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19:01, 16th June 2024 (GMT+0)

IC: Hazbin Hotel/Hellaverse Freeform game.

Posted by UnseelieLord
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Sun 31 Mar 2024
at 21:52
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IC: Hazbin Hotel/Hellaverse Freeform game

This is barely an inkling of an idea, as of yet. But I figured I'd check and see if there was even any interest in playing in the setting.

For any who might not be familiar, the Hellaverse is the shared universe of hit animated shows Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. It's predominantly an adult dark comedy set in Hell, but with surprisingly poignant and deeply introspective moments.

I feel like it would be a prime setting for some good old fashioned freeform social sandbox hijinks. I'd run it adult to ring out every drop of creative freedom that we can.

So, is there any interest in such a game?
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Mon 1 Apr 2024
at 09:57
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IC: Hazbin Hotel/Hellaverse Freeform game

I'd be interested. I've also been thinking that the setting would be great for a roleplay.
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Captain Oblivious!
Thu 4 Apr 2024
at 15:41
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IC: Hazbin Hotel/Hellaverse Freeform game

Having finally managed to get around to watching Hazbin Hotel (which as a great music score, btw); I agree with Seandiggersby that it's a great setting for a roleplay.    Even if I'm not participating, I'd encourage someone else to give it a try.
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