - Fixed a typo spellcheck didn't catch.
    05 May 2007 - Updated rules for upgrade to v1.5.
    20 Sep 2007 - Fixed some language for clarity.
    01 Jul 2007 - Fixed two broken links.
    13 Feb 2006 - clarified more language + misspelling correction.
    04 Jan 2006 - clarified language on advertising.
    04 Oct 2005 - fixed a spacing error in the list.

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