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Wed 26 Aug 2020
at 14:01
Exalted in a different system
Hello everyone. I'm Norwood, and I'm an Exalted addict.

In all seriousness, I've loved exalted for a long, long time. I got on at the end of first edition, and stuck through all of second and the long wait for third, and while I loved a lot of things about third, I came to the realization that, despite how wonderful the setting could be, the system, even when it was great, was cumbersome and an incredible hurdle for introducing people to the game or just playing it.

Now, however, I have a lot of time on my hands and an interest in revisiting the setting that I loved. That said, I don't want to juggle the Exalted system while I do it. I'm considering reviving an old game I'd run here set in the Dreaming Sea area added in third edition.

I've seen Exalted games use FATE and Wushu Open, but something I've heard a fair bit about (and quite like) is running Exalted in Godbound. The deluxe edition came with a slew of rules for converting it to that setting, so I'll only be adding a minimal number of houserules on top. While d20 systems (and OSR in general) aren't always my favorite, I really appreciate the simplified way it manages powers, both learned and improvised, and the system of influence and dominion it uses for making larger scale changes to the world, sometimes off screen, is a great way of modeling the long-reaching effect of exalted influence without the minutia that the convoluted charm trees can create.

If there's any interest in this, let me know. I don't want to go through the work of cleaning up and restructuring the game if there isn't. Also, if you have any questions regarding changes or character type availability, or other suggestions, feel free to voice those here.
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
at 16:24
Exalted in a different system
I'm a big fan of both Scroll of the Fist and Godbound so I'd be up to give it a shot.
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
at 20:21
Exalted in a different system
I like and know Exalted and Godbound, so interested.

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Fri 28 Aug 2020
at 12:53
Exalted in a different system
In reply to zeone3000 (msg # 3):

I like and know Exalted 1e, 2e. Don't know Godbound but its so hard to get a game of Exalted.