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19:41, 16th June 2024 (GMT+0)

Input Wanted- Outbreak: Undead.

Posted by cnic
member, 16 posts
Sun 17 Mar 2024
at 16:56
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Input Wanted- Outbreak: Undead

I am contemplating a game of Outbreak: Undead. I love the way the system balances salvage with experience and skills with advantages. The game isn’t soon because of how much prep I would have to do.
My main problems are:

1. Not many people have the books so I feel like I would have to make a lot of posts explaining character generation, gestalt levels, survival points, and competence points.

2. Characters can die or be headed towards death easily if they aren’t careful. Do you let them make new characters or just add new people or have them take over survivors they rescued (which could still be customized considerably)?

3. Normally the equivalent of experience points is a communal thing that a party has to work out assigning. Coming to a consensus would be a lot harder online. Since the game allows a bit of meta to represent the coordination of the team working together I was thinking of having a dedicated OOC thread for those types of discussions.

Any input and or advice for the specific game or zombie games in general?
Sir Swindle
member, 402 posts
Sun 17 Mar 2024
at 17:15
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Input Wanted- Outbreak: Undead

If you build it they will come.

1. Don't worry about it, generally. But you can put the posts you are worrying about on a game Wiki.

2. Odds are they will only die if they are active players. Let them die and make new characters. Don't need to invent a reason for players to leave.

3. Have a dedicated OOC. PM the wall flowers often. Don't wait for it to resolve.
member, 17 posts
Sun 17 Mar 2024
at 17:45
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Input Wanted- Outbreak: Undead

I forgot all about the game wiki. That would be perfect for the few concepts players need to know. Initial character generation need a very simple explanation plus a list of advantages to pick from. Then there could be a section on how to advance your character which would include the list of skills. A brief explanation of survival points that they are used for finding things or advancing your characters. And competence points should be the easiest as they are basically inspiration/hero points.

You make a good point about not wanting to scare off active players. I will have to think about how to deal with that. There is a huge survival point hit to the group if someone gets injured or dies to encourage doing everything to survive, but it could make someone want to walk away if they die. I definitely have to think about that.

I think the dedicated OOC specifically for team organizations for things like shared resources would be good. Still I may have to think of ways to deal with possible situations.
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