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18:41, 17th April 2024 (GMT+0)

[AFMBE] Zombie Survival Game.

Posted by Sithraider
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Momento Mori
Mon 22 Jan 2024
at 08:58
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[AFMBE] Zombie Survival Game

I know, it's been done. But...

I love the genre, and I want to run a game. I'm going to use All Flesh Must Be Eaten for the rules, but I'm adding some crunchier things to it. My question is, which of the settings do you think would be most interesting? Whether you would want to play or not doesn't matter so much as your feedback on what you think would be cool, fun, and entertaining for the players.

I plan on incorporating more granular details on the Survival aspect of the game than AFMBE generally supports. So, I'll be mixing elements of survival from Twilight 2000, 2nd edition. The simulation aspect can be turned up, or down as needed. Combat will be deadly when fighting other humans. Keeping that in mind...

Here are the three settings I'm considering:

1. Zombie Outbreak Game: "The Onset of Chaos"
Concept: In "The Onset of Chaos," players experience the initial shock and turmoil of the zombie outbreak. The setting is during the early days of the apocalypse when society is unraveling. Characters are ordinary people who witness the rapid collapse of their world. This game emphasizes survival amidst growing panic, the struggle to reunite with loved ones, and the fight against an unknown enemy. Key themes include desperation, confusion, and the challenge of making moral decisions under extreme stress. Scenarios involve escaping infested cities, seeking refuge, and dealing with human threats that emerge in the chaos.

2. This is Normal Game: "Survival's New Era"
Concept: Set in a time when the initial chaos of the zombie apocalypse has subsided, "Survival's New Era" focuses on characters adapting to a world overrun by zombies. Here, survival skills are paramount, and communities have formed with their own rules and dynamics. The game explores the new normal, where characters navigate dangers, resource scarcity, and complex social dynamics. Key elements include building and defending settlements, scavenging for resources, dealing with zombie hordes, and negotiating or conflicting with other survivor groups. This setting highlights resilience, ingenuity, and the complexities of human nature in a world reshaped by apocalypse.

3. Post-Zombie Apocalypse Game: "Reclaimed Futures"
Concept: "Reclaimed Futures" is set in a world where survivors have begun to rebuild after the worst of the zombie apocalypse. The story revolves around the Federated Alliance's efforts to re-establish a central government, independent enclaves thriving through self-sufficiency, and independents who roam the lands. This setting explores power, governance, and identity themes in a post-apocalyptic world. Players might align with the Federated Alliance's attempts to restore order, contribute to the self-contained enclaves, or live as free agents. Scenarios involve political intrigue, community building, large-scale conflicts, and exploring the new societal structures that have emerged from the apocalypse's ashes.

Thanks for your feedback!
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Mon 22 Jan 2024
at 09:04
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[AFMBE] Zombie Survival Game

All three sound interesting, to be honest.

Personally I would love no3 as there's too few of these running around and it's a fresh breath. Plus you can have more extended settlement mechanics, which I adore and always need more.

Bonus, add psychic powers! I mean, maybe some of the survivors DID get infected but the virus behaved differently...

I would love to play in any of these games though.
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Momento Mori
Mon 22 Jan 2024
at 21:28
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[AFMBE] Zombie Survival Game

Agreed, the 1st setting / story has definitely been done a lot. I’ve played in and run several for a time.

AFMBE has rules for special powers. I would consider it, but would have to change the setup a bit. I’ll think on that and post a 3b. Option as well.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Mon 22 Jan 2024
at 21:30
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[AFMBE] Zombie Survival Game

You're welcome! Looking forward to applying for it.
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