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09:10, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

IC: Our Brilliant Ruin.

Posted by Silverfoxdmt73
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Sat 23 Mar 2024
at 21:46
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IC: Our Brilliant Ruin

There's a kickstarter going on for a new Edwardian, seampunk, existential horror game called Our Brilliant Ruin.

I was wondering if there was anyone interested in running this when the pdf becomes available?
member, 423 posts
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Thu 9 May 2024
at 12:22
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IC: Our Brilliant Ruin

Nobody else backed this and fancies playing?
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Thu 9 May 2024
at 13:02
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IC: Our Brilliant Ruin

If you don't intend to run this game yourself, you should ask staff to move this thread  to Wanted — GMs. No one else can volunteer to run it here.
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