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18:25, 17th April 2024 (GMT+0)

IC - Trail of Cthulhu.

Posted by BaronsCourt
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Thu 4 Jan 2024
at 21:04
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IC - Trail of Cthulhu

Is there any interest in a Trail of Cthulhu game? I've got a hankering to run something with it but not sure what the player base for it is like on here?

My preference would probably be something in the Bookhounds of London framework as that seedy underbelly style very much appeals. Plus I'm British and I can't shake a view of it as Pre-War Lovejoy with added Cthulhu and that makes me smile every time!

However if that doesn't appeal to people I'm also happy to run something in the more traditional vein or something maybe a bit wilder (I have an idea  for a modern day game) or even something very wild indeed (I've long thought a Nights Black Agents version of Masks of Nyarlathotep could be a lot of fun albeit a lot of work).
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Thu 4 Jan 2024
at 22:22
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IC - Trail of Cthulhu

Always up for some Gumshoe, love the Bookhounds framework. Was on the verge of soliciting interest in The Yellow King or Swords Of The Serpentine, myself.
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Sat 6 Jan 2024
at 13:57
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IC - Trail of Cthulhu

I tentatively may be interested, I haven't played Trail for a few years and am unfamiliar with Bookhounds of London but the style as described sounds fun!
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Sat 6 Jan 2024
at 20:01
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IC - Trail of Cthulhu

For you, and any others, unfamiliar with the Bookhounds framework the official blurb is:

"The global Depression has driven an unprecedented number of collectors – both individual and institutional – to sell off their holdings for whatever they can get. The global crisis has also driven an unprecedented number of over-educated, morally bankrupt aristocrats and resentful would-be Great Beasts to experiment with black magic...including the Cthulhu Mythos.

Between the two groups, sellers and buyers, a specialty market has sprung up in blasphemous tomes, no questions asked. You cater to that market, finding books at estate sales or abandoned churches across the Home Counties, tracking down rumors and doing your competitors dirt. You’ve had to learn the difference between the 1452 and the 1472 editions of Wormius, and why neither should be opened at Ludgate, or anywhere during a full moon. Sometimes you touch up an imperfect von Junzt, and sometimes you might liberate a Prinn first edition from an insufficiently caring owner.

It’s a hard old world out there, and mayhap the hardest thing about it is that you have to save it from your own customers now and again."

Hmm, that might set the tone a touch better than my Lovejoy meets Lovecraft bit...
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Sat 6 Jan 2024
at 20:15
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IC - Trail of Cthulhu

Mark me as interested.

I've played and run a couple of ToC games, using the original edition. Am I correct that they've revised the system?

Bookhounds sounds like fun.
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Pretty, witty, and gay
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Sun 7 Jan 2024
at 04:32
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IC - Trail of Cthulhu

Am I correct that they've revised the system?

Crowdfunding for the second edition of Trail Of Cthulhu is slated to begin in March.
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