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Tue 4 Aug 2020
at 21:15
DragonStrike board game.
It happens I purchased a copy of this board game from the 90's so I would like to try a game with other people that own the same game. All the participants set the game and move the pieces as the game evolves, when I play I take the role of the Dragon Master but I also play with a character but I play in the last position and never make search checks unless no one else does. If some owners of the game wants to give it a try please let me know.
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Thu 27 Aug 2020
at 13:39
DragonStrike board game.
Trying to recall. Is this the one that had the video with it?

Haven't played in decade or longer sonot sure
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 20:38
DragonStrike board game.
Yes that one. But I do not perceive interest on this game so I think the administrators should close this thread.