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20:09, 17th April 2024 (GMT+0)

Transformers RPG: anyone looking for text play?

Posted by Taratron
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Sat 6 Jan 2024
at 15:29
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Transformers RPG: anyone looking for text play?

Doing a search to check for interest.  No dice, split GM/DM, for the following:

Functionist Universe: pre-war G1.  Every Form Has A Function.  But if your form becomes obsolete (example, short-range comms when wide-range is now a thing) you have no function, so your kill switch gets activated.  And if you are one of the "lucky" castes that don't have such a thing, if you annoy the Council enough, they take your head and hands in the empurata punishment.  In Shockwave's case, they took more.

open for G1 as well.  i mean there's millions of years there and not everyone was focused on whatever battle Optimus and Megatron were currently in.

BeastWars: the show didn't really cover much of day-to-day stuff with either base.  Or what happened with the other stasis pods.
One idea: anyone who watched the show knows that stasis pods were the main focus.  Preds wanted to reprogram them, Maximals wanted to save.  What if the only Maximal (in faction at least) who didn't have Maximal codes used his to save a botched pod?

OCs are fine.  I don't see much on our robots in disguise posted so checking for interest.
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Sat 6 Jan 2024
at 16:24
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Transformers RPG: anyone looking for text play?

While I have a passing interest in Beast Wars, I think you might find it a bit challenging to get players if you're going completely freeform (i.e. no dice rolls) - while there's a fair bit of interesting Transformers lore, most of it does involve fighting or conflict and that's not necessarily something which works best without numbers (especially when one of the selling points of the franchise is a much less contrained match up between bots of different sizes and expertise).

If you don't have the numbers to give the combat a bit of randomness/strategy, then you're effectively just stage managing the combat and I'm not sure how much of the rest of a game there is, given that a lot of drama which tends to give freeform games their spark is a bit harder to achieve with Transformers (given they don't have the same human needs and there's a bit less moral ambiguity given your Autobots/Maximals tend towards being morally good and your Deecepticons/Predacons tend towards being morally bad)
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Fri 12 Jan 2024
at 01:37
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Transformers RPG: anyone looking for text play?

Not sure if you know but a Transformers RPG from Renegade Studios came out fairly recently. Not a bad system.
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Fri 16 Feb 2024
at 07:17
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Transformers RPG: anyone looking for text play?

I'd love to play something like this with a system, it can even be system "lite". I agree with deadtotheworld22, you really need some kind of randomizer to decide battles. Otherwise it's a contest of wills in battle where two players can possibly kill one another, but you have to decide ahead of time; it gets sticky without some kind of unbiased arbitrator.

I'd be down to play the renegade studios one probably.
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